Friday, August 12, 2022
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88th Mendocino County Resident Succumbs to COVID-19


The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:


A Mendocino County resident has passed away from COVID-19. Our thoughts are with all of their family and friends.

Death #87: 81 year-old woman from Willits area; not vaccinated.

Public Health asks all Mendocino County residents to think about the ways they are protecting themselves and their families from COVID-19. When in doubt, consult with and follow all CDC and CDPH guidance. Vaccination, masking, and social distancing remain the best tools for combating COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated people (with Pfizer) over age 65 (or over age 50 with certain health conditions) should strongly consider getting a COVID-19 vaccine booster to improve immunity. Boosters should be given at least 6 months after completion of the initial Pfizer series. If you have questions about boosters, speak with your doctor, or call Public Health at 707-472-2759. To find the nearest vaccine clinic in your area, please visit the Public Health website at:


  1. Average age of the dearly CV19 departed? 82+ years of age. Force your kids to wear a mask. Take the experimental RDNA shot. Don’t question the media. It’s for your safety…

  2. 87 years of age. Was she suffering from co-morbidities. Did she die OF “covid” or WITH “Covid”? Was the “Covid” determined using the PCR test? It’s a fraud. Was this lady treated with the Fauci/NIH protocol of Remdesivir and the ventilator? Was morphine in the mix? Get the medical records to know what was the treatment. Was the family allowed to visit and act as advocate?

  3. sounds like alot of fake or incomplete news.
    87 years sounds like a pretty good run.

    CA continues with its draconian shut down and continues to break all records with regard to crisis. FL on the other hand is doing great. Maybe as a state, certainly at least locally we should be focused on what is working rather than continue doing what is not working. When will county supervisors figure this out? They have in Placerville.

    in the meantime here’s what clearly is not working.

    • Floyd and BBB maybe read the article before making your comments, Death NUMBER 87 HER age was 81… Now you can carry on with your aluminum foil hat theories.

  4. papa g so very sorry. 81 years is still a good run. higher than the national average.
    now go lay back down on your couch and have another donut.

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