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Ukiah Unified Assistant Superintendent Nicole Glentzer Receives State Human Resources Award


The following is a press release from the Ukiah Unified School District:

Assistant Superintendent Nicole Glentzer Wins ACSA’s Ray Curry Human Resources Award [Picture provided by the Ukiah Unified School District]

Ukiah Unified School District is excited to announce that Assistant Superintendent Nicole Glentzer has received the 2021 Ray Curry Award from the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). Each year, ACSA awards the Ray Curry Award to an outstanding human resources administrator in California.

“Ms. Glentzer is a remarkable leader and human being! She inspires us daily with her ability to confront difficult situations with a kind heart but a clear focus on what is best for students. During the past four years, Ukiah Unified has been hard hit by fires, evacuations, smoke, public safety power shutdowns, and now a pandemic, and she has been integral to our response. She leads with her heart which is what has been needed by our employees and our community during the last heart-wrenching four years,” said Ukiah Unified Superintendent Deb Kubin. 

From labor negotiations to staffing shortages to COVID-19 testing, Nicole’s achievements made her an obvious choice for this prestigious award. The depth and breadth of her knowledge are surpassed only by her tireless commitment to the District and the extraordinary level of energy she brings to work every day. She is always willing to help out. You can often see her filling in as a teacher, paraprofessional, or in foodservice. Recently, in just over a week, she did everything from delivering a detailed presentation to the Board of Trustees to filling in as a crossing guard at the busiest intersection in town. 

CSEA President Lisa Rantala commented, “I have worked closely with Nicole in my role as the Union President and have been impressed by her knowledge, care, integrity, and ability to deal with the most stressful situations. Her door is always open to talk, and she solves conflicts and difficult situations with care and compassion. She is always kind and solution-oriented throughout the entire process.”

Nicole’s teamwork attitude also extends to people and organizations outside of the Ukiah Unified family. “Without Nicole’s support and collaboration, it would have been challenging to coordinate the vaccination clinics for some of the educational staff in the county and establish testing procedures that have been utilized by some of the smaller districts, charter schools, and private schools in the county. I truly value the ability to be able to share ideas and information among one another so that the full impact of a decision can be understood before it is finalized,” said Becky Jeffries, Mendocino County Assistant Superintendent, Business and Administrative Services. 

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When you inquire about Nicole Glentzer with her veteran education peers, there is widespread agreement that she is the hardest working and most dedicated administrator they have ever known. Anyone who works with Nicole quickly becomes familiar with her positive attitude and swift action on any challenge or obstacle. Ms. Glentzer is a skilled problem solver, and she is integral to Ukiah Unified’s success.

When she was evacuated from her house during the Redwood Complex fire, she did not let that detract her from her mission of serving students and staff. She was in the office figuring out how to communicate with families and help Ukiah Unified staff. Earlier this year, a tree fell on her home, and she was in the office bright and early assisting with COVID testing and contract tracing. 

Ms. Glentzer has served as Assistant Superintendent at Ukiah Unified since 2014 and has almost 27 years of experience in education. She grew up in the Central Valley and attended Sonoma State University, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. Ms. Glentzer has a multiple subject credential and Masters in Education Administration and Supervision from Fresno State University. 

Glentzer started her educational career as a paraprofessional at Lincoln Elementary in Tulare County. She was a teacher and administrator in schools in Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District and Woodlake Unified School District, to name just a few. Before accepting her position with Ukiah Unified, Ms. Glentzer was the Superintendent/Principal of Potter Valley Community Unified School District. She lives in Redwood Valley, CA, with her husband Kyle and their sons Kenneth and Guy.

Ukiah Unified Board of Trustees president Megan Van Sant said, “Assistant Superintendent Glentzer is an asset to Ukiah Unified. She is a leader with a strong work ethic and deep compassion for others. She empowers and uplifts staff and anyone working with or around her. Her tireless commitment to our District and the level of energy she brings to work every day is awe-inspiring. She makes our community a better place.”

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  1. Despised by everyone her district. Known to fabricate evidence during investigations, mislead district employees about their rights, and outright hates all men. This award is a farce.

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