Monday, May 16, 2022
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A Fisherman’s Christmas Wish: The Holiday Themed Flag Rockfish


The following is a post published on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page:

Illustration by CDFW Environmental Scientist Claudia Makeyev.

If there was ever a rockfish dressed to impress for the winter holidays, it is the flag rockfish (also called barber pole, because of their peppermint stripes). Flag rockfish can be found in waters from Stonewall Bank, Oregon to Bahia de Sebastián Vizcaíno in Baja California, Mexico but are most common between central California and northern Baja California (around Bahía de San Quintin). They live in depths from 100 to 1,414 feet and on rocky reefs. Flag rockfish are a minor component of the recreational and commercial fisheries and are taken primarily by recreational anglers using hook-and-line gear.

Recreational and commercial fishing seasons and other regulations for flag rockfish vary by fishing sector, geographic area, time of year, and are subject to in-season changes in response to updated stock and catch information.

For current fishing regulations see:

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