Thursday, March 30, 2023

Health Officer Mandates Mendo’s First Responders, Dental Office Staff, and Pharmacy Personnel Receive Booster as the Omicron Variant Emerges


The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:

 Ukiah Valley Fire Authority working to administer vaccines [Picture provided by Linda Givens, Adventist Health’s Patient Care Executive]

Mendocino County Health Officer Dr. Andrew Coren issued a Health Order effective February 1, 2022. The updated Order mandates COVID-19 vaccine (and Booster if eligible) verification or testing twice weekly for workers with local Emergency Medical Services, Fire, Law Enforcement, Temporary Disaster Shelters and now includes Dental Offices and Pharmacies.

“Omicron’s increased contagion makes boosters essential for high level of protection from illness, hospitalization and death,” explained Public Health Officer Dr. Andrew Coren.

The original Health Order from September 2021 is being updated to include booster verification due to the emergence of the Omicron variant, which is rapidly spreading in California. This variant is two to four times as infectious as the Delta variant and recent evidence shows that vaccine effectiveness is decreasing over time without boosters. Evidence also shows that individuals who have received a booster increase their protective immunity against COVID-19.

Requiring booster verification in these specific fields also helps protect the most vulnerable individuals in our communities in high-risk exposure settings such as medical, fire, or law enforcement incidents. To read the full Health Order, please visit the Mendocino County Public Health webpage.



  1. They don’t know the booster works with new strain yet they want to make it mandatory? This is not science, this is paid programming. Science for profit is not science.

    Pass It On
    An evangelical song from the Jesus Movement that mandated shoving Jesus down the throat of everyone you meet. A parody by Douglas Wayne Coulter

    It only takes a germ to start an epidemic
    And soon the media creates a global panic
    That’s how it is with Covid 19
    Once you’ve acquired it
    Your gonna die your kin will cry
    But please don’t pass it on

    Man cannot survive without snake oil medications
    A million dollar cure beats a .90 cent prevention
    If it cannot be patented
    We simply have it banned
    Our profits gain from your great pain
    But we don’t pass that on

    If nature won’t comply we bring big bulldozers
    One billion tons of bleach and concentrated toxins
    The genocide of every germ
    Our science claims that’s good
    Smallpox returns mankind won’t learn
    Be sure to pass it on

  2. And what are they doing to acknowledge the strengths of natural immunity? We have to stop looking at this through a toilet paper roll.

  3. Omicron is the RESULT of the non-sanitary injections.

    Dr. Coren, coercing people to take an experimental medical product is a crime. This man should not be in charge of anything.

    “The vaccines aren’t working, we need more vaccines!!!! Maybe three masks?????

    Notice how real health advice is never given. I just had two friends test positive, they got a call from the county health department. The only advice they gave was to stay home. Wow, what a joke all of this is becoming. The COVID response from the medical community is CREATING more skeptics the longer this insanity goes on.

  4. Just setting up for cashless society and new world order, one world government, anti-christ takeover! It’s all in the 2000 year old Bible! It’s all a smokescreen to create chaos while they implement preparations the mark of the beast.

  5. “mandates”. saw it coming a while back. big part of what prompted me to leave my volunteer first responder activities.

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