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Deputies Discover Commerical Quantity of Fentanyl While Investigating Domestic Arguement, Says MCSO


The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Grover Hunter [Mugshot provided by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

On 01-31-2022 at 9:57 P.M., Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a reported domestic argument at a location in the 1300 block of North State Street in Ukiah, California. 

On arrival, Deputies knocked on the door and were met by Grover Hunter.

The Deputies inquired about the domestic argument and learned Hunter had been in an argument with his girlfriend, who was in the bathroom.  As the Deputies were talking to Hunter, they observed a commercial quantity of Fentanyl and a usable amount of methamphetamine in plain view.  

The Deputies waited for Hunter’s girlfriend to exit the bathroom and confirmed there had been no physical violence during the argument. 

As the Deputies continued to talk to Hunter and his girlfriend they observed other items inside the room; which were indicative of drug sales, such as a digital scale.  The Deputies detained Hunter and continued their investigation. 

The Deputies located evidence and developed probable cause to believe Hunter possessed a commercial quantity of a narcotic/controlled substance for sale and possessed a controlled substance. 

Hunter was arrested for 11351 HS (Felony Possession Narcotic/Controlled Substance For Sale) and 11377 HS (Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Substance). 

Hunter was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $25,000.00 bail.



  1. What would you think if I bent all your spoons
    Just to cook up some smack for my need
    Lend me some cash and I won’t pay you back
    Cause I have a rich habit to feed
    Still I get by when I rip off my friends
    I can get high when I rip off my friends
    I wonder why I don’t have any friends

    • This shit is fasly reported totally inaccurate, just because a couple has a disagreement it’s a domestic??? Wow the I should b imprisoned 4 life a commercial amount?? Wtf does that even mean??? Haha so dumb shit like ruins ppls lives.. so like if someone turns their life around ppl in the community will be like oh that’s mr.hunter he was arrested for a commercial amount of drugs 40 years ago he’s a murderer or a p.o.s so lame this is definition of character slander false information false reporting which can all be countersued by the defendant his business is his business but the fuck out get lives go watch The real housewives of whatever county Love and hip Hop Maury Jerry Springer really fucking people alone and get a fucking a hobby go learn to knit or something or go fucking play with your grandkids or some shit and just leave people alone dude like get on you have nothing better to do but then to slander people just cuz people make mistakes don’t mean that they’re a bad person so like move on with your lives and fucking do something with yourself , for real

  2. The stupidity of people is infinite ! “Sure officers, c’mon in, I was right in the middle of weighing up some dime bags of fentanyl , but I could take a break to talk to you”……..Well that’s just groovy , Grover.

  3. In plane sight? I’ve had cops come to my door, in plane sight could mean my panti drawer. The chain of evidence becomes a ball and chain. If you are your own attorney you get discovery, that includes body cam video. Watch the cops and DA back pedal when their evidence is tainted by self incriminating unlawful busts

  4. Take this down right now or I will sue you for defamation / slander you personally and your “news” outlet. It did not happen like this and it was not a significant commercial amount there is no such thing as a definitive commercial amount of fentanyl federally and besides all that there has not been any lab test nor have I been told how much they found this is completely false news and needs to be taken down. further, I will be taking action against mcso as well. In last I did not have a $25,000 bail I got released under the new covid non-violent law I was in the holding tank for a couple hours before being released with a court date for the end of the month..

    • Fentanyl needs to go… its killing ou children, Dads, Moms, and for Gods sake our babies. The biggest percentage of people that are lost in this opiate induced stupor… will steal, lie, cheat, etc., eventually, yes they will.
      Heroin users forever try to get the same high they got as rookies. What they end up getting is well. Well enough to continue the search for their next fix. Thus Keeping the dope sickness at bay.
      The deadly difference with Fentanyl is, its so much more powerful. Doing the same amount of it is killing our people. Alot of times, unknown to the user. What starts out as a great high, will eventually kill. And those that say it “won’t happen to them”, that they have it “under control” are only lying to themselves, trying to believe it. It’s not a matter of “if” its a matter of “when”.

    • Grover, please stop selling fentanyl and get on the suboxone program yourself If you need help with an addiction. There’s totally NO judgement there. But I have friends who’s sons and daughters are dead now and they are left here angry and grieving. People will forgive you If you stop selling now. Jesus loves you Sir. Please come to church. We will help you and forgive you. Jesus forgives you too but you have to repent and turn away from fentanyl. It’s evil as a street drug.

    • Nows your chance Grover! 🪧Here’s your siign! 🏃‍♂️💨 Get out of this lifestyle NOW while you still can. 😵Before it totally robs you of everything worth living for 💀👻☠️🏴‍☠️🪦! And takes you to hell. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Grover you pretty much defamed and slandered your own name when you got caught with the fentanyl and scale. Are you even sorry? Do you have ANY remorse for selling dope that’s killing our children? In the olden days dude you would’ve been taken to the town square and hanged. Just like a lot of us. I say this not to judge you but rather hoping that you’re so traumatized by YOUR actions that this will be your fork in the road. What I’m trying to say is dude , choose a different path. Please.

    • Grove, You Did this to yourself. You Decided to get Caught. You Decided to Do the drugs and Sell them so WHY Would you even say “Sue” them? Makes No sense. That’s how the psychological experts define a cold blooded murderer…no conscience.

  5. Police blotter posts exaggerated charges and is public record
    You gotta allow wiggle space for the public pretender to plea bargin
    Convictions are not public record and few FELONY arrests get felony conviction
    You might piss on the sidewalk and get arrested for felony mayhem

  6. Not all drug addicts rip off ppl not all drug addicts lie cheat manipulate steal exctra like I said b4 go get a fucking hobby stop hating on ppl it’s lames like y’all that make a mutha fucker wanna give up and lose hope and all faith and get a fucking clue may e if y’all wasn’t so harsh or condemned a person they actually would reach out for help but fear of rejection judgement and shame because ppl like u like to cast judgement down when it’s not even your place to like c’mon 4 real get a fucking life ppl bashing was so in the 80’s

  7. Not all drug attics can form simple sentence but they sure get pissed off easy
    I am a repete offender
    My poems a hammer stalking nail

  8. I got a shot of the fent twice a day in UCDAVIS burn ward and it was fine
    If morophine is a Volkswagen Fentynal is a Ferrari
    I lost more friends to heroin than to Vietnam in the 60’s and 70’s
    I blame the drug laws not the drugs
    British planted opium along India’s border with China and used addiction to invade. The west forgot the Opium Wars but China did not. This is payback
    You cannot ban anything people want without creating crime and corruption

  9. Sugar kills more people than Opiates yet it fuels national economies. In 1970 only alcoholics died of fatty liver disease but now 5 year old children die from it. Ultra processed sugar is in everything.
    Sugar drinks kill 185,000 every year. 400 billion medical industry treating sugar realated illness. Over 700 billion prison court and DOJ industry and we whine about foreign wars. Sugar is the reason African Slaves were brought to the America’s, the natives could not survive the harsh labor of cane fields and European virus. Look at the vending machines in hospitals and you find sugar. The worlds most deadly drug

  10. Ben Franklin advised supplying rum to control the natives as a cheaper solution than war.
    CIA flooded Haight Ashbury with heiron in 1968 to destroy hippies
    They sprayed Paraquat on weed creating our modern Emerald Triangle
    Ghettos are flooding with cheap poison drugs to help support war on drugs and prison industry.
    CIA works with drug cartels to keep America poor and doped and convicted

  11. And groovy Griver got out free because of Covid 19. Another reason these Covid 19 queens need to get list. Jail this unrepentant idiot before he sells more kills someone and has no guilt or conscience. That’s how the psychological experts define a cold blooded murderer…no conscience.

  12. For God fucking Sake Grover I watched your MOTHER Die from Drugs, Let alone BOTH YOUR PARENTS And you do this??? And for the Shit you have done to your kids… You have Lied to them Stolen shit ETC. You need to stop this. Fentanyl?? REALY???

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