Two More Mendocino County Residents Succumb to COVID-19 Marking 99 Total Deaths

The following is a press release from Mendocino County Public Health:


Two Mendocino County residents recently passed away from COVID-19. Our thoughts are with all of their families and friends.

Death #98: 87 year-old woman from the Ukiah area; unvaccinated.

Death #99: 64 year-old man from the Ukiah area; unvaccinated with severe comorbidities.

Public Health asks all Mendocino County residents to think about the ways they are protecting themselves and their families from COVID-19. When in doubt, consult with and follow all CDC and CDPH guidance. Vaccination, masking, and social distancing remain the best tools for combating COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated people over age 65 (or over age 50 with certain health conditions) should strongly consider getting a COVID-19 vaccine booster to improve immunity. If you have questions about boosters or vaccines in general, speak with your doctor, or call Public Health at 707-472-2759. To find the nearest vaccine clinic in your area, please visit the Public Health website at:

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  1. Here are my controversial“thoughts” on #98 and #99 respectively;

    I think that both of these individuals had plenty of time to become vaccinated if that’s what they wished to do.

    I have to admit I felt a little happy, and my heart actually skipped a little beat thinking about how that they died standing on what they believed in! And I think that’s a really big deal. I will be judged for this comment I’m sure 😁, and i’m OK with that.

    My prayers are for their families today. It’s a really tough choice to make. To be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated. I am sorry for your loss and I’m sorry for them, that they had to leave this life. Let’s honor them, regardless.

    I can’t believe that the 87-year-old person even left the house much. So it’s hard to imagine how that person contracted COVID. And the younger person with the co-morbidities may have been concerned about the side effects of the vaccine, and rightly so. But whatever the reasons were, both of these, and all of the others should be honored. Regardless of how they contracted Covid or if they died as a result of side effects from the vaccine.

    As for me, I just want to make sure that my heart is right with God in case Covid, or some other form of death comes knocking at my door, because it will! Then I will be ready to go! And I think that’s a pretty good plan because death will come knocking for all of us at some point.

    Get Jesus in your heart and love one another. Love God and love people.Read the Bible on or off your phone. Start in The new testament book of John. Find out who Jesus is.

    God bless you all today whoever you are, wherever you are , vaccinated or unvaccinated! 🌷🙏

    • Amen!

      Like all other viruses, we will learn to live with this one and get on with our lives, living as (God-willing) free citizens with our rights and dignity intact.

      We will learn, the hard way, or the easy way, that salvation does not come from pharmaceutical companies, politicians or bureaucrats.
      Salvation comes from Jesus Christ.

      réquiem ætérnam dona eis Dómine et lux perpétua lúceat eis requiéscant in pace amen

  2. Hopefully it wasn’t all the lies about vaccines being unsafe that kept these people from getting vaccinated and the booster shots.

    • The “vaccines” are neither safe nor efficacious. Indeed the entire official narrative that created the fake pandemic is a lie. Once again where is the pandemic in this county. Two elderly people pass away. Hardly a cause for panic. Likely natural attrition. We do not know what test proved they died if the “Covid” flu. If it’s the PCR test then the “Covid” label is bogus. Did these two have other reasons for being in the hospital? Cancer, stroke, diabetes, etc? Omicron? More fear porn manufactured by mainstream media from the same perps that created the hypes. Now they plan to again lock down, no travel, and of course the drift is to force the toxin into everyone OR ELSE. Biden’s and Newsom’s mandates are unlawful. Biden is issuing edicts for which he has NO Constitutional authority. More and more Citizens are waking up to the “Covid scam. That is why Omnicron is being fear porned. We are wising up and these Globalist control freaks realize they are losing the high ground. Good. Don’t let them have the children nor our souls.

  3. got any factual basis “all the lies about vaccines being unsafe”, or is that just another gut feel on what is a lie and what is not?

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