Son of Willits Woman Who was Sexually and Physically Assaulted Speaks Out: ‘Society’s System Failed Us and Her’

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As some of you know the woman who was found savagely attacked with her skull crushed and violently raped was my mother. The hate and anger I feel cannot be put into words. However that hate and anger is not only directed at the person who committed this act, it is also directed at the world we all live in and the system that governs us. I have been in a constant non-stop battle with my mother’s mental health and drug abuse since I was a small child. I have done everything a person can do to help someone in her condition in many cases at my own demise. Many people in the community have made attempts to help me help her but society’s system failed us and her. We had a sheriff who was pushing for a strong mental health bill but our community voted it down. This monster who did this to my mother will now be afforded a bed, a roof over his head, meals, medical care (including mental health) and many other basic needs met. If I would have had half of the resources and budget that is now going to keep this person in prison I wouldn’t be writing this today. I know dogs that society gives more consideration to. My situation is not uncommon and way too many of us can relate. I am not posting this for sympathy or attention only to open up some minds and hopefully, we as a society and community can make a better effort into providing better mental health to our fellow human beings. And to also declare our own war on drugs as the people. Fight the battle at your dinner table with your children fight it with your friends and family. Fight it whenever that evil presents itself. That is how we defeat this terrible enemy it starts with our children and in the home and with the people we call friends and neighbors.

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  1. My prayers and healing thoughts to your family. Good job speaking out. Without people’s voices there won’t be change.

  2. “Fight the battle wherever evil presents itself…just not at the Southern Border! That wouldn’t be appropriate.”

  3. Thank you for sharing. Like you said, your story is one so many can relate to… myself included.

    I cant tell you how many days I spent pointlessly searching, pleading for anyones help, the nights I lay awake begging praying asking God, the Universe. For I dreaded the unknown, the constant wonder, the horror movie my mind played over and over…except it wasn’t a movie, it was my life, my family, my mother, my brother and I was scared that one day…I would be the one writing your letter, I would be in your shoes.

    With great sadness I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I am sorry that this is how your mothers battle ended. Im sorry for the unfair battle you’ve spent your whole life fighting, the damage its caused…and now for the wreckage and pain its left behind.

    I always say that I am grateful for who I am today. Without my past I wouldn’t be the understanding, kind, caring individual who sees the person as they are, I may not have had the ability to help others, to be able to show compassionate towards the less fortunate. I know first handedly that the struggle is real, that everyone comes from somewhere, everyone has a story, for I have my own “demons” that I would never wish upon another. Don’t let the world steal your humanity.

    • Marlie…you are a very powerful and moving writer. My eyes welled up. Thankyou for your words. Keep writing…

  4. Here is a offer…….Bring your words to the Mendocino County Behavior Heath Advisory Board (BHAB) and give to this Board what you feel is needed to improve in the work Mental Health services that you battled with for the “Lack of Services” to prevent more of this from happening in the near future…This Board meets the “4th ” Wednesday of each month…..There is a “Public Comment” time set up each meeting……

    Time to say you’re WORDS and let them be heard… They are important today and should be heard directly to this BHAB Committee

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