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Letter to the Editor: Fort Bragg Name Change Advocate Encourages Attendance of Upcoming City Council Meeting


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Confederate General Braxton Bragg [Picture from the Library of Congress]

 In June 2020, the Fort Bragg City Council initiated an Ad Hoc Commission to look into changing the city’s name in the light of renewed anti-racism activism across the country in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. The Council charged the citizen’s commission “to determine the best model for creating a Citizens Commission that would not only provide a recommendation on the best path forward for the name change matter but also address the deeper systemic issue of racism.”

It appears the Commission, which has been meeting privately, will present its report to the City Council at their meeting scheduled for January 24, at 6 p.m.

Those of us who have been publicly working for a name change that would no longer honor the Confederate General and slaver, Braxton Bragg, and remove the title Fort, with its references to the historical genocide of local indigenous people, hope the Commission’s report and the City Council’s action on it will move the city away from these symbols of racism.

The Commission may have many good ideas which we look forward to implementing. It may be too much, however, to expect them to suggest the name change we have been working towards. I urge people to attend the January 24 City Council meeting by zooUm. Info: https://cityfortbragg.legistar.com/DepartmentDetail.aspx?ID=22597&GUID=BDACD7EE-A0E9-4878-9D35-85726278FB63

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However, to work for an immediate change to our city’s name please find more information at www.changeournamefortbragg.com

 -Philip Zwerling 

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  1. Fart Bragg, come for the view, leave from the smell. Nothing racist about that. A ripe future for the Skunk and new sewer system

    • Yet he was! For that reason things like this will continue to happen so that it’s a reminder that no one should be murdered ever. Everyone has rights as well as the families who lost so much being relocated out of Fort Bragg. It was like a trail of tears that no one speaks about.

      • you obviously did see all of the bodycam and video of the event where tried to cash phony $20’s.
        he simply could have obeyed with lawful orders, but refused.

        watch it for yourself and stop buying the amy goodwin narrative.

  2. A name change is just an empty gesture, virtue signaling. It does nothing to absolve the abuses of the past. Try doing something that can have a real positive impact on our community, like actually helping people that are suffering. This is bullshit. Step away from the main stream media weapon of mass distraction. If we just try to erase the past, and forget about it, we will forget the lessons we must learn from the mistakes that were made, and will be doomed to repeat those mistakes.

  3. Don’t give in to the disease of extreme liberalism and political correctness. For God’s sake you can’t erase our not so honorable history just by changing names and removing statues. Our history is our history and will always be so. Honoring tradition and remembering our dark history and educating the younger generations on that history is always the most honorable and noble path. This country was built using systems and institutions that are unconscionable today. As with virtually every country on Earth. But here we are trying to erase the past. Despicable.

  4. I find it ironic how a man who wasnt born here, and now lives in Texas. (yep, he doesn’t even live here) finds it to be ok to tell everyone who has lived here for their entire life that we are wrong for having a name for our town that we didn’t even know had those ties until (more people that don’t live here) told us about it. Yes Braxton Bragg was a bad person, and yes, the name should stay the same. Two things can be true at once, nobody except people who don’t live here are offended by our town name.

  5. Thomas Jefferson raped his slaves and sold his own children born from that. Let’s tear down his statues!
    Abraham Lincoln lynched 38 Sioux in one day without trial for stealing potatoes. Another icon of oppression.

    • Floyd for your information,Braxton Bragg and his wife purchased a sugar plantation of 1,600 acres (6.5 km2) 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Thibodaux, Louisiana. Never one to oppose slavery in concept—both his father and his wife were slaveowners—he used 105 enslaved Africans on his property.

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