Mendocino Store Becomes First Retailer in the County to Accept Bitcoin as Payment

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In Mendocino we now have the first retailer accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. Since 1980, Bébé Lapin has been a unique place to find toddlers’ and children’s clothing and accessories. As the youngsters visiting the store may well grow up in a bitcoin economy, this is a  fitting time for Bébé Lapin to accept bitcoin alongside the traditional U.S. dollar. 

In 2019 the small coastal town of El Zone in El Salvador began an economic experiment when they added bitcoin as an alternative payment system alongside the U.S. dollar. At first, people were skeptical but then residents began to notice their savings were growing as they were able to bypass traditional transaction fees, while improving the economy of the region. Mendocino can benefit in the same way.

Bitcoin is a new form of payment. Transacting in it is sometimes referred to as ‘unbanking’ because there’s no
central authority, no financial institution, no corporate CEO in charge. Individuals and businesses can transact
directly with one another at near instant speed and bypass traditionally high credit card transaction fees
normally absorbed by the retailer.

As more Mendocino retailers accept bitcoin this is likely to drive tourist traffic. There is a rapidly growing
community of Bitcoiners across the U.S. and the around the world who seek out businesses that accept bitcoin
and frequent them. El Salvador is already receiving bitcoin tourists. As word spreads and as more retailers,
restaurants, pubs and B&Bs show their support for bitcoin, Mendocino will gain international attention too.

Bitcoin is becoming mainstream. From corporations as far afield as Tesla, Etsy and Starbuck’s, to fast food
restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and large retail chains, many well-known names are beginning to accept
bitcoin for payment. Likewise, most institutional investors are adding it to their portfolios.

How hard is it to accept payment in Bitcoin? Download a lightning wallet (there are many to choose from) onto your smartphone or tablet. The app creates an invoice which generates a QR code that your customer then scans. That’s it – the transaction is completed in seconds! No banks or service providers are involved. Once you receive bitcoin you can keep it as a store of value or convert it to dollars, your choice.

Digital payments are already here. It would be great to see another small coastal town be on the forefront of
bitcoin adoption, attracting even more visitors. If other retailers would like to join Bébé Lapin in this innovative method to accept payment, you can easily get started by Googling “Bitcoin Lightning Wallet”.

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  1. So if I buy something from them today but tomorrow the value of a bitcoin goes up will they refund me the amount I overpaid due to the constantly fluctuating price of cryptocurrency?

    • If you pay in regular currency, does that mean you’ll return to make up the amount you underpaid as the value of the US dollar decreases? On the other hand, quality children’s clothing is quite possibly a better hedge against inflation than USD.

  2. I’ve been hodling for several years but always ready to spend some bitcoin to support businesses that accept it. Go Bebe Lapin!

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