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Security Footage Captures the Barrage of Gunshots Redwood Valley Residents Experienced on Friday Night


On the night of Friday, November 19, 2021, a flurry of gunfire terrified a Redwood Valley neighborhood resulting in seven residents simultaneously contacting dispatch and a subsequent police response creating a perimeter around the approximate location of the gunshots and sweeping the area for any evidence of the gunfire.

One of those residents captured the volley of gunfire on a security camera and the footage provides a glimpse into the explosive power of the firearms that evening.

This Redwood Valley resident, who preferred to remain unnamed, owns a home on Road B. That evening, he told us, was one like any other. His wife and kids were in bed as he lay on the couch, watching television with his phone in hand. 

Both his wife and children awoke and came to tell him that they heard something outside, what they described as a big “thud” or a loud crash.

At that point, the Road B patriarch went outside to his porch to listen and was “looking to see if I could make something out.” He noticed his neighbors outside, also looking to see what was going on. 

It was approximately 9:30 p.m. when this Road B resident heard in the distance the rumble of gunfire, a series of deep and punctuating blasts heard from where he described it as east of his residence.

The video footage shows the resident instinctively reacting to the sound of the gunfire, and then temporarily taking cover in his home. He remerges with his phone and dials 911 while shots still ring out in the distance. 

It is worth noting that scanner traffic indicated on Friday night the dispatcher heard the gunfire over the telephone as they received the reports.

The gunfire was so forceful the Road B resident’s wife and kids actually ducked into their hallway and took cover. After the gunfire ceased, the wife told her husband “I’m out, I’m leaving,” and drove the kids to Ukiah that night. 

In the following hours, law enforcement responded to the area and searched a cannabis grow near the 2000 block of Black Bart West Road that was reported by some of the residents to be the source of the gunfire. 

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Captain Greg Van Patten confirmed that deputies responded and searched the cannabis grow. No evidence of the shooting was found, Van Patten said. 

The Road B resident told us firearm and firearm-related activities such as clay pigeons and target shooting are a part of their family tradition. He has heard the sound of small caliber firearms around his home, but nothing like what he heard this last Friday night.

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  1. Kinda silly leavin home because somebody down the road may have had a skunk or possum problem. if you came from a big city this may not be the place for you. people always think the worst, after watching riots i can understand that.

    • Those are high powered rifles! Not for shooting a pesky animal. I live in the country. Occasionally shooting- yes- semi automatic rounds going off? I’d be out with my kids too if it was that close!

    • DO you drive fast? was anybody hurt? did any property get damaged? I mind my own business. If you squeak loud enough somebody may pour oil on you.

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