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MendoFever’s Top Ten Stories of 2021


As we embark on another trip around the sun, MendoFever would like to take a moment and consider the top ten stories of our year. What a year it has been! Fires, drought, crime, and don’t forget the COVID-19 pandemic that is proving hard to shake.

Using the analytics embedded in WordPress, our website host, we can get a glimpse into what our readers have most enjoyed and found newsworthy in 2021, the year of the Ox as per the Chinese calendar.

Some interesting themes that emerged when reviewing our top ten include the fact that three of the ten were stories out of Lake county. We are thankful Lake County readers have embraced us and please, Lake County, if you know a story that needs to be told reach out.

Another theme we’ve noticed is the importance our readers hold for our fire coverage. The swift, destructive power of fire is a reality our area knows all too well. This year we were on scene for the Hopkins Fire and watched as our neighbors’ homes burned. The heat and smoke left an indelible effect on us and we are committed hereafter to bring readers as much comprehensive coverage of natural disasters as possible.

And now, MendoFever’s Top 10 articles for 2021


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  1. Sean, the commenter who usually replies “immigration status?” after any article featuring a Mexican, is now asking me to take down the top performing article from this year. Why? Because the man accused of sexual crimes against children donated to local charities? Your moral compass might need some recalibrating, sir.

  2. Monsters appear like you and me! Think about it, if abusers look like they are “monsters” do you think they would get away with their crimes? Jesus, I’m so tired of people sticking up for the offender. How about no one makes a final judgement on anyone’s guilt until the case is presented to a jury .. but don’t victim blame


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Matt LaFever
Matt LaFeverhttps://mendofever.com/
I have been an Emerald Triangle resident since 2006 and this is year ten in Mendocino County. Please, email me at matthewplafever@gmail.com if you know a story that needs to be told.

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