Friday, August 12, 2022
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Willits Youth Football and Cheer Needs Your Help: An Unknown Culprit Stole Their Uniform Trailer

Willits Cougar Football players sporting their uniforms [Photo from their Facebook page]

HELP! It was just discovered that our storage trailer was stolen from the Baechtel Grove Middle School parking lot. Inside the trailer was the bulk of our gear (helmets, shoulder pads, pants). A police report has been filed, security camera footage is being checked.

If you know any information that would help us recover our trailer and gear, please immediately contact the Willits Police Department at 707-459-6122 or Shawn Simpson at 707-671-3453. Thank you!

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  1. This is an act of utter stupidity. Whoever you are I hope shame and karma will come to bite your a.. ! We take pride in out children and they take great pride and find abundant amounts of self worth in there football teams. And we will find you and you better hope we are second to find you. A PROUD PARENT OF A COUGAR KIDDO. AKA DWB.

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