Friday, January 27, 2023

Ukiah Animal Shelter: ‘We Must Have an Increase in Adoptions or We May Be Faced with Euthanasia’


The following is a statement published on the Mendocino County Animal Shelter’s Facebook Page:

A sampling of the dogs now up for adoption at the Ukiah Animal Shelter [Pictures from the Mendocino County Animal Shelter Facebook page]

The Ukiah Shelter is at a CRITICAL POINT with their dog population – we MUST have an increase in adoptions or we may be faced with euthanasia. Rescues are full, our partners are full and more and more dogs are coming in daily. For years now the shelter has not had to euthanize due to space but our resources are only so plentiful. We are out of space and out of time. PLEASE if you or someone you know has been interested in adoption, now is the time! Fees are currently being waived so all you pay is $25 for a dog license, everything else is FREE!

Click on individual pictures for more about each dog. If you would like to set up a time to meet someone, contact our adoption coordinator at 707-467-6453

You can also see more pictures of the dogs and submit applications at



  1. We just adopted a rescue 2 months ago and she has filled our house with laughter and love. I would encourage everyone to not just adopt for the good of the dog, but for your own happiness and health.

  2. This needn’t happen. The Mendocino Coast Humane Society gave Dan Gjerde and Ted Williams a proposal to manage the County managed shelter in Fort Bragg (the building and the land actually belong to Fort Bragg, the County manages it) and take some of the pressure off of Ukiah. Our shelter is literally next door, we have a vet, a no-kill policy, and a fabulous rate of adoption. It has been months since I gave these two Supervisors this proposal but, despite repeated attempts by me for a conversation, they have ignored the proposal. I think the AVA was quite correct in ranking the BOS as the worst agency in the County. They can’t even take action on a no-brainer proposal for collaboration.

  3. C’mon Gjerde you and mom could use a rescue parrot 🦜 to sit on your shoulder if you were to play her to sleep on your piano,or just a friend to pass the time while you are not making decisions for the betterment of the county that you 👻 hardly represent, do they have parrots 🦜 there 🦜👍🏼🦜

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