Thursday, November 30, 2023

48 New Cases of COVID-19 Identified in Mendocino County, 9 Hospitalized, 5 in ICU


The following is Mendocino County’s information published on the County website regarding the most recent updates to the County’s COVID-19 dashboard. Other information regarding the virus amassed by MendoFever’s Judy Valadao is below the information provided by the county:

Mendocino County COVID-19 Dashboard from February 3, 2022

48 additional cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Mendocino County, bringing the total l2,162.

***** Actualización Diaria COVID-19 –03/02/2022 Se han identificado 48 casos adicionales de COVID-19 en el Condado de Mendocino, con un total de12,162.

FEBRUARY 3, 2022

  • 1 AGES 0-5 YEARS
  • 3 AGES 6-12 YEARS
  • -1 AGES 13-18 YEARS
  • 13 AGES 19-34 YEARS
  • 15 AGES 35-49 YEARS
  • 10 AGES 50-64 YEARS
  • 7 AGES 65+ YEARS
Mendocino County Region Chart
Mendocino County Zip Code Chart
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  1. Do you have Covid symptoms??? I’ve been trying to get a sinus infection treated for months but the VA is blocked up with Covid hysteria. I’ve also got bronchitis for over one month. Do you have Covid symptoms??? Why is this the only medical issue out there? I’m 68 with high blood pressure and prostate cancer, oh no!!! Saturday I felt tired and lost appetite, did you know that is a symptom of depression? Do you have Covid symptoms??? VA turned me away on Monday so Tuesday I went to Ukiah ER. I fail the test, I’m positive for the dread death plague of the 21st century. Do they treat my ear nose infection? No! Do they treat my bronchitis? No! A chest XRay and a drip IV for Covid. No inhaler, no antibiotics, no sputum test no blood test no piss test. Everything is Covid no I reside in Covid jail with over the counter drugs. And zero help from VA or Adventist Health. Did you know isolation kills?

    • Totally right on. If you would just agree you have the “Covid” they could admit you into ICU. From which you will likely leave feet first. Next time before you do a test, get a saline nose wash. Just before getting the fake PCR test, rense out your nasal cavity. Do this five times in one treatment. Then get the stupid swab. At least confuse the polymerase chain reaction. The chart at top of page does not indicate a pandemic is underway. Rather it indicates over 11,000 asymtomatic unsick persons given the fake PCR test and then isolated. And for what? Nine people in hospital with alleged “Covid”. Five in ICU (God help them). This does not seem like a pandemic. Seems like a normal number in hospital at any given time. Further what are the ages. Do they have terminal illnesses, stroke, pneumonia, cancer, etc. The “total” figure is over 12,000. The figure is misleading. It includes over 11,000 asymtomatic cases. Which is to say this group is not ill, cannot spread the “Covid” and were diagnosed by a PCR test that spews out false positives like a fire hose. Kary Mullis invented it. Look him up on bitchute.com. There are several videos whereby he explains this fact. Almost 60,000 persons have been given the gene therapy jab in Mendocino County. For what? The “vaccine” is not efficacious. Nor is it safe. It’s a massive global experiment. 60,000! The power of MSM disseminated fear porn. People volunteering to be unthinkingbguinea pigs. Go figure. Time for booster #12.

  2. Covid kills us this we know
    Cause the Doctors tell us so
    Get the shots and wear a masks
    Stupid questions can’t be asked
    Yes we make money
    Shit loads of money
    Yes we make money
    Fear tactics keep it so

    • 🙏🤗💐 Leave me your address and I will bring you some herbal tea and a hot dinner. When I had Covid I couldn’t find any programs that would bring me anything at all. Not a bottle of water or 🧻 a roll of toilet paper. Thank God I had friends and family! But none of them really wanted to come over lol. 🫐 🍋🫖🍽 🧄🌶

    • Hospitals receive federal monetary bonuses for every step of the “Covid” admittance process. From swab to “Covid” on the death certificate. Worth upwards of $100,000. This on top of the regular overcharges billed to Medicare.

    • 🤗Ok then it’ll be there in a couple days___🐌🐌🐌__Are you allergic to any foods? Or strongly dislike? Craving anything?

  3. I still don’t have much of an appetite but I have recently quit sweets. My sugar is now only distiller produce. I eat anything I’m served as a true hobo should.
    I wish I was in my tent in Caspar

  4. Among the Tombs
    corrupted thoughts spin thread in a broken loom
    weave a garment that fails to shroud my nakedness
    warp and woof defiled
    I shiver in foreign climate
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    exiled from intimacy
    I bear my cross in solitude
    arousing only curiosity
    bent spokes can’t carry my cart
    destination leans precarious
    outside the gates of acceptance
    I dwell in hostile lands
    the DMZ of despair
    where shouts of pure rage
    frighten the Samaritan away
    eyes wild arms askew
    I shudder in vaults of loneliness

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