Friday, May 20, 2022
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[UPDATE: Located Safe]Law Enforcement on the Lookout for 64-Year-Old Humboldt County Man Who Was Hospitalized in Willits on Monday, Discharged, and Not Seen Since

David Arnot [Picture provided by his daughter Kelsey Arnot]

Kelsey Arnot told us her 64-year-old father David Arnot was in a car accident on Monday north of Willits. He was taken to Willits’s Howard Hospital and discharged at 10:30 p.m. Arnot left the hospital on foot, has yet to pick up his car from the impound lot his daughter Kelsey told us, and has not been seen since.

David is a resident of Eureka and was driving south to the Bay Area for medical treatment, according to Kelsey.

Kelsey said she has contacted bars, hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and taxi companies in the area to no avail. 

Officer Rick Flower from the California Highway Patrol Garberville Office confirmed a “Be on the Lookout” has been issued for both his office’s jurisdiction as well as the Ukiah office’s. The BOLO was issued at 10:45 this morning explaining to officers Arnot is likely on foot. 

The traffic accident occurred at approximately 3:46 p.m. on Monday when Arnot’s Nissan Rogue veered off Highway 101 and he required hospitalization.

Kelsey described her father David Arnot as 6 feet tall and approximately 250 pounds. His hair is reportedly thinning and dark brown/black and his eyes are green. David is said to have a “big belly like Santa” and could be swollen “from retaining fluids due to being in heart and kidney failure.” Kelsey told us her father usually wears clean clothes but “given what’s going on, who knows.”

If any member of the public has information regarding Arnot’s whereabouts, you can reach his daughter Kelsey at (530) 598-0023, email her T, or search for her name on Facebook to message her. 

If you would rather contact law enforcement directly, contact the Willit’s Police Department at (707) 459-6122. California Highway Patrol Office in Garberville (707) 923-2155.

UPDATE 8:54 p.m.: Kelsey Arnot, David Arnot’s daughter, told us she has been able to locate a reservation for her father on the Amtrak bus that runs between Willits and Eureka for him tomorrow. She has yet to speak with him but told us she plans to meet him in Eureka tomorrow to ensure he is in good health.

UPDATE 9:05 p.m. David Arnot has been officially located, his daughter Kelsey Arnot told us. He is in a Ukiah shelter for the night and will be “heading home from there.”

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  1. 🙏 Prayer going up. Please God help this man get help and get home. In Jesus name.
    Please give his daughter peace tonight as she waits. Thank You.


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