Sunday, June 4, 2023

Fort Bragg Police Hires Three New Officers to the Force

A Fort Bragg Police Cruiser [Photograph by Judy Valado]

The Fort Bragg Police Department is excited to announce the hiring of three new police officer recruits.

The three future officers will be attending the College of the Redwoods 129th Police Academy in Eureka beginning Sunday, January 9, 2022, with an expected graduation date in June 2022. Once they have successfully graduated from the police academy, all three officers will return to Fort Bragg Police Department and will participate in the department’s Field Training Program for approximately sixteen weeks.

The three police recruits are:

Fort Bragg Police Community Service Officer Antoinette Moore. Moore, originally from Sonoma County, has been with the department as a CSO officer for over eight months. Moore has demonstrated great integrity as a CSO officer, and will excel as a future police officer for our community.

Tyler Baker, a local resident of Fort Bragg, an alumni of Fort Bragg High School. Baker is an active member in the community working for several businesses Harvest, Safeway and Sports Dodge, and expresses righteous qualities of a future police officer.

David Franco, an alumni of Fort Bragg High School and is very involved with the community through their involvement with their family business Franco Construction and active participation as a Captain for the Fort Bragg Fire Volunteer Department. We are excited for his career change and know he will be an asset to the department and community.

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Upon successful completion of the police academy the department will have a formal swearing in ceremony in June 2022. I am looking forward to the future of our department with the addition of these new police officers recruits.

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