Ukiah Gas Station Investigation Results in Two Arrested and the Discovery of Two Pistols, Meth

The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 01/05/2022 at about 9:40 AM, UPD Officers were on patrol in the area of 1460 Lovers Lane  (Chevron). The Officers saw a male they knew from prior contacts (Francisco Gonzalez) exiting the store and walk over to a vehicle that was idling. Gonzalez, opened the vehicle, placed items inside, and then made eye contact with the Officers. He walked back inside the store. The Officers were aware there was an active  Felony arrest warrant for Gonzalez. While awaiting other Officers to arrive at the location, a female  (McKenzie Wilson) exited passenger side of the same vehicle, entered the store and met with Gonzalez.  

Officers entered the store and placed Gonzalez under arrest without incident for the arrest warrant.  Officers contacted Wilson and learned she had two active warrants for her arrest. She was arrested without incident. A search of Gonzalez’s person revealed approximately 4.8grams of suspected methamphetamine.  Gonzalez also showed to be on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) and his terms included search &  seizure without warrant and obey all laws. Based on his possession of the suspected methamphetamine, he was in violation of his PRCS terms.  

While at the scene, Officers were contacted by the owner of the vehicle that Gonzalez and McKenzie were associated with. The owner advised that although they were related to Gonzalez, he did not have permission to drive the vehicle. The owner granted permission to have the Officers conduct a search of the vehicle. The search resulted in the discovery of a cloth bag that was located next to the driver’s seat. Inside the bag were two loaded firearms (pistols) and a box of ammunition. The bag bore writing that matched a  unique tattoo that was on the back of Gonzalez’s head. Gonzalez was found to have at least one prior Felony conviction, so he was prohibited from possessing firearms and / or ammunition. The owner of the vehicle took custody of their vehicle and did not wish to have Gonzalez charged with vehicle theft. Further investigation confirmed Gonzalez a drove the vehicle to the location and only he and Wilson were inside the vehicle when they arrived at the Chevron. Gonzalez and Wilson were transported and booked at the MCSO Jail.  

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    • I am just thankful that many gang members and those who often are in jail a lot do this sort of all over the face tattooing. It makes it so easy for Law enforcement to remember people as was the case here.

      • I agree Sheldon , facial tattoos just kind of light up and scream “I don’t give a Shit” …And yes cops tend to keep a close eye on them for sure!

  1. The pistol with the custom pimp grip has N.P.D 62 stamped on the frame. might be a “hot” gun, I’m sure someone will be doing the ballistics and see what pops up.

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