Saturday, December 3, 2022

Cyclists Climb the Western Hills of the Ukiah Valley in Yesterday’s Grasshopper Adventure Race

[All photographs taken by Brandon Tripp]

Yesterday, hundreds of cycling enthusiasts took to the pavement and gravel of Mendocino County’s Orr Springs Road and Low Gap Road to try their hand at the Grasshopper Adventure Race Series.

The ride totaled 43 miles and 5,633 feet of elevation change beginning at Low Gap Park, then deviating to Orr Springs Road, climbing nearly 2,500 feet before merging onto Low Gap Road, and finally returning to Low Gap Park.

The Grasshopper Adventure Series is primarily based in Mendocino, Humboldt, and Sonoma Counties, and the races are legendary amongst cyclists for their difficult and rough terrain.  

The top three Pro Men of the day were

  • 3) Alex Wild (2:14:54.5)
  • 2) Brennan Wertz (2:14:54.2) and
  • 1) Luke Lamperti (2:14:53.6). 

The top three Pro Women were

  • 3)Lauren Cantwell (2:48:49.7)
  • 2)Maude Farrell (2:41:39.5)
  • 1) Kate Courtney (2:33:55.2).

Our photographer Brandon Tripp was there and caught these savage cyclists in action as they began to ascend Orr Springs Road:


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