Saturday, June 3, 2023

MendoMoments: A Sherbert Sunrise Illuminates a Blanket of Fog Above Redwood Valley

Redwood Valley yesterday morning, a scene one might see in a cliche heaven-montage [Pictures provided by Cassie Taaning-Trotter]

Redwood Valley resident Cassie Taaning-Trotter peered upwards from her home yesterday morning and was struck by the vibrant colors painted across the eastern sky.

She began “thinking of the colors in orange sherbert.”

Underneath the pastel clouds, a layer of fog hushed Redwood Valley and took on the subtle vibrancy of the sky above. That moment in time was “Stunning when they’re together in layers over our beautiful Valley,” Trotter reflected.

This moment of transcendence reminded Trotter of the “two years of drought” our region experienced and she said, “it’s like I forgot what clouds and fog look like.”

MendoMoments, is dedicated to showcasing the land, animals, and people that make up Mendocino County. All Mendocino County residents and visitors are invited to participate. Send photographs to matthewplafever@gmail.com including a description of what your photograph depicts, where it was taken, and any other important details.

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