Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement Eradicated More Than One-Million Marijuana Plants in 2021


The following is a press release issued by the Bureau of Land Management:

BLM Law Enforcement Rangers [Photograph provided by BLM]

Bureau of Land Management Rangers and Special Agents, alongside various law enforcement partners, eradicated more than one-million marijuana plants and close to 180,300 pounds of processed marijuana this year from illegal grow sites statewide on BLM lands as part of the California Department of Justice’s annual Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) program.

In addition to marijuana and chemicals, ammunition and weapons were also seized. The trash and litter these operations leave behind also impacts public lands: almost 300 miles of waterline, 583 propane tanks were collected during these operations, as well as more than 67,000 pounds of grow site infrastructure.

“The BLM is proud of its law enforcement Rangers and Special Agents for conducting this important work,” said BLM California State Director Karen Mouritsen. “These illegal operations have a devastating impact on our environment and the health and safety of communities, which we cannot tolerate. The BLM looks forward to working with the Attorney General’s Office again next year on this very important effort.”

Like all the bureaus and agencies that make up the Department of the Interior, the BLM is playing a central role in protecting our natural resources, pursuing environmental justice, and honoring our nation-to-nation relationship with Tribes in the stewardship of public lands. The BLM supports the Biden Administration’s conservation vision for doing better for people, for fish and wildlife, and for the planet. Proper management of these resources keeps working public lands healthy and productive for current and future generations of Americans.

“Growing marijuana on federal land is a crime, but that is not the only issue here,” said Special Agent In Charge Dylan Ragan. “It also has devastating impacts on public safety, wildlife, and natural resources. I have a profound respect for the fantastic work our rangers and special agents involved in eradicating illegal grow sites and removing highly toxic chemicals that pollute public lands and waters.”

The BLM promotes safety, security, and environmental protection of public lands, public land users, and employees. The BLM strongly advises anyone encountering what appears to be a growing site to leave the area immediately and call the county sheriff or the nearest BLM office. For additional information or to notify law enforcement authorities of suspicious activities on public lands, please contact the BLM by visiting



  1. I’m all for reducing toxic chemicals and trash/waste in our community, but these guys have been playing this cat and mouse game for decades now. Time to come up with some new strats, this commando G.I. JOE mentality isn’t working. Obviously, look at the results. The guys that fly in with helicopters and weapons love this type of stuff. It’s in their best interest to keep the black market activities going, while picking off the low hanging fruit and keeping themselves relevant at the same time.

    Special Agent In Charge Dylan Ragan. “It also has devastating impacts on public safety, wildlife, and natural resources.”

    Sounds like this guy is describing our local logging industry. Why do we still have to fight to protect our few remaining natural spaces from the logging industry anywhere in California!!!!! How can Gavin Newsome brag about the logging industry as a wonderful part of our states economy??? Aren’t we all supposed to be going “green”???? Protecting our forests???? Would be nice to see these “rangers” and “special agents” go after other industries in our community that also destroy for profit.

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