Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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70 MPH Wind Gusts Fuel a Five-Acre Wildfire Near Sonoma County’s Geyser Peak Early This Morning

The Geyser Fire as seen from the Alert Wildfire Camera on Geyser Peak

At approximately 2:20 this morning a wildland fire lit up near the Geyser Peak Repeater site in Sonoma County east of Cloverdale. The Geyser Fire burned in almost full view of the Geyser Peak AlertWildfire Camera providing a play-by-play view of the fire’s quick flare-up as winds buffeted the mountain top.

Estimates at this point indicate the fire burned 5 acres of wildland. Resources at the scene last night indicated they could “barely stand up” up the wind was blowing so quickly and described the fire spreading by “wind driven runs.”

The Incident Commander decided at one point that safety concerns presented by the wind and embers would necessitate resources pivot from directly fighting the fire to keep it in check by building and strengthening control lines.

As seen on the Geyser Peak camera, the winds caused some powerful swells of embers and a nearby weather station reported gusts of 70 miles/hour. By approximately 5:00 a..m. the fire’s forward progress was stopped.

Hattip to LNU Fire Scanner Facebook page for its live reporting on the fire.

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