Friday, January 27, 2023

Poll: Will Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer Lift or Keep the Indoor Masking Mandate?


California State Governor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday that the state’s indoor mask mandate will be rescinded on February 15, 2022. The unvaccinated are tasked with remaining masked and as of now, Newsom has not announced any specifics regarding unmasking school children.

This change in state policy will now leave the individual counties and their Public Health Officers as the determiner of masking policy.

Last summer, there was a brief period of time when the state rescinded the indoor mask mandate and Mendocino County followed suit, but it was short-lived when the county’s Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren reinstated the mandate due to the rise of the delta variant.

We’ve designed a poll hoping to gauge Mendocino County residents’ perspectives on this pivot in masking policy, the risks of COVID-19, and your personal risk assessment.

If you would like to provide more long-form responses to our questions or have other concerns you’d like to address, please respond below in our comment section.



  1. The mask is not the issue, the first amendment restrictions are the real problem. Freedom of assembly was violated without due process and freedom of speech is being labeled fake news. Let the public decide what is fake news not the owners of media. Covid 19 is a cash cow for the few while the many are crushed under these bogus fear tactics. Wearing a mask is not in the bill of rights but it is a pain in the ass

  2. End all the mandates, now! Should have been done a long, long time ago. Unfortunately, I don’t think Coren will give up his power trip any time soon.

  3. Repeal the 1917 espionage act! That is what caused the Spainish Flu to escape US Army camps and go around the world. The first amendment is the only virus tyrants fear. It’s hard to start wars when the public says no.

  4. The whole Covid drama has been egregiously mishandled. And that is a generous assessment.
    Most of the “misinformation” is coming from officialdom at this point, and it is apparently intentional.
    Any dissenting voice, no matter how well qualified and formerly well-regarded, is immediately squashed. Something is very wrong here.
    This is the defining issue of our time, and the real threat to what we still call democracy.

  5. the curve was flattened long ago.
    the only curve going on now is tyranny.

    so now you think the stab is the solution. they clearly are not working.

    old quote still pertinent.

    “if the tests work – why the false positives?
    if the masks work – why the 6 feet?
    if the 6 feet works – why the masks?
    if all 3 work – why the lock down?
    if all 4 work – why the vaccine?
    if the vaccine is safe – why the no liability clause?”

    meanwhile survey says:
    VAERS data
    covid stab deaths = 23,149
    total adverse reactions = 1,951,643

  6. Stop the tyranny. It’s gone on way to long. Our nation is in trouble if we don’t stop these communist dictators. In there spot “ We the people “. Not the government. Those assholes should be listening to us !

  7. A lot of it is plain common sense. Unfortunately, people no longer apply such an idea. Critical Thinking takes a little bit more effort than common sense, so it can be safe to say that many will just continue to 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑and follow the proven to be dishonest govt and health “leaders.”
    That this has taken 3 years is absurd and was a clear test and indication that people will fall for anything and are willing to ruin their lives.

  8. Two Covid deaths in Colorado were due to gunshot wounds. Look it up! Figures don’t lie but liars figure Mark Twain

  9. End it now. It’s a useless tyrannical practice that has harmed our entire community. One can only assume that our politicians have chosen the payoff over their own integrity. God is watching. Harming children is the lowest of the low.

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