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Mendocino County’s Indoor Mask Mandate Will Remain— Rescinding It ‘Would Be Inviting Problems’, Says Public Health Officer


A day after the State of California announced the state-wide, indoor mask mandate would be rescinded on February 15, Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren told us indoor masking will remain locally, citing an ongoing strain on local hospitals as the cause.

Dr. Coren said, “I’m afraid that dropping our county’s universal indoor masking order would be inviting problems.”

According to Dr. Coren, the county has “not seen a descent in hospitalization/ICU admissions yet and have been seeing many days with zero staffed, available ICU beds OR hospital med-surge beds.”

There will be some modifications to Mendocino County’s masking orders, Dr. Coren said,  that will “allow some indoor venues to be unmasked if there are 100% attendees with up-to-date vaccination.”

As per the Center for Disease Control’s County Check tool that describes the state of community transmission throughout counties in the United States, Mendocino County’s transmission is considered “high” resulting in the recommendation that “everyone should wear a mask in public indoor settings.”

Earlier today, Humboldt County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman announced starting next Tuesday, the county’s indoor masking requirement will mirror the state’s in which vaccinated people can enter businesses without masks, while the unvaccinated must remain masked. The Lost Coast Outpost wrote that Hoffman specifically stated that the county will begin to move away from “policies that are requirements” to recommendations.

In describing the factors that informed the state’s rescinding of the indoor mask mandate, California Department of Public Health Director Dr. Tomás J. Aragón cited the Omicron variant loosening its hold on California, the upcoming access to vaccines for children under five years old, and increased access to COVID-19 treatments.

An internal, unscientific poll of MendoFever readers found that of 430 respondents, 67.44% predicted Dr. Coren would let the mandate expire, while 32.56% predicted it would remain. 

Dr. Coren did say that Mendocino County residents should expect more information to be released from county public health before February 15, 2022, regarding the issue of masks.



    • I’m not sure how the political doctor is going to enforce this. It’s not enforceable he’s not an elected official he’s a bureaucrat. This stops when you don’t want to wear masks anymore. Just stop wearing masks. These people can run their mouths all day long but there is no legal justification for you to wear a mask anywhere. The clown shows over how many Karen’s are just mad now.

  1. Strain on local hospitals is due to refusal to treat anything not Covid. I got zero care for sinus infection and bronchitis, they did not even check my lymph glands which were swollen. All the money is on Covid and just like any war in history it will continue to be the cash cow of medicine and drug companies
    A new boogie man keeps the public from looking at corrupt leaders

    • That’s fair. Someone can submit a FOIA to find that information, or you can post it in your private social media. I won’t be the host to that, just like I wouldn’t allow the posting of a police officer’s address. Public officials have to do their job, the public has a right to provide commentary on their job performance, but knowing a public official’s home address will just work to intimidate.

      • Dr, Cohen’s decision is wrong. But, publish a public official’s address, and then what? Go to their home, damage their property, assault them, or just make a lot of noise that disturbs their neighbors too? This is a tactic of the progressive left wing which shames them more than their intendant targets. We’ve seen a lot of it over the past two years. Normal Americans abhor it, and intelligent citizens should not mimic morons.

  2. Honestly most of the places I go to aren’t enforcing the mask mandate and haven’t been for months. Obviously “Dr” Andy has a different perspective than the populace of Mendo, which I get the feeling he will start to feel the pressure of, and he will have to change his tune, or get run out of town. Either way, I’ve personally made a commitment to stop wearing the mask of shame. If a business has a problem with that, I’ll spend my money some where else. FYI the areas with the most restrictions are the areas where the population is the most compliant. The mask mandates end when we the people say they do by resisting the mandate.

  3. BTW look at how awesome Andy’s “street sign” vaccination awareness program for businesses is going! Nobody gives a shit and most places have the signs out of view. This guy needs to go.

    • If people are still getting sick wearing masks, it seems that they aren’t doing the job, so why keep pushing them? There have been studies that show they are useless anyway. Also, a shame that people’s immune systems are being down graded.

  4. So we are masking for a virus that all mandates only saved .002% according to John Hopkins. That’s the science!!!!!! Sorry Dr. Coren, you are not following the experts. These mandates need to stop immediately, they’re doing more harm than good.

  5. Of course he intends to keep the mask on, but most of us are done with this bullshit. The bloated old waddling bastard is unhealthy as hell. Nice poster child for a PHO Mendo. Once the Cruella Deville is finally gone next month, he may want to start thinking on retirement, because the reign of terror is starting to crumble!

  6. This all looks much like Mcarthy era tactics. Commies under every rock. We showed the world America was not a free country and we gutted the bill of rights. Capitalists hate communists, pharmaceutical companies hate nature. Without germs we have no immune system

  7. This a political decision, not a scientific one. These mandates have already been proven to do more harm then good. This guy (I won’t him a Doctor because he’s just a Bureaucrat not a real Doc) is just trying to score woke points with his Tribe.

  8. ps after observing the gav, breed and garcetti at a recent sports event, i will be following their lead. will not be complying with your order doc.

  9. How capitalism works:
    Is it harmful? No. Is it profitable? No restrict it!
    Is it harmful? Yes. Is it profitable? Yes. Promot it!
    Coming soon a FEMA camp for all

  10. Add to that the glaring issue of polyethylene/polypropylene and other melt blown fabrics that clearly have been shown to degrade over time. This results in fiber like microplastics being released to the wearer and studies are now showing up that it is a cause for concern.

    Should you disinfect them, use alcohol/sanitizers, expose to UV, or shove them in your purse/pocket (which mechanically degrades), and whip it out when needed all contribute to the material(s) becoming more friable. The more it degrades, the more it releases, the longer you wear it & reuse it, the more you’re potentially exposed.

    The diameter of the material (1–5 µm) means that typically those sizes can easily escape the mucociliary clearance in the upper airway. That results in the fibers being potentially deposited deep within your lungs, and the longer the fiber is the more it tends to avoid clearance… not good. I’d imagine some ‘inflammatory’ issues surfacing in the not to distant future.

    So besides the contribution of nearly 7,200 tons of medical waste which was reported by M.I.T. in which they mention that the majority of it was disposable masks. This new realm of microplastic exposure to the pulmonary region is uncharted territory and in my opinion is a legit cause for concern. For parents who strap on these things to a child with developing lungs and constantly expose them on a hourly, daily, monthly, yearly basis and not consider the potential harm makes me shudder. As it seems the public is not well informed of the potential risks/issues associated with these ‘protective’ devices.

  11. Choosing a more restrictive path is going to be the downfall of Andy. He has changed his mind in the past when there was a public outcry. If you are worried and want to feel protected, wear a mask. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t. I am trying to understand why we have to wait till the 15th. Moving forward I think I will get rid of the mask, and “hold my breath” like Garcetti.

  12. If Covid is so bad, then where are the biohazard receptacles for the masks? We have a huge amount of biohazard littering the streets!

  13. We should collect all the old masks and glue them into a giant ball to match the worlds largest ball of string in Mo. It will be a great tourist attraction in Ukiah for decades

  14. Stand in front of the court house with his address, don’t ask Mendo Fever to do your dirty work.
    I have zero enemies, I have non essential friends

  15. American’s of Japenese race were put in prison camps and their property stolen because they posed a threat to national security. We are repeating that crime today with Covid laws

  16. I call for Coren to resign. As a citizen of Mendocino county I feel tyranny and emotional harm over his policies.

    Will not comply! Our founding fathers warned us about inferior gov officials like him.

  17. […] Dr. Coren told MendoFever News on Thursday that his primary concern is about local hospitals and their capacity and the fact that “our Mendocino hospitals are full, with 0-1 ICU and 0-1 general admission beds available most days in the last 1-2 weeks.” […]

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