Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Fort Bragg Woman Allegedly Steals Defrosting Vehicle and Found with Methamphetamine, Says UPD


The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 02/02/2022 at approximately 7:00 AM, a UPD dispatched received a call reporting a vehicle had just been stolen from in front of a residence in the 500 block of Marleen Street. The reporting party/owner of the vehicle advised the vehicle had been left running, in order to warm up, in front of the home. The caller provided a description of the vehicle and its last known direction of travel.  

UPD officers responded and began searching the area in an attempt to locate the vehicle. Within 10  minutes of receiving the call, a UPD Detective located the vehicle traveling southbound on Old River Road,  near Hopland. The driver of the vehicle changed directions and began traveling northbound on Old River Road,  at a high rate of speed. Due to the Detective being in an unmarked vehicle, he maintained sight of the vehicle and provided updated information to other UPD Officers regarding the vehicle’s location. While marked UPD  units were responding to the area of Old River Road, the driver of the vehicle abruptly turned into a driveway,  within the 11000 block of Old River Road, and stopped the vehicle. A high-risk (Felony) stop was performed and the driver was detained without further incident.  

The driver was identified as Bailey F. Blunt. A search of her person resulted in the discovery of suspected methamphetamine and a methamphetamine pipe. She was found to be on Post Release Community  Supervision (PRCS) for a prior violation of 10851(a) CVC. Additionally, she was found to have three local  Felony warrants for her arrest. Terms of her PRCS included “obey all laws”. She was arrested for 10851(a)  CVC- Vehicle theft, 496d PC – Possession of a stolen vehicle, 3455 PC- Violation of PRCS terms, 11377 HS – Possession of a controlled substance, 11364(a) HS- Possession of paraphernalia and the three Felony warrants.  She was subsequently transported to the MCSO Jail for booking. The owner of the stolen vehicle came to scene and took custody of the vehicle. Blunt was not known to the victim.  

UPD would like to remind everyone that during this cold weather it is not uncommon for suspects to look for vehicles that are left unattended and running. This presents an opportunity for suspects to commit vehicle thefts. Please exercise vigilance and safety measures to avoid falling victim to opportunist criminals.

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  1. This girl has been arrested SO many times for stolen vehicles. When are they going to get smart and send her a** down the river??

  2. At least lock her up long enough that her face heals up. Maybe then when she looks in the mirror a reflection of someone she’d like to be is starring back at her…. Oh and mandatory 12 step meetings may help, give her a get well card to be signed at meetings!

    • What about murderers? Hateful people? Should we shoot them in the head too? And liars? And thief’s? And Mexicans? And rapists? And whites? And the poor? The disabled? Christians? Crooked cops? And crazy homeless veterans? Smokers? Let’s shoot them too them stinky disgusting cigarette smokers ( weeds ok right?)

      Sheesh…. there won’t be anyone left…. yourself included,I’m sure

    • Kris- comment rules on my website explicitly ban any calls to violence, whether the target be a specific individual or a general group. I have edited your comment to remove the call for violence. You are on my watchlist now, please respect the rule and offer commentary that’s productive and adds to the conversation. I actually think your perspective probably has some basis in actual concern for rehabilitative services. Maybe we can explore that concept more.

  3. Hitler had a great idea but it required concentration
    Drug crimes are the grease that keeps the wheels of justice running smoothly
    DOJ is America’s largest employer

  4. We have a Wallmart a theme park and a prison
    Our town supply’s all that we need
    I work as a guard I mow my front yard
    At night I watch prisoners bleed
    I spend most my wages at Wallmart
    Buying junk that is made overseas
    Then I ride in the park through tunnels so dark
    And spin upside down in the breeze
    Work at the prisons quite easy close my eyes at things too hard to see
    Near the end of my shift my mind starts to drift
    To that newest ride beckoning me
    I try to forget all the anguish those dirtbags in orange suits bear
    A rollback is on and I’m trying on some fancy new sports underwear
    Today the laundry was empty on advice from the head graveyard screw
    The new kids rear ended but I ain’t offended
    That’s just the stuff prisoners do
    A shanking went down in the day yard but no one saw anything strange
    I’m off to the mall to ingrave bowling balls and pick up a glass cooktop range
    Dogma is delusion in a tuxedo and normal folks make the finest Nazis
    Don’t question our system of order and never piss into the breeze
    I wrote this song while I was drinking liquid courage to strengthen my plan
    Truth I must speak through words that are weak
    I dred the virtues of a self righteous man

  5. Read the story in the AVA (Meth Mike & the Micro-mites) by Flynn Washburn Jan 7 2015
    For a peek into the brain of a tweeker

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