Man Found Lying in Covelo Roadway with ‘Head Injuries, Gunshot Wounds, and Stab Wounds’ After Screaming Woman Called 911 Reporting a Home Intruder

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Captain Greg Van Patten has confirmed that detectives have been requested to a Covelo home after an early morning home intruder situation resulted in a gunshot wound that required hospitalization.

A review of scanner traffic from 6:30 a.m. till 8:30 a.m. indicates dispatch told deputies a female caller was reporting that an unknown male had entered her residence on the 23000 block of Henderson Road without permission. The dispatcher reported he could hear the female “yelling and screaming” at the suspect. 

Minutes later, a MCSO deputy told dispatch he spoke with the female reporting party on the telephone and the male subject was “still inside her house.”

The deputy reported to dispatch that another conversation with the female reporting party indicated the situation might be an active burglary. 

As the scene unfolded, dispatch told deputies that another person reported hearing three to four gunshots and witnessed a shirtless male near the intersection of Henderson Road and Crawford Road, a crossroad near the original reporting party’s residence attempting to flag down passing vehicles. 

Dispatch then reported that more calls came in regarding this subject, one describing him as possibly “5150” which is police code for someone that is displaying signs of mental illness that could be a danger to themselves or others. 

Another reporting party indicated the individual was lying in the middle of the roadway. The reporting party relayed a description of the suspect describing him as a tall white male adult with brown hair, no shirt, and tattoos on his chest.

A deputy finally arrived at the scene and reported the subject had a “gunshot wound to his stomach.” 

A conflicting tone-out occurred moments later requesting medical personnel to the scene for a male “bleeding from the head.” 

The dispatcher reported later on that the subject was suffering from both “a head injury and gunshot wound to the stomach.”

More information regarding the status of the patient provided by a medic at the scene described the subject suffering from “head injuries, gunshot wounds, and stab wounds.”

Please note, the previous review of scanner traffic is based on initial reports and have not been confirmed by investigators. Police scanners can often provide initial, immediate information about an incident but the fast-paced, fluid nature of emergency situations can result in incorrect information.

Captain Van Patten told MendoFever that Patrol Deputies are on scene and are actively conducting initial investigations. Detectives have been requested to the scene near the 23000 block of Henderson Lane to aid in the investigation, Captain Van Patten confirmed.

Complicating matters, Captain Van Patten told us that MCSO’s “patrol and investigative resources are stretched thin as notably this is the 3rd major incident in the last 7 days.” The other incidents that are contributing to the strain on resources, Captain Van Patten said, are last Sunday’s stabbing at a Ukiah Apartment Complex and Friday’s shooting in Albion

Please note, this map does not reflect the specific location of the incident but instead shows a well-traveled nearby cross street to the incident to help the public understand where the incident approximately occurred.

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  1. “…Complicating matters, Captain Van Patten told us that MCSO’s “patrol and investigative resources are stretched thin as notably this is the 3rd major incident in the last 7 days.” ”

    I spent some time on Google Earth yesterday looking at the satellite views of the many, many illegal grows in our community. Perhaps MCSO would not be stretched so thinly if they shut down the blatant lawbreakers. Sheriff says we have international CARTELS here involved in drug trafficking. Locals have reported intimidation — isn’t this the definition of terrorism? Why isn’t this referred to the Feds to take care of?

    When a community can’t handle its own law enforcement, can other agencies step in? How do we request help?

    • Yes covelo is becomming a scary place for our community we do need to have them run out of town.. there is enough going on … on the rez and over the years these so called Terrorist are taking over we need to fight back our Rez before we cant

    • Yes indeed, satellite imagery shows a multitude of large to huge grows in the Covelo area, many around the high school too. The law states adults over 21 yrs of age may only grow up to 6 plants on any one parcel of land, yet the satellite pictures show so many plants there would need to be a few thousand more adults living in Covelo!

  2. I look at the map and what I noticed is some kind of retention ponds not far down that road. Is it possible they contain sewage? If that’s true then you should research “sewer gas” or H2S.

  3. Are there ANY churches there? Trusted community members willing to call a monthly county wide pray & fast? I know Christians county wide would be willing to bind together with Covelo. I will be praying and fasting every 3rd Friday for Mendocino county. And have a global prayer request for tomorrow with up to 200 countries participating. This is biblical. I’m only one person and last month was my first pray & fast. But I see a need and I heard a cry come from the Council. Our county has strongholds that need to come down!!!!

  4. STFU you want natives to pray through Christianity the same religion they were slaughtered and women assaulted in the name of not so long ago….gtfoh. Praying isnt going to resolve anything. Keep your fairy tales to yourself. Unlike your belief, the problem is real. Drugs, alcohol, and mental health, and in somewhere as remote as Covelo, it makes sense why these issues have run rampant. Nobody there with problems want help, and nobody outside of the community wants to help. Mendocino county would be better off giving the residents there a 10 day notice before blowing a hole in 162. You either stay, or leave, and after those ten days destroy the road and let those who stay behind fend for themselves.

    • The people of covelo are not the problem. It’s the people that come to covelo thinking this is how we like to live, in Chaos. With the label from what the outsiders and the sheriff gives us, cause to have to defend ourselves. Only from the outsiders coming in thinking it okay to cause chaos.
      Just like this guy, the intruder, he is a trimagrant from another country, at a rave down the road from the place of intrusion. The man was on PCP and shrooms. He obviously wasn’t there to steal anything, since only us natives do that, he was clearly there to cause harm.
      Think about the ones looking out, looking out for what they pride in, looking out for their people, looking out for one another, the ones that know how to belong to a town that just wants to be left alone.
      Away from the politics of a messed up country, away from the hate that streams it’s way in.
      We heard what goes on in ukiah, willits, and lake county. We get the news. There’s crime going there too.

      • Baby Jesus help them build the church and salvation will beat down the rapture!!! Christianity and fasting will save Covelo and mankind all that is wrong 😑 Thank you dear baby Jesus Amen 🙏🏿

  5. H2S:
    Is deadly if inhaled at doses of more than 700 parts per million. A fart contains just .001 to 1 ppm sulfide.
    That’s the comparison from the bullshit and the truth to the story posted above.

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