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Ukiah Teenager Arrested at Gun Point Accused of Possessing ‘Ghost Gun’, Says UPD


The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 1-28-2022 at approximately 2152 hours, a Ukiah Police Officer was conducting uniformed patrol in the area  of E. Gobbi St. and S. Orchard Ave. when he observed a motor vehicle with an equipment violation. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle where five occupants were subsequently contacted. When the UPD officer approached the vehicle, he observed the front seat passenger of the vehicle open the door slightly, and drop an unknown item onto the ground. An arriving cover officer was alerted to this fact and quickly discovered what appeared to be a firearm directly under the passenger door of the vehicle. 

For officer safety concerns, the UPD officers drew their department issued firearms and moved to positions of safety. After additional cover officers from UPD, CHP, and MCSO arrived on scene, the subjects were called  out of the vehicle one at a time during a high-risk traffic stop. 

After all the vehicle occupants were detained, the vehicle was searched and deemed safe. The firearm was secured and it was discovered that the handgun was a 9mm “P80” Glock style semi-automatic pistol. These types of firearms are unlawfully manufactured and do not bear serial numbers and are often referred to as “ghost guns”. The firearm was found to have an unlawfully possessed high capacity magazine that had 6 rounds of live  9mm ammunition loaded into the magazine which was located inserted into the magazine well of the firearm. 

After concluding the investigation on scene, it was determined that the front seat passenger had been the possessor of the firearm and was discovered to be 16 years of age. He was arrested for the above listed charges and was transported to the Mendocino Juvenile Hall after being medically cleared for incarceration per COVID 19 protocol.

The Ukiah Police Department would like to thank the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and the California  Highway Patrol with their assistance in this matter.

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  1. How in the hell did this little punk get such a dangerous weapon. I’m sure his parents are really proud of him. He will probably turn out to be a career criminalThe judge better take a good look at this to determine what else he may be capable of.

    • Maybe the parents and the child should be held equally accountable since he’s a minor.

      He’s off to a bad start. He didn’t get there by himself.

      Maybe it’s not the parents fault but maybe they still have some influence over him and could get some family counseling. Maybe a work program at a church or something. Or on a ranch.

      It seems like all the court officers only care about convictions because they are burnt out and overloaded at their jobs now. Nobody’s fighting for the good anymore! They seem to have lost their “humanity” in the process.

      🙏 Come on people! Let’s get back to fighting the “good” fight!!!



    I DON’T know ANYONE who is prejudice, racist, or that discriminates against ANYONE based on their immigration status, sexual orientation, race,etc.

    Sean is fostering HATE and that’s a crying shame. HE DOES NOT speak for ME. I just want to make that clear!!!

    Red and yellow black and white you are precious in Gods sight.

    Yes I believe We should shun evil. But…

    ♥️ Love God
    ♥️Love people

  3. Prison will make a fine upstanding citizen out of him. The DOJ fixes kids all the time. Ever watch the film, A Perfect World? Read the book, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Incarceration is destroying America.

  4. Yea our society and criminal justice system doesn’t leave any room for repentance and charge forgiveness for those who have the mind to take a different path and rehabilitate. We need a reward system for people so they will have a reason to change. Hope if you will. So where is the motivation? Got a felony?tough luck you Can’t get a job… Got to eat…society condemns you forever. It’s all a domino effect. There should be programs in place to EARN Forgiveness and absolution of charges For those who put in the work. We definitely need to change our thinking.

    🥰 I’m so glad The Creator of the universe forgives and restores hope to the hopeless! He even rehabilitates us! Helps us to create a new life. Physically and spiritually.

  5. He’s a minor and will not have a felony conviction on his adult record. He will do a bit of time in the juvenile system. Hopefully he will become aware of the fact that if he continues on the path of a criminal they will find a space in the prison system for him. 16 year olds are prone to make mistakes sometimes those mistakes can lead to life changing awareness and timely maturity. A wake up call perhaps?

  6. I was 14 and the judge gave me 7 years for a non violent first offense. Just because I did not kiss his ass. I was on the road to being a real trouble maker thanks to Nevada County Juvinile Justice System. It is easy for children to be tried as adults, it is hard for children to become emancipated. The difference between conviction and not guilty is called Public Defender. If you can’t afford a lawyer you must be a criminal.

    • That must have been decades ago, juvenile courts are less likely to put a kid in “prison” if it’s a non-violent crime these days. If this 16 yr. old doesn’t have a record he will be out in less than 12 months. I brought 12 step meetings into Contra Costa County juvenile hall in Martinez for 11 years when I was living in Concord. Only the very violent convicted youths and the multi-offenders go onto bigger and worse places.

  7. Was anyone injured? 2nd amendment says right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The second amendment is societies immune system. The police have military grade arms. It was a hanging offense to give guns to native Americans. We murdered them with little resistance.

  8. You live in a bubble. Poor kids go to prison every day in America. CYA is just prison for kids and is pure Lord of the Flies envoorinment. Learn crime, violence, and hatred. Few escape without scars.

  9. Napalm sticks to little children
    All the little children of the world
    Red and yellow black and white
    They run screaming through the night
    Napalm sticks to little children of the world
    A USMC running chant I learned at MCRD SanDiego in 1977
    America murders children all over the world. War for profit, war for Jesus
    Commies are atheists and must be destroyed.

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