Friday, May 20, 2022
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Hopland Water Customers Advised to Boil Water Until Further Notice After High Levels of Bacteria Detected

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Customers of the Hopland Public Utilities District have been advised via the Willow County Water District’s website to boil their tap water or use bottled water for “drinking and cooking purposes” after a stand-by water source was utilized on November 5th that contained elevated totals of coliforms.

The boil water notice states the problem is expected to be solved by November 10, 2021, and assured customers they would be informed when “tests show that the water is safe to drink.”

An informational document published on the Willow County Water District’s website offers information on boiling water, disinfecting water, filtering water, preparing and cooking food, feeding babies and using formula, washing dishes, and other practical tips when navigating the potentially bacterially laden water.


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  1. After reading this article I was left with these two burning questions;
    #1 Why was Hopland using the “stand-by” water source?
    #2 What/who exactly was that source?

    I’m assuming that I missed the info I seek in previous weeks news. 🥸

  2. Really, this is how the public is advised of this? Who regularly checks their water company’s website? Why weren’t all of the customers contacted by phone number and informed of the hazard? Inexcusablw behavior from a water company that already charges way too much (I paid half the price when I lived in Windsor).
    Luckily my wife and I were not home yesterday on the 6th, but we were home on the 5th. Glad I checked the news this morning to find this information out.

  3. The water department acts like they think their the FDA! Opps they would wait until the deaths become noticeable….government in action.

  4. Really ,really disappointed in the lack of notice from water company. Legal they must inform. We found out after after a neighbor alerted us .

  5. What is the picture above this article? Boiling rocks? or toxic sludge?….If that’s what they want people to boil, boiling won’t do it!

  6. They are supposed to call and Willow claims that all affected customers were called, starting Friday late afternoon.

    Willow claimed there was one test done of the standby well’s water just after the last heavy rain that resulted in levels barely into the health concern level.
    But, also claimed that the test point is before any treatment point at holding facility and that no contaminated/untreated water was delivered to any customers.

    If the contamination concern was greater than it actually is (ie serious), then door knob hangers would be deployed with haste.

    A Boil Water Notice is required by the State Water Quality Control Board anytime any test done anywhere from source to outlet shows contamination above safe concentration levels. Even if all subsequent tests show safe levels again.

    So, a bad test result tripped a “safety valve” meant to protect those served.


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