Friday, January 27, 2023

Lake County Will Recieve 80 Miles of Fiber Optic Cable as a Result of California’s High-Speed Internet Initiative


The following is a Facebook Post published on Senator Mike McGuire’s Facebook page:

Map of California’s first phase of the High-Speed Internet Initiative

California is launching the largest high speed internet project in American history.

This historic initiative will help bridge the digital divide and provide reliable and affordable internet access to millions of unserved and underserved residents.

The bottom line is this: The pandemic shined a spotlight on the massive disparities that exist in California’s small towns, urban cities and rural counties when it comes to the lack of reliable internet activity.

This is why the State is moving with speed to deploy projects throughout California, now, and in the coming months.

The first 18 projects were recently announced, including 80 miles of critical high speed internet fiber that will be developed in Lake County along Highways 20, 175 & 29.

This initial project in Lake County will be the first of several more that will be announced for the North Coast – and other regions in the Golden State – in the coming year and we couldn’t be more excited.

So many have worked so incredibly hard to move this massive infrastructure project forward. Grateful for the partnership of Assemblymembers Aguair-Curry, Wood, Quirk-Silva and Speaker Rendon along with Senators Gonzalez & President Atkins and Governor Newsom.



  1. “Reliable high speed internet”, isn’t that an ad campaign catch phrase? It makes me wonder, why does the government need to supply the cash for infrastructure that inevitably Verizon ,T-mobile and Comcast will end up profiting from? The major internet companies would have already laid the lines if it hadn’t been such a HUGE capital investment vs. profit return. So who will command the new fiber-optic lines and what will this end up costing the mountain folks? We can probably count on this “project” moving with the same progress as the High Speed Train down south, like watching snails drag race!

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