MendoMoments: Savage Waves Batter the Mendocino Headlands

The edge of North America pummelled by the Pacific [Pictures by Wynter Rose Berlin]

This morning Fort Bragg resident Wynter Rose Berlin found herself poised on the edge of the North American continent at the Mendocino Headlands. Waves pounded the cliffs sending water skyward. Berlin said it was “amazing” seeing how the “water would shoot up like a geyser. “

Caspar David Friedrich’s 1818 painting Wanderer Above the Sea Fog [Picture is from Wikipedia and is public domain]

The harsh, austere beauty of the Headlands conjures Caspar David Friedrich’s 1818 painting Wanderer Above the Sea Fog. The European Romantics of the 1800s were fascinated with man’s insignificance in the expanse of a natural world marked by indifference and beauty.

The Mendocino Headlands attract thousands of tourists each year. Despite our affection for the place, the danger imbued in the rocks and waves always lurks, as demonstrated in the tragic death of a Southern California man in January of this year.

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