Two More Vaccinated, Elderly Mendocino County Residents Succumb to COVID-19

The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:


Two Mendocino County residents recently have passed away from COVID-19. Our thoughts are with all of their family and friends.

Death #91: 88 year-old man from the Ukiah area; fully vaccinated with many severe comorbidities.

Death #92: 94 year-old woman from the Fort Bragg area; fully vaccinated with many severe comorbidities.

Public Health asks all Mendocino County residents to think about the ways they are protecting themselves and their families from COVID-19. When in doubt, consult with and follow all CDC and CDPH guidance. Vaccination, masking, and social distancing remain the best tools for combating COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated people over age 65 (or over age 50 with certain health conditions) should strongly consider getting a COVID-19 vaccine booster to improve immunity. If you have questions about boosters or vaccines in general, speak with your doctor, or call Public Health at 707-472-2759. To find the nearest vaccine clinic in your area, please visit the Public Health website at:

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  1. hey mendocino county and those who support the Gav and all of his draconian mandates. did ya all hear about this? surprised Judy V. did not get this hot scoop instead of the mockingbird media broadcast.

    Gavin Newsom Had Major Adverse Reaction to Moderna Booster Shot: Sources

    this would be the same dude who wants to poison the children by mandating the shots for all of the kids and mandating the mask lockdowns.

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