Reported Structure Fire in Brooktrails Proves to be Smoking Generators

At approximately 8:15 p.m. Brooktrails Fire, Cal Fire, and Little Lake Fire were dispatched to a residence near the intersection of Timberline Road and Sherwood Road in Brooktrails.

The Timber Incident Commander reported at the scene that the response could be reduced after finding that the reported structure fire was in fact a 10’x10′ generator shed in which the generators were significantly smoking.

Being that generators and their use have become such an integral part of Mendocino County’s rural life, please review these safety tips from Pacific Gas and Electric when operating any generators.

Note: this is not an exact location of the incident, merely an approximation

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  1. The radio report into Howard Forest dispatch from the responding fire crew specifically stated it was NOT the single generator smoking. No fire.
    “Batteries” were smoking.

    A more complicated issue that nonetheless local rural residents with Stand Alone power systems should be aware of.

    Likely unmaintained (low water) or failing batteries, bad or unmaintained connections, or bad charge settings.

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