Saturday, June 3, 2023

McGuire’s Bill to Help Stop Toxic Coal Train Passes Senate Transportation Committee


The following is a press release issued by Senator Mike McGuire

A Map of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad [From the Interstate Commerce Commission]

Senator Mike McGuire’s legislation to stop one of the largest environmental threats the North Coast has seen in decades — a proposal from a secret, clandestine operation that wants to ship millions of tons of coal through Northern California — passed with bipartisan support in the Senate Transportation Committee today.

“The proposed toxic coal train is an environmental disaster in the making. The midwest coal would travel through the Sierras, across the Golden State through the heart of our thriving communities, ancient redwoods, and directly along the banks of the Eel and Russian rivers which are the main drinking water source for nearly 1 million residents. It is crucial we stop this dangerous proposal – it transcends politics, and I am grateful for the bipartisan support today.”

SB 307 will protect California by preventing all state funding from initiating improvements on the now defunct North Coast rail line north of the City of Willits. Further, it bans state money from being spent on the buildout of any new potential bulk coal terminal facilities at the Port of Humboldt. 

The bill passed in the Senate Transportation Committee today with an 11-0 bipartisan vote. The bill will now be sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee for approval.

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  1. Sounds like Senator McGuires agenda is anti job. Just like the rest of the local politicians in the county. Him and Huffman are two peas in a pod.

  2. “a proposal from a secret, clandestine operation” And that would be the current owners of the North Coast Rail line, using McGuire to obtain state money to advance a hoax to obtain state funds to purchase a rail line that no longer works and hasn’t in decades. 60 Minutes take a look at this.

  3. You “jobs, jobs, jobs” guys would cut down the last redwood on earth if it meant just one more paycheck for yourself. If someone found a lost valley where dinosaurs survived, you would be all in favor of setting up a dog food factory there because jobs. n

  4. Fantastic News! Thank You McGuire and Huffman! Republicans and their hate are not going to stop The Great Rail Trail.

    Adios carpet baggers !

    • Where are people gonna work ? How can Mendocino County and Humbolt County survive ? Where are the jobs going to be coming from . And Enzo you sound pretty ingnorant. If you think someone that wants jobs for the county is a carpetbagger you are a special kinda stupid

  5. Blah blah blah I’ve got multiple college degrees that solidify my level of intelligence. The great rail trail brings tourists and excitement. Sit behind your computer and type away. You just a soft small minded man.

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