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Department of Justice Awards Lake County Sheriff’s Office Grant to Seize Firearms From Those Prohibited from Possession


The following is a press release from the California Attorney General’s Office:

Mendocino County Sheriff Office’s photograph of the firearms confiscated at a raid in Round Valley [Photo provided by Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall]

California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced the California Department of Justice (DOJ) has awarded over $4.9 million to 10 county sheriff’s departments to support activities related to seizing weapons and ammunition from individuals prohibited from possessing them. The sheriffs of Contra Costa, Lake, Los Angeles, Orange, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Ventura counties applied for and will receive grant funding through DOJ’s Gun Violence Reduction Program. 

“The California Department of Justice’s Armed and Prohibited Persons System, or APPS, is still the only one of its kind nationwide, and it is used each day to monitor and retrieve firearms from the hands of individuals no longer legally allowed to possess them,” said Attorney General Bonta. “The APPS enforcement work we do at DOJ can only be strengthened through closer partnership with local law enforcement. I commend all of the sheriffs for applying for grant funding to help disarm potentially dangerous people, and keep Californians safe.”

When it was deployed in 2006, the California Department of Justice’s Armed and Prohibited Persons System (APPS) was a first-of-its-kind system used to monitor individuals who legally purchased or acquired firearms and later became prohibited from owning or possessing them. Together with other California law enforcement agencies, DOJ agents help prevent and reduce incidents of violent crime by using APPS to locate and disarm prohibited persons. The goal of the Gun Violence Reduction Program is to increase local law enforcement’s resources and capacity to help DOJ reduce the number of individuals on the APPS list faster.

Funding for the Gun Violence Reduction Program was provided by the California Budget Act of 2021. This was the first of two grant cycles in which a total of $10 million will be made available. The next will be awarded by January 1, 2023. DOJ will award grants in amounts between $250,000 and $1 million per applicant, per year.


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  1. Here we go. Love it or leave it. I was born in Mendo. I have lived in Mendo and Humboldt my entire life. My mother has been in the same home here since 1971. I have grown to hate California. It in no way resembles the place I grew up in. I’m taking my family, my money and my guns that are all legally owned – I have never been arrested – and we are moving to Tennessee or Georgia. Or anywhere but California really. Before it is too late. And you can blame marijuana. I do. The downfall began in 1996 with prop 215 legalizing medical marijuana. You can have this state and Gavin Newsom and Rob Bonita and it’s unarmed population. And all it’s weed too. Their goal is to turn every Californian into a felon. They don’t want any Californian to be armed legally or illegally. The first step of any authoritarian regime is to disarm its population. But when they start going door to door confiscating guns it is already too late. You can have this God forsaken state. I can’t leave soon enough. California, where democracy is an illusion and extreme leftism is already well in control.

  2. What makes this totally unjust is the judges that have personal anti gun agendas. Judges who disenfranchise American citizens of their constitutional rights when they have done nothing illegal. One such judge in Lake co was re-elected in 2020 with approximately 1k votes out of 40k reg’d voters. How does this happen? Ballot manipulation? Election transparency is insufficient. Investigate!

  3. All 3 of you folks are paranoid.
    And/or desire violent felons to own guns?
    And/or are so hyper obsessed with your guns (penis) you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Get a grip…

    The same people (convicted felons) barred from owning guns in CA are barred from owning guns in TN, TX, FL, AR, MS, AK, MI, MT, ID, etc.

    All 3 of you indicate a weakness of the mind as you seem unable to discern false political rhetoric from the NRA and others vs clear actions to remove guns from the possession of violent convicts.


  4. No I have a firm grip on what is going on. This is how it starts. It’s a slippery slope. Violent felons shouldn’t own guns. And they are just a fraction of the people on the APP list. There are two dozen misdemeanors that can get you put on this list and many are not violent offenses. Ever heard of red flag laws. Any person with a grudge against you can claim to law enforcement or social services that you are dangerous and you are put on the list. A therapist can claim their client has paranoid delusions and you can be put on their list. Among other disorders. You don’t have to be a danger to yourself or others for a therapist to do this. If you are a veteran that has a payee to manage you finances then you are automatically put on the federal list. Thanks to Obama. And right when Obama was leaving office they were in the process of making it were any person on Social Security Disability who needs a payee was going to be added to the list. But Hillary lost and it didn’t happen. Their is a federal list as well as California’s APP list. A heated non violent argument with one’s spouse can get you banned if your spouse asks for even a stay away order. It doesn’t even have to be a restraining order. There are hundreds of scenarios that can get you added to California’s APP list and a huge portion of them don’t involve violence. The problem is once you are on the list it is impossible to challenge it. Denying your right to due process and violating your 5th amendment rights. There is no process to challenge being on the list. It takes the President’s signature to restore your 2nd amendment rights once you have lost them. I have been following this issue my entire life. I have taken criminal justice and law courses at university learning about this issue. It is not just the violent felons – who shouldn’t have guns – who lose their rights. It is any felon and anyone who commits any one of dozens of misdemeanors. You don’t even have to be convicted. About a year and a half ago there was a push in Sacramento to make it where anyone convicted of a first offense DUI would lose their gun rights. And that proposal is still alive. I could go on for days. Do some research if you don’t believe me. Yes I’m concerned about my gun rights. I live in California. And any California gun owner should be concerned. I’m not exaggerating when I say they are trying to take EVERYONE’S guns away in this state. Open your eyes. California law makers want all guns out of private ownership. And Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom have never kept it a secret. Just look at our last few Attorney Generals. It is the number one goal of the DOJ and AG’s office. I’m not brainwashed by the NRA. I am a member but I know propaganda when I see it. I’m a member because nobody else is fighting to preserve my gun rights. Without them the second amendment would have died long ago. I conduct myself in all aspects of my life as not to jeopardize my 2nd amendment rights. I think to my self would punching this asshole in the face jeopardize my rights. Even though they totally deserve it. And I don’t punch them. I think things through first. I’m a amateur gunsmith. And former professional shooter. Shooting trap. Guns are what my life revolves around. At one point guns were my livelihood. And they still are to a lesser extent. California will eventually succeed. That’s why I’m leaving. “From My Cold Dead Hands.”

    • @Fungdart _In May 2020, Oklahoma became the first and thus far only state to enact an anti-red flag law. The law specifically “prohibits the state or any city, county or political subdivision from enacting red flag laws.” (Wikipedia)

      You May want to consider Oklahoma as well. Seriously though thank you for your comment it was very educational.

      • Oklahoma is a possibility. My dad and grandfather were both born in Broken Bow. But they moved west to the promised land in 1945. To Humboldt. Then Mendo in ‘68. But at this point I would be happy with throwing a dart at a map. And as long as it isn’t California or another anti-2nd amendment state then I would be happy with moving there. But of course somewhere more affordable for sure. It’s time to move on. And that’s the way almost my entire family feels. Except my mom. Here roots are sunk deep on that property. What I’m hopping for is to move 3 generations. From 91 years old down to 15. It’s not starting out as easy. We are looking at rural properties with 2 and 3 houses on them. But this move will take a couple years. We all have a lot of stuff. That would be putting it mildly.

  5. There making a list checking it twice
    Taking away that protection device
    Police state is coming around

    California built 22 prisons and only one university since 1980
    Prison is where none violent poor people go to learn violence and join race groups
    Most prisoners had a public pretender
    Covid 19 shut down schools, universities, and libraries but not one prison

  6. Wounded Knee revisited
    USArmy was collecting guns from prohibited persons, AKA dirty redskins
    A shot was fired and untrained soldiers opened fire with three Hotchkiss revolving cannon. 37mm and 47 mm exploding rounds made this an ideal weapon for ships. Never designed for antipersonnel. 30 USSoldiers were killed by “friendly fire” and 20 Medals of Honor were issued for “heroic valor”. The bodies of over 400 mostly women and children were left all winter. Many of the soldiers were drunk during this orgy of murder

  7. Can’t is an evil word. Won’t is a better translation. Look at Germany 1935 when Jews refused to face the obvious. The focus of society on a group harkens back to the book of Ester when Haman declares, “there is a people who don’t follow the king” genocide is a tool of tyrants all through history. Ester describes modern fascist systems. The wedding of wealth and government


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