Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Anti-Masking Protestors Test Ukiah Co-op’s Masking Requirement and Police Respond After Employees Double-Down on Enforcement


An incident at Ukiah Natural Foods this last Saturday has brought the tension between COVID-19 protocols, local businesses, and citizen activists playing out across the nation home to roost. 

In brief, a group of approximately 20 protestors entered Ukiah Natural Foods refusing to wear masks, a policy strictly enforced by the store’s management. The protestors proceeded to bag bulk goods, fruits, veggies, and other foods then approached the cashier to purchase the items. The cashiers adamantly refused to sell the items, the protestors ardently pushed back, and finally, Ukiah Police Department was contacted. After approximately 20 minutes, a UPD officer escorted the group out of the store.

Lori Rosenberg, the general manager of Ukiah Natural Foods, told us Saturday’s visit was the second time the group that has branded themselves the Mendocino Patriots visited the location to stand up against masking protocols.

She said that on Saturday, a group of “approximately 24” protestors entered Ukiah Natural Foods unmasked and refused to wear one when offered complimentary face coverings by the store. Ukiah Natural Foods has a strict masking requirement and their policy is no one will be served if they refuse to comply with the masking requirement.

[Screenshot from the video of the demonstration provided by the Mendocino Patriots]

Multiple protestors proceeded to push shopping carts around the store, picking up food items, some out of the store’s bulk bins as they went. Before lining up to purchase their items, the group was told many times they would not be served without masks, and as they got in line and found themselves not served, “they got very verbal with my staff and others that were shopping at the store.” Rosenberg said the protestors referred to staff as Nazis and claimed they were being discriminated against.

A video published on the Mendocino Patriots website provides a 16-minute glimpse into Ukiah Natural Foods that day. Here are some of the notable moments and exchanges that captured the tone of that day.

An employee was standing in front of a check stand and told one of the protestors “I’m sorry, but if you don’t have a mask on we won’t ring you up.” The protestor responded by presenting a document they claimed to be the Mendocino County Public Health Order from Dr. Andy Coren. “You don’t have to wear one if you have a medical condition,” the protestor read to the cashier. The employee responded, “Well, you have to wear one inside.” The protestor retorted, “so you like to discriminate against Americans?” Wanting to communicate that the protestor had other options to acquire groceries, the cashier offered, “We have online shopping.” The protestor said, “I don’t like online shopping.”

Another exchange caught on film portrayed a protestor explaining to an employee that due to a medical condition, the Americans with Disabilities Act provides her an exemption from the masking requirements. The employee says directly to the protestor, “I am refusing you service.” A fellow protestor was looking on when he replied to the employee, “It’s time to stand up for yourself, stand up for your rights. You’re going to be wearing that stinky face diaper for the rest of your life.”

(It is worth stating, the Department of Justice has stated, “The ADA does not provide a blanket exemption to people with disabilities from complying with legitimate safety requirements necessary for safe operations.”)

A large portion of the video captured the protestors standing in a line that went nowhere because cashiers continued to refuse service. While waiting, the protestors peppered employees with questions, claiming discrimination, and at one point characterizing an employee as a “little bit of Nazi here.”

At one point, five protestors were in line, offering their takes on masking to a singular employee. The employee stood, not reacting, while protestors described the mask rule as a farce and stated “racial discrimination was legal at one point. And then people stood up. That’s what we’re doing.” 

One interesting interaction occurred when one of the shoppers actually told a protestor she “got it” and said the only reason she was wearing a mask was others. “Someday, we have to take the power back,” the shopper told the protestor. 

Reflecting on the experience, Rosenberg told us she does not understand why these protestors would take their grievances about COVID-19 protocols out on a local business like Ukiah Natural Foods. “We feel they are barking up the wrong tree.” She asked, “Why don’t they protest the people making these policies?

[Screenshot from the video of the demonstration provided by the Mendocino Patriots]

The presence of the protestors left Rosenberg’s staff feeling “uncomfortable”, “violated”, and “threatened” and she expressed pride in her employees for doing an “awesome job of not getting plugged into the name-calling.” Many shoppers that day were upset from the experience, Roseberg told us, and had contacted the store describing their experience.

Having gone through this experience twice, this situation prompted Ukiah Natural Food to codify a specific protocol for handling situations like this in the future.

Rosenberg did want to correct some falsehoods that had been reported to her regarding coverage of the event. She said unequivocally no one was physically hurt as a result of the interactions. 

Another falsehood Roseberg wanted to address was Ukiah Police Department’s response time, saying they responded within 20 minutes of being contacted by Ukiah Natural Foods, much faster than some claims she had heard.

Ukiah Natural Foods did experience the loss of some of their goods as a result of the protest, Rosenberg explained that loss was a result of their “stance of refusing service.” She said the incident called for employees’ to prioritize ridding the store of the protestors and not address the food involved. 

A blog post on the Mendocino Patriots’ website described the protest from their perspective. They claim twenty-one of their group arrived at the co-op and “grabbed a basket and proceeded to shop.” 

Immediately, the protestors described encountering a woman “who followed us to try and give us masks. We politely declined and kept shopping.” The blog post claims that one of the protestors “had their item literally snatched out of his hand at the register by the store manager.” 

[Screenshot from the video of the demonstration provided by the Mendocino Patriots]

The post on the Mendocino Patriots’ site states that after the store employees “opted to restock our items and dump our water rather than check us out”, one half of the group went outside to display signs while “other[s] stood calmly at the register to check out.” 

An employee reportedly said the protestors were vandalizing and spilling the merchandise, the blogpost addressed the accusation saying that, in fact, a child had opened a bag of chips “intended for purchase” and the Co-op employees “dumped out water that a customer intended to pay for.” 

The blogpost said that when UPD arrived, “The officer was professional and we all spoke to him outside. We were not cited because we did not break any laws.”

The blog post detailed that the protestors actually conducted similar demonstrations at Ukiah’s Michael’s Craft Store before their arrival at Ukiah Natural Food and afterward, Black Oak Coffee.

Ukiah Police Department Lieutenant Andrew Phillips told us UPD officers received several calls last Saturday regarding “a group of customers who refused to wear masks inside the business. The initial call for service came in at 2:39 PM, an Officer was on scene by 2:59 and the call was completed by 3:17 PM.”

Responding to media coverage that characterized UPD’s response as “slow,” Lieutenant Phillips said, “While there is always room for improvement, I would not characterize this response as “slow” given the type of call this was (a disturbance).” He went on to state, “Had this call [been]  one involving an assault or a danger to life and it took UPD twenty minutes to arrive on scene, I would characterize that as a slow response.”

Upon arrival to the scene, Lieutenant Phillips said UPD was “not made aware of any destruction of property and the group who were the reason for the call to UPD was cooperative with the Officer who arrived.”

Soon after UPD Officers arrived, “A resolution was achieved, the involved parties were provided with information as to how to better handle these types of incidents in the future and the Officer left the scene,” Lieutenant Phillips explained.

Some of the callers that reached out to UPD that day, Lieutenant Phillips said, “claimed intimidation, but could not describe anything other than the people being unmasked in the store and that they were talking with other customers/staff.” These sorts of concerns “do not rise to a criminal level.” 

Phillips stated that the store reported to UPD that the protestors “were eating food that they would not be able to pay for” but the “employee’s reasoning as to why the customers would be unable to pay, was simply because the store would not allow them to pay for the merchandise.” This does not rise to criminal theft because “it was the store who was not permitting the customer to pay for the merchandise.”

The only crime that could have been established by the protestors, Lieutenant Phillips said, was trespass, “and even this did not apply as the customers willingly left upon request by the Officer.”

If any readers are left unclear as to what actually happened that day in Ukiah Natural Foods consider the following perspective offered by UPD’s Lieutenant Phillips: “with any incident, there are multiple and often differing accounts of what happened, based on what each party or person experiences and what information is provided during the




      • Lawrence your the problem with America. People like you should leave. You are a “fucking moron” enjoy Biden and the repercussions you voted for you truly are an ill informed moron. I assume you are unemployed sucking the taxpayer dry

      • So sorry for your loss Truly. But could you share some more details? Truth and openness is extremely helpful. Just the facts. Was your cousin vaccinated?Any boosters? Anti-masker? Anti hand sanitizer? Anti vaccine? Careless? Extremely cautious? Thank you.Regardless, it still hurts when we lose someone.

      • Thank you, but my cousins personal and private medical information is none of your business and it would be a dishonor to him to go into such details with a perfect stranger. He died of Covid. End of story. Don’t be a shit. Wear a mask!

    • You clearly have no idea what tyranny is UN.

      Your pronouncements are on par with a flat earth.
      You need to learn what actual evidence is vs conjecture, speculation, & spurious claims made by predators & idiots.

      Your comments and false claims are evidence that you are being manipulated, successfully, by domestic enemies of the People of the USA.

      • People have the RIGHT to say NO to masks and “vaccines” – WITHOUT PUNISHMENT.

        If this were Nazi Germany, we’d still be in 1934…years before the most infamous of the horrors. We ARE heading that way. People like you will cheer when the “unvaxxed” are dragged away to concentration camps. In Australia, they call them “Centres for National Resilience.” Orwell and Kafka would be astounded at the chutzpah.

        Two weeks…months…years…decades to flatten the curve.

  1. Patriots? Why do people try to hide their selfish intentions behind the guise of patriotism ? And then to compare this little pity party to the racism and segregation of black people in the 50’s is completely ludicrous ! What a bunch of morons, MASKS DO WORK!

    • You like Tyranny ? Tell me this Papa G if Masks work then how come the Pandemic is not over. I think you should educate yourself on government overreach. I bet you believe that Brandon got 81 million votes also !

      • The pandemic has subsided among the vaccinated and boosted. The problem of non-vaxxer folks filling hospitals will undoubtedly continue and community spread will continue with those unwilling to limit their contagious breath by using a simple piece of protection! Oh and Biden won btw. t-Rump was a big loser, very big loser!

      • PapaG Sorry, so not true. The vaccinated and boosted are still dying. Even though they had masks on. Where are you getting this information?

    • Please, sir, for the sake of Truth … go look it up yourself. There are over 35 studies at that demonstrate that masks don’t prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Many of these studies are gold-standard random controlled trials (RCTs). We’ve known this for decades.

      Public health authorities are ignoring Public Health while grabbing more Authority.
      This stops when we stop listening to them.

      • I’m as anti-mandate as any Freedom loving American, but to purposefully go into the Co-op, where you know they have bought the corporate media’s hype and fear mongering, seems not only insensitive to people’s fears, it is also completely the wrong way to try to sway someone’s opinion or to gain their support. In a time where we are being systematically divided by our own leaders We The People must build bridges, not burn down any hopes of common grounds.

        We need to take this fight to the little tyrant who refused to stop the mandates until “we’ve reached 80% total vaccination rates in Mendocino” effectively holding us all hostage until we lick the boot of tyranny and allow ourselves to be coerced to take a medical procedure.

      • All the more reason to be vaxxed. Omicron is 10X more contagious than the previous variants. It’s likely everyone will be infected eventually. The whole point of mitigation measures like masks and quarantines is so we don’t all get it at once and overwhelm the healthcare system.

    • Patriotism is the refuge of a scoundrel.

      These fools blanket their sense of entitlement with flag…shameful.

      Interesting, these so called “patriots” deleted the comment section on their own site because of the extensive & widespread criticism, condemnation, & denegration of their selfish, narcissistic actions.

      Where the hell do people get off thinking they have the entitlement to do whatever they want on private property owned by others?

      It’s patriotic to defend the “right” to shop?

      Dunces bullshiting themselves…that means you too [Edited to remove a name], with your fake mask exemption.

      1 positive of all this stupidity is that the assholes are showing themselves.

      We will remember you fuckers.

      • Matt, understood and noted.
        Though, in my defense, the name I gave is of one of the proud “stars” of the youtube video the group in question distributed and you posted in the article.

        So, did I actually dox them? Or did they do so to themselves before I even came along?

      • “Vaccinated Only” = Whites Only

        You go ahead and “remember” us. This time, your prospective victims are armed.

  2. Freedom of choice! To mask or not to mask should be a personal choice. If you need to protect yourself take precautions. If not don’t. When we lose this freedom we are a communist country. Freedom is blood bought and wrapped in prayer.

      • No, but a business that is open to the public cannot refuse service to anyone based on race/religion/disabilities/etc. The idea that a business can chose who they wish to serve and who they wish to not serve is not accurate. This is clear if you look at the civil rights act. Currently, face coverings are authorized under an EUA, just like the “vaccines”. No one can “coerce” you to use an experimental medical product, by giving rewards, or imposing restrictions. It’s against the law. This is why courts are ruling against the vax mandates. It’s actually pretty simple to understand.

      • Correct but mask refusers aren’t a protected class. A representative republic is pretty easy to understand.

      • A mask is not a experimental medical product. It has been used by nurses, doctors and dentists for a long time, your facts are all whacked out.
        You have no civil right to get other people sick. Remember that

      • From the FDA website:

        Cloth face coverings made from common, easily accessible materials are an additional, VOLUNTARY PUBLIC HEALTH approach to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The CDC has a list of FAQs about Cloth Face Coverings for use by the general public.

        My bad man, didn’t mean to say experimental medical product, they are under an EUA, just like the vaccines, informed consent still applies, which means you have every right to refuse.

        BTW I am not responsible for anyone else’s personal health, and no one is responsible for mine. If you really want to make an impact with COVID, why don’t you start telling people that are obese (who make up 80% of all hospitalizations) to start working out and getting in shape instead of focusing all your energy on the mask issue. Lots of folks that are strict mask wearers have gotten sick.

      • Thanks for showing us your true colors. Let’s thin the herd so only the fit and hardy survive in a splendid mask-free environment. Send those scientists and their supporters out to the rural agricultural areas for ‘re-education.’

      • Your spreading more fake news then Facebook
        Businesses have the right to refuse service to you for not wearing a mask. Trying to pull the race/religion/disability card is some ridiculous crap
        You can start your own business try to do whatever you want. Hurting small businesses trying to survive is definitely anti American

      • Come on Mike, we are having a good conversation here. No need to be sarcastic. Seriously, if you are really concerned about saving people from COVID, focus on getting people in shape and healthy!!! 80% of all hospitalizations are people that are obese and unhealthy! Lots of people that wear masks have gotten sick. The packaging on most masks actually states that their product cannot prevent you from getting COVID.

        Why isn’t our health department talking about vitamin supplementation, healthy eating, exercise, proper nutrition, drinking water, etc… What do we get? Stay home, wear a mask. Come on man, we deserve better from our health officials. Is any advice given to people that test positive? The answer is no. Go home and quarantine. That’s all people are told to do. It’s a joke.

      • No Pants, seriously maybe you should sit this one out buddy. Look at the FDA link I just provided. Key word, VOLUNTARY. Businesses can offer other alternatives for people that don’t want to wear a mask, but they cannot strait up refuse service based only on the mask.

      • So you are saying the health dept can’t tell a restaurant how properly handle food so no one gets sick? Employees Wash their hands after coming back from the bathroom?
        Wearing a mask is the same, it’s not forcing someone to use a experimental medical product.

      • Jose nice link to the FDA site. That information means nothing about your rights, or the rights of a business. You should sit this one out.

      • That’s not why I posted it. Go back and read previous posts. Like I said earlier, didn’t mean to say experimental medical product, they fall under EUA, where we all have the right to informed consent, which means we all have the right to refuse. Look more deeply into informed consent and what that entails. Look into what I am saying, don’t just try to come up with contradictions, not trying to have some kind of senseless argument here just to oppose someone and argue.

      • The employees are held to these standards for the safety of the customer. It’s not Apples and oranges.
        The health dept governs people’s safety from getting sick, if they say your need to wear a mask. You need to wear a mask if they say you need to wash your hands you wash your hands.

  3. If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t. But, don’t go into businesses where they require masks on their private property and make an ass of yourself.

    • This +1…you have freedom of choice as does the business…online shopping was even offered. These people look like selfish fools that never picked up a rifle to save people they never met from ACTUAL TYRANNY…just whiners.

    • Please see my comment above. Currently, face coverings are authorized under an EUA, just like the “vaccines”. No one can “coerce” you to use an experimental medical product, by giving rewards, or imposing restrictions. It’s against the law. The idea of “no shoes, no shirt, no mask no service” is not even close to accurate. Not even on the same planet. There was a time not too long ago when our dark skinned brothers and sisters where barred from businesses because they were deemed a threat to the whites and white businesses. Keeping them out was all about “keeping the community safe”. Sound familiar? A BUSINESS THAT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC DOESN’T GET TO PICK AND CHOSE WHO THEY CAN SERVE!!!! Shoes and shirts are not medical devices. Only a doctor can give advice on the use of said medical products. Any person or business that gives advice, or engages in coercion, by rewarding or punishing certain behaviors, for the use of a medical product is breaking the law. PLEASE READ THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT TO INFORM YOURSELF OF YOUR RIGHTS!!!!!

      • Friend…mask refusers aren’t a protected class this is a totally invalid comparison. Did you go to college or take government in high school at least?

      • It’s not about protected class in this case. Only a doctor can “recommend” you use a medical device. Yes I went to college, got my degree. Not sure what taking a class in government has to do with the conversation. Informed consent is the key here. You have the right to refuse. All of this can really be confusing, I think that is intentional to keep most of us in the dark, uninformed of our rights and confused. I think we will see the truth come out as more lawsuits are filled and restrictions are lifted. Look at what is happening with the “vax” mandates. Companies are backing off because they are starting to realize that the law is not on their side.

    • “Colored folk are not allowed in here. Go somewhere else.”

      Same mentality, different era.

      If the masks work, those who wear them have NOTHING to worry about. They don’t work only “one-way.”

    • @Charles Brandenburg- is that racist comment allowed in this forum? I don’t hate anyone based on their skin color or place of birth. I’m not in favor of evil. But that’s something we can change about ourselves.

  4. This is not a mask issue. It is a private property issue. Take their picture and pass it around to every business and 86 them. Let them shop in Willits or cloverdale. I would allow them to come back in my shop after each one individually swept the front of the store and washed the windows. I would schedule one person per week. And I would fully support them not wearing a mask while they are outside so the entire community could see them and they could see their reflection. It wasn’t that long ago that when you went in a store you stood behind the counter and pointed at your desired purchase. Now the big box stores have spent 40 years training society that obnoxious and unruly behavior is expectable and accountability is non existent. It has become so ridiculous that people cannot see the difference between a mega corporation like Walmart and a small independent business. If you want to protest faceless mega shareholders or government agencies, it is understandable because quite often they are two sides of the same coin. But when you want to protest and impede working class people who don’t want to get a 10k fine from the county then that is unacceptable. Ask a person of color if they feel mask mandates are the same as segregation or systemic discrimination. I have about a dozen issues that I am passionate about. If someone came into a small private business to protest the issues that I support I would 86 them. Do not let the politicians turn the people on each other. I am a libertarian, but part of my ideals are the problem we have today. We are a country divided. Our independence of the individual coupled with the cry for a free market led us to a new world order. This new world order is no longer functional. It’s independent nature left weak links in the chain. An example is our entire military and economy would collapse for 5 years if something would happen to a small group of farmers who farm on less than 5 acres on average and make less than $10 a day harvesting rubber. One properly placed virus on the rubber tree and we all go down. We are now dependent on a non functional system. The only way our economy can survive is if we send our dollars to China. All the while China and Russia stayed United as a people. China, with our dollars, will be the worlds number one super power in less than 8 years. They now own 70% of the worlds resource lands. For the last 10 years the second language learned at South American universities is Mandarin. We have lost our place in history as a super power because we are divided. If you want to breath wear a bandanna. We have 60 AI facial recognition cameras being installed in post offices north of SF. Others have been installed in cities south of us. Cannabis tax dollars are funding what is going to be the most advanced police state in the world. The only agency that stood up against masks during this pandemic is the NSA. One of the only good outcomes from this pandemic is the the ability to legally wear a mask in public. These kids have their hearts in the right place, but their leadership has been trained to think in fragments of the essence. No matter how right a fragment is it is not effective if it doesn’t serve the essence of the ideal. I blame the public schools for their programming and worship of Newton like he is a God. Yes we need to break down our systems and understand the mechanics, but not to the point we can no longer see the essence the fragment belongs too. Mendocino Patriots I am available to talk, but your gonna have to take your damn mask off cause I can’t hear what the hell your saying with it on. Do not tread on the people. The private sector is the only sector with accountability. Don’t go where you will loose. And for crying out loud if your gonna stand up and say your the big dog don’t squat when you pee. Lift your damn leg up boy.

    • You are a control freak who has issues about your humanity and masculinity. If the masks work, you who wear them have nothing to worry about.

      You whine about China and Russia, and fail to understand our country is being taken down by this lunatic, satanic, actually, COVID-19(84) scheme, which people like yourself cheer on. “Muh private property!” “It’s just a mask!”

      In a few years, will it be, “it’s just a shower!” (with no water)?

  5. Shame on the so-called ‘Mendocino Patriots.’ Like Fox News and Trump, they mock the very notion of true patriotism, truth and justice.

    • You like a nanny state ? Look at your community Mike. It’s a complete dump. Homeless everywhere “not wearing masks “ crapping on the sidewalk drunks and drugs everywhere and you say Fox News and Trump is the problem? Sounds like to much “free” stuff from Newsom.

    • I certainly hope that grade-A, bonafide, American patriot, Mike Geniella, was wearing his mask when he wrote this response. According to Dr. Fauci, covid can now spread throughout the internet. Thus, it’s best that we all wear masks for the rest of our lives. I wear three masks colored red, white and blue. Truth and justice and patriot Mike: thank you for your service (what branch was that?) and, please, remain vigilant day and night. Donald Trump and Sean Hannity may have been with those mask-less people at the Co-op. They could appear mask-less to your worst nightmare tonight.

    • PLEASE STOP ASSUMING THAT EVERYONE THAT DOESN’T AGREE WITH YOU POLITICALLY IS PRO TRUMP!!!! THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!!! “TRUMPISM” What a great word to demonize and de-humanize those that you don’t agree with. This sows the seeds of violence!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP STERO-TYPING PEOPLE YOU DON’T AGREE WITH!!!!! WE ALL CARE ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY AND WE ARE CONCERNED OUR HUMAN RIGHTS ARE BEING ERODED IN THE NAME OF “PUBLIC HEALTH”! THIS WILL EFFECT ALL OF US AND ALL OF OUR CHILDREN FOR YEARS+. Try to find common ground with people you don’t agree with. It’s hard, but nothing worth having in life comes easy. It’s the only way forward.

      • Sorry my man, just sick of being labeled a “Trumper” because I’m not a democrat or don’t agree with the main-stream media. This is part of the divide and rule agenda. Trump is being used as a weapon to radicalize both sides of the political spectrum.

      • It’s all the Branch Covidians have. “You’re a Trumpster!” “You’re a right-winger.”

        Uh, nope. Most people consider me a “socialist.” And my “leader” is Jesus Christ, not fallen men like Trump (or Biden).

        Anyone who’s read 1984 recognizes everything going on right now.

      • I and many others are as big on patriotism as you, pal. Which is why we get vaccinated and wear masks in hopes of protecting ourselves, our families, and our communities. The new variant is sweeping across the nation and around the globe, and the unvaccinated are the most vulnerable and likely to die.

      • Oh Mikey your pen 🖊 so fine you blow our minds Mikey yo Mikey, stay posted your breakthrough booster bullshit doesn’t hold weight with all, go back to PD And continue to believe in yourself, we don’t, sorry kind pompous sir.

  6. An anti-social, rogue gaggle of 5149&¾ unsanitary, degenerate, yakity yaks of the willfully ignorance kabal, their self-entitlement intact and on full display, engage in disruptive public acts of malicious mischief, child abuse & public health endangerment. Phleghm @ 11.

  7. Masks don’t prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Scientists have known this for a century. (Go read the studies … please!)

    Mask mandates have no place in a purportedly free society.

    “Mendocino Patriots” failed to exercise prudence and charity. Forming a mob to bully employees and patrons at a private business is no way to win hearts and minds.

    Real patriots love God and their neighbor.
    They don’t vent their anger and frustration on other hapless subjects of our overlords.

  8. So now a peaceful protest is a mob? And u call yourselves liberals? I guess if they would have looted the building and set it on fire then u would call it a protest? Or does it have to only b one of your causes? Please let me know

    • These are shop-ins. The moral equivalent of “illegal” sit-ins by Civil Rights activists in the 1960s.

      The il-liberal “liberals” are now fully on-board with fascism, and haven’t a clue about the terrible irony.

  9. Hey Subie-Fever, how come every time I try to like someone’s comment the site takes me back to the sign in page?

  10. People who shop and work at the Co-op always feel “uncomfortable”, “violated”, and “threatened.” It’s in their politics or DNA. Who were these maskless people threatening? One can assume the employees at the Co-op are all vaccinated. Additionally, they all were wearing their magic masks that display our obedience to the state. I even wear mine in the shower so that the cops won’t drag me naked through the streets. However, in the future, I’m buying my fermented bean sprouts, almond-soy milk, and fake, tofu hamburger at Friedman’s.

      • So, it seems we have an ‘us vs them’ thing going instead of respecting the rights of people trying to protect themselves in a pandemic. How pathetic.

      • to mike geniella. “instead of respecting the rights of people ”
        key phrase you use there. do you respect the rights of the people?
        did you take an oath like i did a few times?

        it would seem you have the right to protect yourself and stay at home, if you feel so inclined. that right turns into an abuse of power when you impose your tyrannical mandates on we the people.

      • Classic example of stupid people not knowing how truly stupid they are I feel sorry for the children in the video having to watch their ignorant dumb ass parents protest about their rights to shop maskless what an ignorant statement then to equate it to civil rights really shows the intelligence of this group Mendocino freedom fighters should change their group to Mendocino Idiots The Dunning-Kruger effect is a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. Essentially, low ability people do not possess the skills needed to recognize their own incompetence. The combination of poor self-awareness and low cognitive ability leads them to overestimate their own capabilities.

      • ukiah elder – with all due respect, shove your self righteous “classic examples” where the sun don’t shine. i respect my elders but you’re a special exception.

        one more question for you. are you feeling a civil divide here?
        in my humble view it is arrogant asses like you who brought us to this precipice. i live by the doctrine “don;t tread on me”. i live and let live, but somehow for folks like you, that will never be enough. so here we all are now.

        game on brother! you and yours can’t seem to leave it the feck alone.
        the civil unrest which is certainly brewing lays upon your watch/crew not ours.

    • The primary customer of the Coop is a control freak who is utterly self-righteous and fanatic about being ideologically-correct (e.g., being “woke”). Look to Leninism to understand the dynamic.

      I remember when Mendocino County pioneered the opposition to GMOs. Now, so many of those who supported that WANT to be GMOs via the sham “vaccines.”

      • +1000000

        Isn’t being “anti-GMO” “anti-science”???? Ask some at the CO-OP this question and watch smoke come out of their ears.

  11. Looks to me like the replies supporting the “patriots” are masked. They do not provide their name. I am proud of my position to support CDC, CDPH, MDPH, and Ukiah Natural Foods.

  12. It’s a crime to say you are “disabled” when you are not. That was their excuse. They could get sued by the customers or owners of the store. What about my rights to be in a clean, safe shopping environment? I do have a medical issue that I need to take seriously and not get Covid. These people are an embarrassment!

    • Everyone claiming masks are ineffective is ignorany of facts.
      Particle filtration has been around for decades.
      There are many levels – from 0%-100% filtration.
      Get educated by facts not so called news media and political commentary.
      You misinformed folks need to learn of the high bar of actual evidence.

      You can not explain away laser spectrum analysis of particle passage through various filtration mediums.

      Parroting lies is almost as bad as making up the lie.
      You folks have been dupped by predators and liars who drape themselves in the flag for $ and ratings and political power.

      • PROVE that cloths masks do anything about viruses. Not even manufacturers of N95s claim they stop infections. And most people are NOT wearing N95s.

  13. Sorry, I don’t have these masking problems because I refuse to shop at stores owned by communists who enforce tyrant rules for masks that have been proven ineffective.

  14. The county/state has told the business to have everyone wear masks, they don’t have a choice, due to the threat of being fined. Protesters should go to the county/state offices (DMV/CHP, Sheriff, Police Departments, County health offices) and protest there, or are the protesters afraid to go to these places?

    • Actually Mo person, whoever you are, Mendofever has become a public forum for spirited debate, which assumes there can be more than one way of looking at an issue. Sorry you’re unhappy. Please return to CNN, NPR, KZYX and the AVA to feel comfortable with a single, arrogant and elite point of view.

  15. I had considered moving to Ukiah from SF for a teaching position but changed my mind after watching video of maskless, mindless, trump/fox news- radicalized adults,stomp their feet in protest to a store that was following a State mandate, and a mandate that will most assuredly save lives. Guess these radicalized trumpers didn’t get vaccinated either — main reason we see Covid numbers rise up again seems always in conjunction with the many Trump crybabies too afraid of a small needle and much preferring an untimely death instead. Well I will take living and fingers crossed the trumpers stomping their crybaby feet @ stores won’t soon be looking up from a bed in the ICU.

    • d. laspina-luiz — sounds like the crime free city of SF is a better place for you.
      guessing you voted for all of that,
      have you been to Walnut Creek, Stoneridge mall or an apple store lately?
      what’s trump got to do with anything? Brandon is your boy now.

    • Have any of you “maskless marauders” been contacted by CPS yet, since you Trumper kooks have stupidly put in harm’s way: your own children, as we clearly see in the video; after all, did any of these Q parents give them a choice about being maskless and in danger of exposure to Covid,; instead they are innocently swept up inside a crowd of ignorant grownups, who we pray don’t end up in an ICU — just looked up Ukiah stats and it states “one in ten” test positive for Covid. Shame on you Q parents who brought your own kids, children who had NO CHOICE! Hey CPS, does this fall under “child endangerment”? As a mandated reporter, guess I should make a call to Mendocino County Child Protective Services.

      • Please stop using Trump to demonize and de-humanize people that you don’t agree with. Trump is over, move on, try to come up with some original material for your insults. Trump is pushing the “vax” harder than anyone. The folks around here that want to bash Trump and his “alleged” supporters are actually more in alignment with Trump than the “Mendocino Patriots”, via your acceptance and propagation of the “vaccine”. Not everyone who is not a democrat or is tired of the mask/vaxsanity is pro Trump. Seriously. Trump, the political weapon that keeps on giving. Liberals and Dems couldn’t wait to get rid of him, now they can’t stop talking about him. Please listen to this statement: WE THAT CONSIDER OURSELVES PATRIOTS ARE NOT PRO TRUMP OR PRO BIDEN!!!!!! It’s not a this or that equation. Evoking Trump and insulting people will only bring more division, anger, and really brings the discussion down to a low level. PLEASE STOP PLAYING THIS GAME!!!!!! THIS ISN’T HELPING ANYONE OR OUR COMMUNITY!!!!!! TRY TO FIND COMMON GROUND WITH PEOPLE THAT YOU DISAGREE WITH!!!!

      • Laughable that so-called Patriots now try to distance themselves from Trump, his chaotic handling of the pandemic, and the resulting 800,000 deaths. Remember he predicted 200,000 or less because “We are doing a good job.” ? The fact is that we will continue to be exposed to variants, possibly dangerous ones, because of the chronic vaccination resistance. That means more deaths among the unvaccinated, and in break through cases involving the most vulnerable among us. It also means a continuing economic zig zag. Leave businesses alone that are trying to do the right thing. Be a true patriot, get vaccinated, and give a damn about your family, friends and community.

      • geez same donya? .new last name???
        glad you’re not teaching our kids!
        stay in SF and mind your own biizzy body biz.
        focus on your double standards there re with the Gav’s new SF redactions for the mandate he just dumped on us all. better yet maybe you could play dick tracy and catch/bag him the next time he goes to the french drity laundry without covering his own mug with a diaper.

      • “Laughable that so-called Patriots now try to distance themselves from Trump, his chaotic handling of the pandemic, and the resulting 800,000 deaths. Remember he predicted 200,000 or less because “We are doing a good job.” ? The fact is that we will continue to be exposed to variants, possibly dangerous ones, because of the chronic vaccination resistance. That means more deaths among the unvaccinated, and in break through cases involving the most vulnerable among us. It also means a continuing economic zig zag. Leave businesses alone that are trying to do the right thing. Be a true patriot, get vaccinated, and give a damn about your family, friends and community.”

        So much delusion in this statement, it’s really overwhelming. A true patriot would never “pledge allegiance” to some politician. When has just doing whatever the government says been a good strategy in life? CDC admits that 95% of all covid deaths are in people with four or more severe co-morbidities. What is the problem with a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent transmission or infection? Variants. When have we ever had a “break through” case involving any other vaccine administered in the last 100 years?

        Trumps handling of the pandemic? Seriously, if you think the occupant of the white house has any real impact on policy or high level government decisions you have a long way to go. Just repeating main stream talking points and sound bites that you hear on the news is not patriotism. It would be far easier for people to just roll up their sleeves and go along to get along. Patriotism is so much more than just getting an injection. Getting stuck with a needle is easy, anyone can do that. You’re going to have to actually put in some real time, effort and maybe even make a few personal sacrifices to have a real positive impact on your community. Try finding common ground with someone that you don’t agree with. This can be difficult, but I think it would have a real positive impact on our community, so much more than just getting an injection.

      • How about fact-based information instead of rants?


        “From June to September 2021, 85% of COVID-19 hospitalizations were among those not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 15% were among fully vaccinated people. The share of COVID-19 hospitalizations among people not fully vaccinated was similar in June, July, August, and September 2021 (87%, 87%, 86% and 83%, respectively).”

        Beyond 800,000 deaths, the health costs are staggering. Think about it: 85 percent of Covid related hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated, or not fully vaccinated. Who’s picking up the tab? The ‘patriots’ you cite?

      • Right, the “health system tracker” brought to you by, KFF, the Kaiser Family Foundation, aka Kaiser Permanente. I’m sorry Mike, but all the info on this site is suspect. I would like to see some similar stats/info from an organization that is completely neutral. Yes, they claim that everything is the fault of the unvaccinated, I think the question to ask is how many of those people that are considered “unvaccinated” are actually partially vaccinated. You are still considered “unvaxed” until at least two weeks after your second shot with the mRNA shots. Which in some cases could be at minimum a month after your first jab. This would be good info to know to see how many people being hospitalized are actually having a reaction to the jab. I personally know multiple people that have been hospitalized after their first jab, they are considered unvaccinated. This is misleading as you can see. Take a look at what is going on in Sub-Saharan Africa. Less than 5% of the population is jabbed. They are doing quite well considering their lack of health care infrastructure and 3rd world living conditions. This is the “canary in the coal mine”. Look at the homeless populations as well. People that we would assume would be having the worst time with COVID, are not. The countries with the most vaxed percentage are having the hardest time. Look at Israel, look at the country of Cypress, small and isolated and almost 100% vaxed. Massive problems over there. I’m not going to post a bunch of links to this information. You can easily find this info on your own. I would recommend that you use a different search engine than google. Try duck duck go. I’m not interested in being right and proving that someone that doesn’t believe what I believe wrong. We all need to look at real accurate, unbiased data and make our decisions based on that, not on ideology, preconceptions and bias. I would love to be wrong, I would love to believe that the government and major corporations really care about my health and well being and would never put monetary gain ahead of their Hippocratic oath. After examining unbiased data for months, and looking at the historical behavior of these companies/governments it is obvious that is not what is going on. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but we all need to face the truth, the good and the ugly. Look no further than our saviors from Pfizer. Over 6 billion in damages paid out from lawsuits stemming from the entire spectrum of what we would consider medical malpractice. Lying to doctors, lying to patients, lying about side effects, lying about risks, etc. Don’t forget J & J and the recent revelation about producing baby powder laced with asbestos. These are some of the main reasons people don’t want to get the jab. Because these companies have shown that they will always put profits before all else, and they have been caught deliberately lying and misleading.

      • You are an hysterical fanatic.

        Everyone should call CPS each time a “healthcare” professional injects children with the sham “vaccines.”

    • *Some ‘Facts’ from the gub’ment*

      [FDA’s own words… Comirnaty and current lot of inventory still EUA]


      Under the EUA, it is YOUR CHOICE to receive or not receive the vaccine. Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical care.

      [Informed consent and the right to accept/refuse]

      21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 – Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies
      (III)of the option to ACCEPT or REFUSE administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks.

      [Vaccine is Emergency Use and considered Experimental/Investigational]

      “Clinical investigation means any experiment in which a drug is administered or dispensed to, or used involving, one or more human subjects. For the purposes of this part, an EXPERIMENT is any use of a drug except for the use of a marketed drug in the course of medical practice.”

      Emergency Use IND allows the FDA to authorize use of an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG in an emergency situation that does not allow time for submission of an IND in accordance with 21CFR , Sec. 312.23 or Sec. 312.20. It is also used for patients who do not meet the criteria of an existing study protocol, or if an approved study protocol does not exist.

      • Phizer vax was fully approved many months ago…is no longer used under EUA.
        That’s when the market name comirnaty was released.

        You are conflating several issues and doing so with partial info on all of them.

      • Comirnaty is the market name of Pfizer’s covid vax.
        The name was released the same day that the FDA fully approved the vax.
        It is no longer used under the EUA nor has it been for many months.

        You are conflating many details and issues while having only small portions of the overall picture.
        Sounds like ur mostly parroting the real fear mongers….similar to floyd…and getting lost.

      • Comirnaty is currently not available in the US, might not be for many years. All of the available Pfizer shots are still under EUA. With full FDA approval comes liability, Pfizer is currently NOT liable for any injury and death that their products cause. This is how you know it is still under the EUA. The FDA statement that was released is very confusing, but the key point is that the two products are LEGALLY DISTINCT. While their composition might be the same, in a court of law, these two products are distinct, they are not the same. The Pfizer shots do not get some type of retro-active approval. Pfizer phase three trials don’t end until 2023 I believe. This would be the earliest time their shots could receive full FDA approval. This is starting to come out now, and it’s one of the main reasons why mega businesses like the Boeing company are walking back their mandates for employees. If they “coerce” any employee to take an experimental shot, all the liability falls on the employer. They are starting to realize this. Re-read the press release put out by the FDA regarding the Pfizer shots, it couldn’t be more confusing, I think that is intentional.

  16. Look how we are all divided. This was the plan. The agenda is much bigger than the global pandemic.

    It’s about the chip called the Mark of the Beast. You won’t be able to buy or sell without it as soon as it becomes law. It was prophesied about a couple (thousands) of years ago . That is the true agenda. This pandemic is just a trial run.

    Most will take the chip in their right hand or forehead (MOB) rather that give their allegiance to God the Creator of the universe. They that do will be spiritually damned for eternity because they rejected His SON Jesus Christ. It’s all been foretold. It’s time. Get saved.

    John 3:16 Holy Bible.

    This is a trial run to see how much pushback they’re gonna get AND get people hating each other and divided. So the chipped will turn against the UNchipped.

    Those who refuse to be chipped and refuse to join the New World Order and the One World Government rejecting Global Currency will be hated and killed.

    Google Mark of the Beast in the Holy Bible because it will affect everyone alive.

  17. in support of Local’s previous post…

    the arrogance of gates/microsoft to plan such a thing as this and then to name it as they have. but is said that satan always brags about what he is up to. so here we are.

    just to list a few sources:

  18. Gate and m/s are bringing you the beast technology with their 2020-060606 patent.
    spelled out the proof in links in earlier post, but it got censored.

  19. Floyd! Thank you for the links. It’s been awhile since I got my info anywhere besides the Bible so imagine how shocked I was.

    Everyone knows we’re at the end. Of time. Why is the world clock at 11:59 with midnight being doomsday? (Last time I checked)

    Nevertheless, there’s still hope for you reading this! This Mark of the Beast and the battle of Armageddon between Jesus Christ and “satan”, will happen.

    God is trying to reach people in this late hour. And I know you know it. Can you feel God tugging at YOUR heart? That’s the question.

    If you answered yes, you are who I’m pleading with, praying for. Please come to Jesus before it’s too late. Pick up a new king James Holy Bible and start reading in the New Testament book of Matthew. Or read it online for free. Just google it.

    Find out who Jesus Christ is! He came to set YOU free! Will you reject Him and be lost for eternity? Or accept Him as your Lord and be forgiven and saved?

  20. Jose you are simply 100% wrong.

    Comirnaty IS the market name of Pfizer covid-19 mRNA vax.
    They are 1 and the same.
    Same concept as Sildenafil (drug name) vs Viagra (market/trade name).
    You are very simply confused by what you’ve “read” but do NOT understand.

    Please stop spreading boogeyman falsehoods and acting like you know what you clearly do NOT.

    • hey non-fiction, you got any evidence to back up your claims? crickets..i’m thinking.

      Jose is spot on!!!! you’re the one spreading the bravo sierra.
      comirnaty is fda approved unlike the poison they stuck in your arm. it is unavailable in the US because big pharma wants to avoid the liability, so they gave you the unapproved one. sleep tight tonight

      you should try reading the RFK jr book.

      • RFK jr = nutburger supreme

        You folks, JR JT floyd tree bag, are quite confused, ie lost down a rabbit hole of smoke and mirrors, misinformation, disinformation, and “Confirmation Bias”.
        Basically just parroting bullshit.

        Does even 1 of you have even base proficiency in undergrad level algebra, statistics, biology, or physics?
        My bet is avg (or below) liberal arts high school level, if that.

        I give thanks that clinical researchers use the high bar of “Empirical Evidence” based decision making rather than the sad flat-earth echo hall of over simplified conjecture, conflation, and presumptive knee jerk hyper-reactivity you folks inhabit.

        Better go check your horoscopes for your next moves kids.

    • You are peddling total bullshit. The FDA “approval” documents themselves acknowledge that the Pfizer-BioNTech EUA injection and “Comirnaty” are “legally-distinct.” And “Comirnaty” is NOT on the market in the United States. If the “vaccine” vial states “Emergency Use Authorization,” it CANNOT be mandated.

      • Letter from FDA to Pfizer:

        “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine that uses PBS buffer and COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) that uses PBS buffer have the same formulation. Additionally, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine that uses Tris buffer and COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) that uses Tris buffer have the same formulation. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.”

        Again: “The products are legally distinct .”

        The EUA version CANNOT be legally mandated.

        The Comirnaty version has NO liability waiver.

        Hence, why the EUA version continues to be deployed on the population. But the con-job is that people think the EUA version is “approved” and can, therefore, be mandated.

  21. Have you all seen the “new study” not yet Peer reviewed, now saying that If you are fully vaccinated and have a breakthrough case and then you get your booster you are 1000 to 2000 times more protected than the unvaxxed scourge! Wow they will stop at nothing the tireless army of money mongers trying to justify the vaccine, what a joke, say anything in America the new playbook.

    • Real science has demonstrated conclusively that the “vaccines” are NOT safe and NOT effective. Only the cooked “data” from the CDC, et. al. claims otherwise. Look to data from the UK’s NHS, the Israeli Ministry of Health, and dozens of others to learn the reality of what the “vaccines” are doing and not doing.

      “Pandemic of the ‘unvaccinated'” is a bold, satanic LIE.

      • Wrong JT.
        Seem to have a comprehension problem along with a lack of awareness of what constitutes evidence

      • “Non”-fiction:

        LOL. The real data from around the world shows your Liquid Idol is USELESS. Only the Centers for Deception and Control (sponsored by Pfizer) and their fellow fascists (sponsored by Pfizer) claim the “vaccines” actually work. “Trust us, would we lie?”

        REAL science:

        “Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States”

        The “vaccines” are absolutely a Confidence Scheme. Literally a modern form of the old snake oil salesmen. And that would be bad enough, but then there’s the reality of the “mild” adverse reactions like cardiac, circulatory, and neurological trouble, often leading to death.

        Evidence is what is objectively observable. NOT “expert opinion.”

        Truly, everything people need to know about COVID-19(84) is summed up in the first lie: “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

  22. Don’t eat too many of those Viagras at once non-fiction you don’t want too end up in the ER on a 4 hour tour little buddy! Bang Bang 🪵🪓

  23. “Reflecting on the experience, Rosenberg told us she does not understand why these protestors would take their grievances about COVID-19 protocols out on a local business like Ukiah Natural Foods. ‘We feel they are barking up the wrong tree.’ She asked, ‘Why don’t they protest the people making these policies?'”

    #1) those making these “mandates” don’t care what the People want.
    #2) those making these “mandates” are TOTALLY IMPOTENT if collaborators like Rosenberg wont enforce their will.

    It’s the same mentality as, “Don’t blame us, blame Der Führer.” No, we’ll blame those making it a problem in the real world.

  24. hey non fiction …
    to answer your question BSEE. i love calculus and physics and more things you likely haven’t heard of or even spell. what was your major? burning up campus at berkely? study of TDS? perhaps CRT?
    don’t do horoscopes …i do Jesus Christ.

    so getting back to the stab and you proclaimed non-fiction.
    i guess you’re all on board with the pfizer et al keeping their tech info under wraps for another 75 years??? why do you suppose they would want to do that??
    you know, there is a saying in the sciences and engineering “publish or perish”
    i guess the deal with pfizer is they don’t publish and you perish.

  25. What you’re witnessing is the difference between CULT and CULTURE. Cults will squelch and cast out the non-believers. Cults want to take over a region and convert all the inhabitants and have no room for other forms of thoughts/opinions. You and others on this board are essentially heretics and blasphemous against St. Fauci and St. Gates. Your inability to adhere to the tenets of the CDC makes you an outcast. Your reluctance to be baptized with an experimental therapeutic or participate in the holy communion of the booster should makes you worthy of being considered ‘lesser’ or possibly less than human and deserve no respect.

    You and others in the region will simply have to ‘convert’ to their religion, there is no room for anything else… only ‘Big Pharma’.

    /rant off…

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