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Two More Mendocino County Residents Die from COVID-19 Totaling 113


The following is a press release from Mendocino County Public Health:


Public Notice: Two Mendocino County residents recently passed away with COVID-19. Our thoughts are with their families and friends.

  • Death #112: 68 year-old man from the North County area; unvaccinated with no comorbidities.
  • Death #113: 77 year-old woman from the South Coast area; fully vaccinated with comorbidities.

Public Health asks all Mendocino County residents to consider the best ways to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19. When in doubt, consult with and follow all CDC and CDPH guidance. Vaccination, masking, and social distancing remain the best tools for combating COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated people should strongly consider getting a COVID-19 booster to improve immunity. Boosters are available for everyone age 12 and older. If you have questions about boosters or vaccines in general, speak with your doctor, or call Public Health at 707-472-2759. To find the nearest vaccine clinic in your area, please visit the Public Health website at: www.mendocinocounty.org/covidvaccine

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  1. Rich folks tell poor folks what to be afraid of all through history. The Indian wars never end, Jim Crow, commies, queers, negro music, Pat Robertson had kids burning Beatles records. Vietnam inflated body counts to support so called progress. When my neighbors drop dead before my eyes like smallpox and Spanish Flu I might feel threatened. Fauci makes millions off human suffering and Big Pharm make billions

  2. Just want to say I’m in the over 50 crowd, UNVACCINATED, ex_smoker of 25 years, and caught Covid a month ago just like so many others who congregated for the holiday. I have copd , emphysema, obesity, and a couple by other conditions that probably won’t affect the outcome of Covid, I have to say that the fear was the worst part of getting Covid. I got a couple panic attacks cuz congestion made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. But the symptoms were just like a flu for a few days. If I had not known it was Covid I would’ve thought I just had a flu and I would not have been afraid and I would’ve been fine. I am a person of faith just like them others thats always on here ruffling y’all’s feathers. That could be why I am alive. Because according to all the fear mongers, I should have been dead with all my comorbidities. Respectively numbers 112 and 113 may just have been their time to go. We all have that “appointment” with death we have to keep. My sympathy to y’all & your families.

    • Death #112: 68 year-old man from the North County area; unvaccinated with no comorbidities…. Really think it was HIS time to go?

      • Maybe…yeah….. I don’t make the appointments. Why am I still here? According to media with my illnesses that include lung disease AND being fat AND not being vaccinated I should be dead WITH Covid, right?

      • PapaG- What are you saying? The man was healthy why is he gone but not me with all my co morbidities? Maybe it was his time to go. He should’ve been fine. It’s not even a bad bad flu. Unless it was the prayer of faith that saved me? Let’s examine the facts.

      • PapaG I’m waiting on your response . I’m not picking a fight I’m just wantin to know your take on why im not dead. Bein that im over 50, sickly, fat, and unvaccinated an all. Why am I still here y’all? Go ahead and tell me why some get deathly ill n some just a little flu bug

  3. All My Lovin by The Beatles
    Close your eyes let us lead you, tomorrow we bleed you
    Pretend that our words may be true
    And while we’re here to stay civil right will fade away
    As we spin propaganda for you
    Propaganda we will offer you
    All that fake news censored by our crew
    All that fake news, all that fake news
    Propaganda is easier to chew
    Guys like Manning and Snowden with Wikileaks exploding
    Exposing a war crime or two
    Can’t allow a free press to block corporate success
    When propaganda’s better for you

    It may seem kinda funny how our leaders own the money
    They promise to care for the poor
    But once your destitute in a bright orange jump suit
    Locked behind a big iron door
    By Douglas Wayne Coulter

  4. None of us will get out of this alive! If you were born you are gonna die, no big deal. Live each day like you might die tomorrow. “Fear is the mind killer” Dune by Frank Hurbert

  5. Welcome to the official backpedaling of the county.

    These recent announcements have subtly shifted their terminology just recently while news outlets/public have done the legwork. Simply read the official announcement from the county:

    “Two Mendocino County residents recently passed away WITH COVID-19.”

    A few weeks ago the announcements utilized FROM COVID-19 which equates to COVID being the catalyst.
    Now they have shifted goalposts.

    So put on your thinking cap. If one was admitted to the hospital WITH a toe infection and suffered a heart attack due to clogged arteries from a nasty habit of bacon sandwiches. Would you say ‘individual’ passed away FROM a toe infection? No… you clearly wouldn’t. One could simply say that they passed away FROM a heart attack but they were stricken WITH a toe infection. This simple example is why I suggest you step back and think why all of the sudden they would switch definitions?

    What the county has done is quietly inserted WITH covid, then allowed the public to do the legwork. Heck I even accidentally slipped by saying, “Did you hear 2 more individuals passed away FROM COVID!!” It is nothing more than years of conditioning and allowing the public to be stuck in an elevated state of anxiety. Rather than putting greater effort into transitioning out of this mess and get back to normalcy.

    Last but not least, I highly recommend you look at history, as future generations will shake their heads at how we handled this proverbial mess.


    Back in the 80’s Lord Fauci with all his mental prowess proclaimed that AIDS had spread through casual/intimate/non-sexual contact. Imagine that… The similar elevated state of anxiety of the public at that time was clearly directed at the gay community as they were the scapegoat. People literally thought that one could contract AIDS through a peck on the cheek and yet when we look back we shake our heads in disbelief.

    I believe future generations will see a similar episode. Of the public being nothing more than cattle to line the pockets of big pharma. Where they were misled and participated in an experimental therapeutic which was adorned with false promises. Take the jab and you’ll never have to wear a mask, or be hospitalized, or spread the disease. Future generations will see it simply as a cash grab on many fronts. Both Federal and local.

  6. Fauci, the new Pope of Big Pharm gives sermons in Latin so the people must believe him. If you are a heretic we have steak to burn. Without a doubt, when opposition is banned you are dealing with liars

  7. The munchkins dance and sing! “Ding dong the anti-vaxxers dead” Celebrate the death of a fellow human because they disagree with your holy science. Science for profit is never true science when the first amendment is trashed. Opposition is always good for sorting truth from fiction.


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