MendoMoments: The Joy of a Child on a Winter’s Morn

Miles admires the winter wonderland outside his home [Picture provided by Karen Mattson]

Brooktrails resident Karen Mattson said her son Miles “has been checking the weather for days” in anticipation of a winter wonderland.

This morning, his dream came true. Karen said her son “was so happy when the snow finally came, he could not believe it was still snowing in the morning.” Since waking up, Karen and her kiddos have been playing outside, enduring the cold and having a ball.

A cozy home. A blustery storm. The overnight transformation of a familiar forest into a winter wonderland. The comfort of knowing a warm, dry home and hot cocoa and blankets await when toes and fingers just cannot take it anymore. Sometimes storybook moments come to life.

MendoMoments, is dedicated to showcasing the land, animals, and people that make up Mendocino County. All Mendocino County residents and visitors are invited to participate. Send photographs to including a description of what your photograph depicts, where it was taken, and any other important details.

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