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Letter to the Editor: ‘I Was Injured by My First and Only Dose of the Pfizer Vaccine’


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Lianna Winkler-Prins
Lianna Winkler-Prins [Photo provided by the author]

After spending months “in hiding”, you might say, I would like to share my story. Not because I want sympathy or help, but because I’d like to spread awareness and contribute to building a bridge in the gray area between what is seemingly a black-and-white issue.I was injured by my first and only dose of the Pfizer vaccine over 8 months ago. This has been the worst experience of my life. Rather than writing it out here, details on my story, as well as many others’, can be found at the website of the Real Not Rare movement:[https://www.realnotrare.com/post/lianna-winkler-prins ]

Real Not Rare is independent, grass-roots, and non-political. In addition to personal stories of the injured, the website also includes educational materials, cautionary feedback from medical professionals who were brave enough to speak out, and ways to take action.

Some may dismiss this as more “misinformation” because it does not align with what we, the public, have been told by the media and our government. I am pleading with everyone to please pause and reconsider. The level of censorship surrounding vaccine injuries is beyond disturbing. The rare media coverage on folks questioning these vaccines portrays them as selfish and uneducated anti-vaxxers. Vaccine-injured individuals are afraid to speak out in fear of being shunned by friends and family. Medical professionals are afraid to speak out because their livelihoods are at stake. VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is flawed, to say the least.

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Some may think the vaccine manufacturers and/or our government will help the “rare” person injured by a COVID-19 vaccine. This is not true. Emergency Use Authorization means zero liability for the manufacturers. You will be on your own. Studying injured individuals is an opportunity to make the vaccines safer. Instead, the injured are abandoned, brushed aside as collateral damage. The CDC, FDA, and NIH are well-aware of these adverse events but are doing NOTHING. This was made strikingly clear on November 2nd, 2021, as I watched video coverage from an expert panel discussion in Washington D.C. on medical mandates and vaccine injuries (portions of which can be found on the Real Not Rare website). The CDC Director, the FDA Acting Commissioner, the NIH Director, and CEO’s of Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer, and BioNTech were all invited to attend this discussion, and all declined.

Some may say, regardless of the risks, we need everyone to get vaccinated so that we can achieve herd immunity. This sort of fuzzy logic needs to stop. We cannot compare the COVID-19 vaccines to, for example, the Polio vaccine. SARS-CoV-2, like the flu, is an RNA virus, mutating frequently, with no life-long immunity. Flu has not been eradicated. Herd immunity for the flu is not an achievable goal. The same applies for SARS-CoV-2. I was thankful that our County Health Officer acknowledged that this will be an endemic disease that we will live with forever, during the December 15th Virtual Press Conference hosted by the Humboldt County COVID-19 Joint Information Center.

What I’m hoping is that, as time goes on, this notion will end that vaccines are the only way out of the pandemic. We need to take charge of our own personal health and make lifestyle changes that will make us more resilient beings. No more searching for “the silver bullet”. Health care is not “one size fits all”. Also, there are various other readily available preventative and acute treatment protocols for COVID-19 that are proving to be effective, but little to no funding goes toward their study. Why? I fear the sad truth is that so much of our public health policy is guided by some of the most powerful lobbyists and political campaign donors in D.C.: Big Pharma.

I am not trying to down-play the seriousness of COVID-19. We have all been touched by this pandemic in some way. We have lost loved ones. We have lost our jobs and businesses. We have struggled with social isolation. We have contracted and survived the virus but have developed long-haulers as a result. We have been injured by the vaccines and are struggling to heal. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. As the writer of the 12-2-21 Letter to the Editor closed, “let’s try and remember our humanity”.

Thank You,

Lianna Winkler-Prins

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  1. And so it goes, the truth is out there for the lemmings who want to pump the mystery syrup into your body, the fact that they are trying to , and effectively downplay, these types of incidents is truly horrible but not surprising, 💰😂💰, thank you for your story.

  2. God bless you kid! Thank you for your courage to come forward.
    To borrow a quote from your account…we know you exist most assuredly!
    you are not alone!!

    With reference to the Matt’s comment “This article expresses viewpoints regarding COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and safety contrary to peer-reviewed evidence presented by the medical community.” …
    So much for the bought off peer reviewers that determined that this shot is effective and safe.

    let the CDC record show:

    VAERS data
    covid stab deaths = 20,622
    total adverse reactions = 1,842,457

    • so you’re saying it’s pretty dang safe? 20622 of 241,520,561 first doses is about .0085%. You have roughly twice the chance of dying in a traffic accident at any given time than you do from the vaccine.

      • not at all jdf…looks like it’s catching up quick.

        per yahoo’s Q&A (ya gotta believe yahoo)

        How many people die in traffic accidents in the US each year?

        In the United States, more than 37,000 people die in traffic accidents each year. This is only a small portion of the 1.3 million people who die annually in road crashes every year globally. Around the world, between 20 and 50 million people are injured or disabled each year due to accidents.

        the VAERS dbase is reputedly underreported. a report i read about Medicare’s intel showed that number to be between 300- 400K

        here are odds/calcs you might want to work on.
        https://thelibertydaily.com/three-professional-soccer-players-died-from-heart-attacks-in-five-days/ it is now 4 dead.

      • Covid has an average survival rate of around 99% no matter what age bracket you are in. Majority of those who died “from” Covid actually died WITH Covid and had multiple comorbidities. A lot who died would still be alive if they were given early treatment and kept off of Remdesivir and ventilators.
        Covid isn’t even close to enough of a threat to the general population to warrant mandatory vaccinations to participate in society. We’re being told that the virus has mutated into a version that without testing might not be distinguishable from the common cold?!?! Enough is enough already.
        These vaccines are inadequate at best and extremely dangerous at worst. Maybe you’re okay with the risks from the vaccines but a lot of us aren’t. The injuries and deaths are definitely being censored and played down to push these vaccines on everyone. People have the right to choose for themselves what risks they are okay with taking in life. If you’re afraid then get vaccinated, mask up, whatever makes you feel safe and if it’s actually worth taking those steps then it shouldn’t matter if anyone else does because you’re protected, right?

    • Reports to the VAERS database are unconfirmed and uninvestigated.
      It is a frontline reporting database for the public.
      Correlation IS NOT causation.

      Suggesting peer reviewers are bought off, without providing even the slightest iota of evidence, as you are oft to do, is a huge unsupported reach and is definitively irresponsible.

      No one ever said these vaccines were 100% perfectly safe for every single person.
      But >99.99% safe, with only minor side effects, is pretty fucking good compared to the general risks of covid.

      With a world of billions of people that does mean a lot of people could be injured….but those #s are drastically lower than already tallied covid injuries and death.

      “The CDC, FDA, and NIH are well-aware of these adverse events but are doing NOTHING.”

      -This may be Lianna’s perception of her experience but this is not consistent with other’s experiences.
      I know of 2 people, personally, that had serious adverse reactions to 2 different covaxxes, 1 of them severe. The reactions have been CONFIRMED as connected with the vaxxes (unlike unconfirmed VAERS data).
      The CDC and NIH both had officials at the hospital within 24hrs.
      The medical & rehabilitation expenses are being 100% covered for both of these patients.

      Serious reactions to the vaxxes have been shown to be well under 1 in a million…except J&J is right around 1 in a million.

      So, what would you trade for:
      350 vaxx injured people or 700,000 dead of covid??

      Health care management of large populations is all about risk management and reduction.

      • You said: “Suggesting peer reviewers are bought off, without providing even the slightest iota of evidence, as you are oft to do, is a huge unsupported reach and is definitively irresponsible.”

        Anyone who has personal experience with academic literature knows that “peer review” is nothing but a “high-brow” euphemism for a circle-jerk.

        One of America’s great authors, Upton Sinclair, spoke of the phenomenon in his day, which is far, far worse now: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

        Some of us recall the “peer-reviewed literature” that was outed as computer-generated gibberish. And even when the papers are real, anything that contradicts the funding sources (e.g., Pfizer, Gates Foundation) is rejected. “Peer-reviewed literature” is a billion-dollar “intellectual property” industry worldwide, with tight control.

        In 2018, you people were all about “I believe her” when Christine Blasey Ford was claiming impossible events against Brett Kavanaugh. Now, you people are all like, “these people are ALL lying” whenever anyone questions your holy injections.

        In 2020 to now, you people were all about “correlation IS causation” whenever someone was allegedly positive for COVID-19. “They died FROM COVID-19! OMG, OMG, hundreds of thousands dead!” Yet you insist that each and every claim of “vaccine” death or injury is “coincidence.” Correlation IS causation for one, and correlation is NEVER causation for the other.

        The vast majority of Germans didn’t know what was going on in the camps until after the war, because their “trusted sources” simply didn’t report on it. And if a “rumor” appeared, it was declared “Allied propaganda” and for anyone who persisted in claiming it was the truth, they lost their job/livelihood, freedom, and sometimes life. Now, today, we’ve gotten to point of seeing doctors and scientists “cancelled” if they dare challenge the RELIGIOUS MANTRA of “safe and effective.” Their freedom and lives will be at stake soon, as our rulers roll out more phases of The Great Reset. When the “vaccines” are eventually exposed as neither safe nor effective, the world will know it was deliberate: a new democide, with millions of casualties, both from the “vaccines” themselves, and from the failure to offer EFFECTIVE treatments so as to not damage the popular confidence in the “vaccines.”

      • sounds like the CDC “circles back” and checks with the submitting party. the person in this story confirmed it. many other reports i read also confirm it …i would consider that confirmation and verification, short of an autopsy…which no one seems to want to do. it would appear that they just want to keep the truth of this matter hidden. i know from listening to National Pravda and other mocking bird MSM that they all support your view. might want to broaden your intel horizon.

        by the way, how is it that you can dismiss the CDC in one matter and not in the 2nd?

      • Cove it is merely a blip on the screen 10% of what happened in 1918 the government is now backpedaling and reeling over this crazy overreaction people sick and die whether it be viruses and/or other sicknesses you can’t live forever scared people we all come we all go deal with it, but when you can’t even come up with a proper flu vaccine and then you pretend like you came up with a vaccine in eight months for Covid a cure also to speak and now you’re backpedaling and all you lemmings who are sitting there crying with burning cattails trying to track down the people that decided not to get vaccinated not because we are unvaccinated but because we are OK with trusting our bodies eating healthy and OK with dying if that is the end result. The government stepped into this one too deep there’s no way out to lie unless you fools wanna believe it five days quarantine faxed and VAX it doesn’t matter now treating us all the same get a clue

  3. Not at all. VAERS is reputed to be sorely underreported. Per
    Ms. Winkler-Prins account (and other reports i have read) it is sounds like the CDC is not super proactive or helpful on the required follow up to verify. It is also reported that many doctors do not bother with filing the report.

    what do you suppose the odds calcs are on this?
    the story has been updated to include 4 players

    why do you suppose this here be the case?

  4. Get a double dose and protect yourself real goooooodd JDF AND don’t forget yearly boosters for life of that Shugga syrup, tha magical mystery juice that just so happens to take care of Omicron too “probably maybe” as were all the healthcare experts say it can’t hurt, until it hurts. Still can’t come up with the flu vaccine that actually works and they admit that as they have to prepare the vaccine prior to the flu season and don’t know which strain they are actually going to encounter but mysteriously Covid vaccine designed to help with Delta now is Omicron miracle. We are gonna be OK , you worry about you Protected one.

    • 8 months? Pfizer dba Food and Drug Administration wants 75 YEARS to release the data “proving” their allegations of “safe” and “effective.”

      I don’t know and really don’t care why the person waited months. I know many folks who are terrified of speaking out for fear of rabid bullying by Branch Covidian vax fanatics. Perhaps the person finally developed enough courage to speak out, seeing where this is all going, especially the abomination of pushing the “vaccines” on little kids now.

      This is the Final Battle for Humanity. If the corporations win this, humanity will be permanently enslaved via technological means directed at their genomes (endless genetic engineering “vaccines”), neurological systems (“brain-computer interfaces”), and whole bodies (via both genetic engineering and nanotechnology). More and more folks are realizing this day by day, and are finally speaking out, and taking to the streets.

      • This is not the Final Battle. Stop listening to whatever Fox host you love listening too. That battle was lost 20 years ago. Holly crap you are naive. The internet killed Humanity. This has NOTHING to do with that.

  5. You don’t mention at all how you were injured. What did the vaccine do to you?That would be helpful so other people could compare. I have had 3 shots of Pfizer now and had zero side effects. As another commenter said. You are much better off getting vaccinated and having a negative reaction than not getting vaccinated at all. When a unvaccinated person dies of Covid they have no one to blame but them selves. I won’t tell any anti-vaxer they should get vaccinated. It natural selection. Evolution weeding out the ignorant.

    • What benefit, exactly, is there, to taking the so-called “vaccines”?

      Stops transmission?


      Prevents deaths?


      “Makes COVID-19 milder.”

      Unless someone has a study WITH CONTROL group, that is SPECULATION at best, and moves into religious faith territory.

      On the contrary, we have seen real scientific evidence that the “vaccines” are CAUSING mutations. Non-sterilizing vaccines / “vaccines” do that.

      The majority are tired of the endless lies, and the “trust us” no longer works for most.

      “Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States”


  6. 99.99% wow that pretty safe, great number without the slightest IOTA of proof, you got a pretty mouth 👄, squeal like a pig about your intelligence, 50 million died world wide in 1918-1920 Pannie at far less world population, old people die and that makes way for young, might sound harsh but real , Live your best life and die peacefully you sound like you want to be living in a bed until your 150 sucking Covid syrup out of a straw, nonfiction have fun with that I’ll take my 70 years and die without your Covid syrup in my veins. The gov. Lies are real and some of us who decide to rely on our bodies immune system to take care of ourselves because we live proper understand that risk and are comfortable with it ,it doesn’t mean we are a group of anti-Western medicine haters but we just won’t be seeing you at McDonald’s eating big Macs every day and aren’t worried about our health.

    • Presumption built upon more presumption, as usual.

      All the adverse reaction #s are on the NIH website.
      Go do some real study.

      No fast food here in >25yrs, Laggins.
      But what would you know? Nothing.

      Btw, 70yrs is under the average life expectancy for a male in the US.
      Good luck w that.

      If you’re happy with your choices then maybe consider NOT trying to influence people with your misinformation, disinformation, & childish bullying.
      Because you sound like one of those people who has to try and convince everyone to do what you do so you can “feel” better about your choices.
      Very lame.

      Go piss up a rope punk AB.

      • Non-Factor on a roll, please don’t take my marbles, you got me figured out I’m under the bridge feeling like I need to get on Top, not too worried about your stat watching life expectancy numbers you Jackwagon, we all know numbers can be tweeked to resemble anything the author wants it to be seen as, hang on to that 80 plus hope though while your eating your organic vaccine protein bar with your fake teeth while you’re family googles best site to purchase cheap reusable disposable senior diapers you crusty old fart 💨

  7. Big Pharm does big harm. They own the media, they own the FDA, they own university medical education.
    Dicolfenac caused the most rapid extinction event of vultures in recorded history yet big pharm has kept it out of front page media. This kind of power is evil. The mental health survivors have been saying this mantra since 1960’s. Man made drugs do not improve human lives. Natural drugs are always less harmful BUT nature cannot be patented so it must be banned.

  8. I’ll just leave this little tidbit here to back up what the author had mentioned. Pfizer obfuscated the facts in the announcement and misled the public with half-truths. As it is true that they did receive approval for the commercial product COMIRNATY, nobody read the second paragraph which clearly states that they are not producing the approved drug/labels for domestic use anytime soon.

    This essentially allows them to sit and continue to operate under Emergency Use and continue to be immune from any liability. Resulting in the unfortunate mess that should someone become injured from the vaccine, they would have to go through the CICP (Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program)… good luck with that cluster f’ck.

    Straight from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)


    Pfizer received FDA BLA license on 8/23/2021 for its COVID-19 vaccine for use in individuals 16 and older (COMIRNATY). At that time, the FDA published a BLA package insert that included the approved new COVID-19 vaccine tradename COMIRNATY and listed 2 new NDCs (0069-1000-03, 0069-1000-02) and images of labels with the new tradename.

    At present, Pfizer DOES NOT PLAN TO PRODUCE ANY PRODUCT WITH THESE NEW NDCs and labels over the next few months while EUA authorized product is still available and being made available for U.S. distribution. As such, the CDC, AMA, and drug compendia may not publish these new codes until Pfizer has determined when the product will be produced with the BLA labels.

  9. I was just ready an article on a local publication on a local person’s story and made the mistake of commenting. I wasn’t searching the internet trying to find evidence one way or another on vaccines. For god sakes if you don’t believe in the vaccines then don’t get vaccinated and if you do then please get one. In America no one can force you to take one against your will. At least not yet. We still have a few freedoms. I chose to get vaccinated and was fine. As with every person I know. I did it because I don’t want Covid and because my girlfriend’s 90 year old grandmother lives with us snd I certainly don’t want her getting Covid. Not because I have an overwhelming faith in our government. I don’t. But I do have a background in medicine as well as 7.5 years of college both graduate and undergrad and I decided myself the benefits far outweigh the perceived risk. I’m surrounded by many seniors including my own parents. I got the vaccine for all our sake. I will not waste anymore of my time than I already have on this lost cause topic and article. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to all of you. I wish you all the best. And I apologize for my prior rude comments.

  10. The most ignorant thing about this entire situation is nobody threw up red flags the moment the pharmaceutical companies were given a waiver of liability in the beginning of all of this.

    You bought into the vaccine because all of you were duped by pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists and lawyers who bombarded the television and media outlets on the internet with claims of anti-vaccination being inhumane. Calling people who were against vaccines terrorist for years.

    Now look at you. All vaccine injured and all of us who stayed away from the pharmaceutical companies are shaking our heads because you guys called us terrorists and liars and ignorant.

    Reap what you sow.

  11. The opium wars! Britain bought tea from China, China bought nothing from Britain. Britain planted opium on India’s border, later Britain invades China, an opium pipe beside every unfired Chinese cannon.
    Do you see a pattern?
    1967 summer of love Haight Ashbury, CIA sends in heroin, limits grass and LSD. Summer of love is dead, the Haight is a cesspool by 1969.
    Ben Franklin suggested the best way to control Indians was supply them with rum.
    Pharmaceutical industry is in control of The World, Covid 19 is the prime driver.
    H1N1 was created in a lab in Kansas, 1917 law against espionage kept journalist from reporting epidemic. Spain reported it so it was named Spanish Flu. It did not start on a pig farm, it a started on an army base and America sent 3 steam ships to Europe and Africa filled with sick soldiers. The mutant virus came back to US soil. Spanish Flu killed over 50 million.
    Do you believe a word the media says? Look at who owns the media.

  12. The media still yelling sky is falling yet the powers that be have lowered quarantine days to 5 and if you are an unvaxxed “devil worshipper” you then must wear a mask for 5 more days!!! Wow , no problem what a waste of two years!!! 🚨 weeee ooo weeee oooo. Thank you Uncle Sam for not making us drink the cool aid. The human body is an amazing thing. Fauci cheeks are red right now.

  13. This proves that Mendocino county is in neck and neck competition with San Francisco for largest group of deranged no brain idiots. Did any of you assholes ever test the polio vaccine? How about tetanus? Or Tuberculosis? You fools are letting the real hidden ongoing vaccines poison your children??? Nikki Minaj has been to your meetings by the sound of it. Jerks.

    • I was wondering when you’re seriously Flawed thoughts would reemerge, You wannabe game show intellectual wizard. Seriously, I’ll take gutter balls for a thousand Alex. The question is what was the biggest waste of sperm in the last two millennia? Seriously, I mean what is seriously Alex! That’s correct you jack ass you were in the most boring serious life in the history of mankind now go enjoy it you pompous clown.

  14. Seriously? Polio was created by Dairy industry. First epidemic 1870,s Vermont. Nature gave children immunity from polio in mothers milk. Polio was around in Egypt way back BC. Those glass bottles on the porch replaced breast feeding. Science has all the answers? History does not support that delusion.

  15. Rape. When someone forces their own body inside of you without consent.
    Our government has always operated on this program.
    Propaganda, intimidation, and censorship is the hallmark of tyranny.
    Ezekiel 23:20
    The great failure of the Jews thro out history is the envy of other gods and other nations.
    Propaganda and censorship are the sexual reproduction organs of every tyrant.

  16. This mirrors the Agent Orange story. It took many years for veterans to receive compensation for illness from this known poison. To date Agent Orange has killed more than Zyklon B. It still ravages children in Vietnam

  17. Even the despicable leader of the wackos, the t-Rump himself said “get vaccinated and boosted” , of course his legends of mentally challenged supporters booed him . So you know what ? Do whatever you want with the offer of vaccination, good luck and happy trails.

  18. They keep comparing Covid 19 to Spanish Flu but the only common thread is censorship. Fake news is any critique of opposition views. If you question science you are labeled anti science. Just like the dark ages when the church ruled public thought and protest was labeled heresy.

  19. I learned in science class that science was all about questions
    Dogma is all about answers that cannot be questioned
    Dogma is delusion in a tuxedo
    The first amendment is the virus tyrants fear
    Prozac makes kids shoot up schools but they blame the AR15
    The second amendment is society’s immune system

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