Tuesday, May 30, 2023

North Coast Residents Document the Wild Waters of the Tsunami Sent from an Undersea Volcano Five-Thousand Miles Away

Waves breaking against Fort Bragg Bluffs [Picture provided by Judy Valadao]

North Coast residents woke up this morning to news a tsunami was bearing down on our shores.

An advisory issued by the National Tsunami Warning Center predicted that the West Coast of the United States and Canada could see waves and coastal flooding in the wake of an undersea volcanic eruption in the south Pacific.

Predicted to hit the North Coast between 8:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m., residents documented the sea visibly drawing back as the tsunami approached and a subsequent tidal surge.

KMUD News Lauren Schmitt interviewed well-known earthquake/tsunami expert Lori Dengler, Professor and Chair of the Geology Department at Humboldt State University, who said this is an “unprecedented event for modern times.”

Dengler goes into detail on why this is such an unusual event.

The tsunami is going to continue for the rest of the day, Dengler says.

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Even though the event is considered a “relatively small tsunami”, according to the Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group, footage of the turbulent waters gathered by North Coast residents shows a sea clearly compelled by anomalous forces outside of the movement of an average tide.

We have gathered footage of the event provided by a collection of readers that gives a glimpse into the coastal phenomenon. If you have pictures or video of the tsunami as it crashed onto North Coast shores, please share:

This video was taken shortly before the tsunami caused by the Tonga Volcanic explosion came ashore within Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor. Typical of tsunami behavior, the water draws back before the swell of water washes ashore

The bluffs near Fort Bragg pummelled by the incoming surf [Picture by Judy Valadao]

This footage was taken within Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor and shows the tidal turbulence as waters began to swell with the incoming tsunami

Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor swollen with tsunami waters [Photograph by Judy Valadao]

This video depicts both the drawback of the waters as the tsunami approached, as well as the waves and they washed ashore.

Residents gathered in Noyo Harbor to watch the waters, despite the dangers [Pictures by Judy Valadao]

This video was taken by Humboldt County resident Kristy Hellum from the bluffs above the mouth of the Mad River as the tsunami caused by an undersea volcanic explosion in the South Pacific waves across the globe.

This is footage taken from the surface of the Pacific near the site of the undersea volcano that erupted and send waves rippling outwards.

Flooding in Tonga, a set of islands near the site of the volcanic eruption that caused the tsunami that washed upon the West Coast

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