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‘So-Called’ Mendocino Patriots and Their Protest Outside Dr. Coren’s Home—Geniella’s Thoughts


Mike Geniella’s incisive voice and watchful eye have been aimed at Mendocino County for many decades as a long-standing reporter for the Press Democrat and the spokesman for Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office. Now retired, Geniella finds the writing habit hard to shake. We’re excited to host a column from him sharing his thoughts, comments, and concerns about life here in Mendocino County.

Flags and signs displayed at a protest last fall in Ukiah [Picture by Matt LaFever]

The so-called ‘Mendocino Patriots’ are planning Sunday to show up outside the Ukiah home of the County Public Health Officer to protest his decision to continue indoor masking requirements for another month.

The Patriots in doing so are ignoring past requests that they confine their protests to public places, and not at the private residences of decision-makers.

“Join us for a rally at our Public Health Officer’s house this Sunday, February 13, at 1:30,” declares the notice put out to Patriot followers.

 “We’ll meet in Michael’s craft store parking lot at 1:30, then leaving the parking at 1:45 to head to his (Dr. Andy Coren) house.”

The Patriots’ notice claims that Dr. Coren’s decision to keep the indoor masking requirements in place through March 15 is an abuse of local authority, and prolonging ‘the nightmare.’

Like escalating rhetoric ala, the Canadian truckers’ blockade, the Patriots claim Coren’s latest order issued on Feb. 11 allows the “government to take you from your home and detain your somewhere else if they don’t think you are quarantining properly.”

The Patriots are promising to have ‘extra signs on hand so don’t worry if you don’t have time to make one.’

Dr. Coren has said still high local hospitalization rates are driving his decision not to lift the masking requirement at this time in Mendocino 

To lift the requirements now in a county where local medical facilities remain tested would be ‘inviting problems,’ said Coren.

Dr. Coren told MendoFever News on Thursday that his primary concern is about local hospitals and their capacity and the fact that “our Mendocino hospitals are full, with 0-1 ICU and 0-1 general admission beds available most days in the last 1-2 weeks.”

The limited capacity has meant “our facilities have had to postpone care to many who need hospitalization and even transport out of county local patients with emergency problems, such as surgery,” Dr. Coren told MendoFever.

Supporters of lifting Mendocino’s current restrictions cite a MendoFever reprint of a published story from that shows other rural counties with higher rates of hospitalized Covid patients than Mendocino including Lake, Siskiyou, Shasta, Tehama, and Del Norte. Those counties, in general, have been among the most resistant to Covid-related protection requirements. 

CalMatters research shows that Mendocino County’s hospitalization rates are higher than neighboring Sonoma, Humboldt, and Napa counties.

Dr. Coren’s policies have been scorned before by local critics including the Patriots. In early September, Dr. Coren voluntarily appeared before a large and mildly hostile crowd in a parking lot outside a local gym club to debate proposed vaccine mandates for employees and customers of local restaurants and bars.

Yet even the organizers acknowledged Dr. Coren’s decision to publicly meet with critics, and they praised him for “a lot of trust, courage and respect on his part.”

But the Patriots are not having any of that now.

“Our silence is prolonging the nightmare. We need everyone to stand together and say enough. We WILL NOT comply.”

The Patriots made headlines in early December when twenty-one of them showed up at the Ukiah Co-Op and grabbed shopping baskets but refused to wear masks as required by store policy. Employees offered them individual masks.

The Patriots disrupted the Co-Op’s check-out line, and one of their children opened and started eating chips they insisted they intended to buy. 

Patriots do not list their membership or organizers. They claim their intent is to ‘unify community members of Mendocino County, regardless of political affiliation, to peacefully stand up against overreaching local, state and federal governments.’

“We disagree with the intrusive handling of Covid-19 and the restrictions and mandates placed on us with little to no justification and without following standard public health guidelines that have always been in place,’ according to the Patriots website.

California’s indoor masking requirements will be allowed to lapse statewide next Tuesday, Feb. 15. Rather than requiring all residents to wear masks indoors, vaccinated residents can remain unmasked indoors, while unvaccinated individuals must remain masked. It is unclear who will enforce the unvaccinated requirement.

Even though California and other states are rescinding indoor mask mandates still championed by the federal Center for Disease Control, the state allows counties to assess their individual conditions and determine whether indoor masking requirements should remain in place.

Dr. Coren, citing Mendocino County’s still high hospitalization rate and the recent extraordinary surge of the omicron variant cases, contends it is not yet safe enough from a public health perspective to lift the indoor masking requirement.

*An initial title for this piece reflected the false attribution in the column connecting the Mendocino Patriots to a quote celebrating Dr. Coren for his “trust, courage and respect.” That quote is not attributed to the Patriots, but a business owner who organized a gathering where Dr. Coren met with local business leaders.



  1. These self titled “patriots” have forgotten their opinions are only worth 2 cents. 25 folks disrupting business and using intimidation tactics…reminds me of antifa. smh

    • Remember: Dr Coren wirked at Adventist Health and may be favoring their resistantance to adding more ICU beds and dislike to use other hospitals (costing too much to the county

    • Patriot gets thrown around as a cover for any dipshits actions nowadays….no Patriots in this country for years now.

  2. Most places I go to aren’t even enforcing the mask mandate anymore. It’s optional, if you want to wear one, its your decision. The mask wearing has just become theater for our elected officials, this is undeniable. Going mask-less around someone who we all know is HIV positive (Magic Johnson) while you continue to rail on and on about how we all need to keep wearing them is total bullshit and anyone who would defend these politicians needs a reality check. Now the CDC comes out and says cloth masks offer virtually no benefit. This is what some have been saying for the last two years. We are all tired of the mask bullshit. People are frustrated and have reached their breaking point. I’m not surprised things have gotten to this point with Dr. Andy. Although I won’t be attending the rally at his house I sympathize with the folks taking a stand. Most people that I interact with feel the same way as the patriots, we have a lot of independent people in Mendo and we don’t like being dictated to.

  3. Dr Coren’s order demands private action. It makes no distinction between public and private. Own a business? He will recommend sending men with guns to forcibly put an end to private conduct.

    The wall between public and private makes no difference in Dr Coren’s order. Much like vaccination status makes no difference in his order.

    This public official has no respect for private activities. The demand that his private activities be respected whilst he has disdain for private choices of others is an affront to good faith.

    Add the fact that he might be the only public health official in the state doing this mean he is per se unreasonable. He is the minority – perhaps a minority of one. The sole quack in this entire state.

    • Mendo patriots lost credibility when they went on private property and demanded to be served in a manner opposite than the owners rules.If the owners of the co-op say no customers with blue eyes or 10 fingers are allowed then that is the rule. It is their private property. I am a libertarian so I am fully aware of the patriots over all concerns. But if the fragment of an essence, no matter how good, doesn’t match the intent of the essence it will be a failure. If Mendo patriots steps foot on the Dr private land they have lost all credibility.

      • “If the owners of the co-op say no customers with blue eyes or 10 fingers are allowed then that is the rule.”

        You should really think about what your saying here. A private business that is open to the public cannot discriminate for any reason they want. We’ve already been down that road in American history.

      • A “libertarian” who believes that corporations have human rights. And unlimited ones at that! LOL

        Show me a business that is a sole proprietorship, which has not asked the State for special privileges (incorporation), and I’ll consider your spew about “owner’s rules.”

        Let’s remember that your line of “thinking” is ancient, and included the love of “property” called slaves.

  4. This is why mediocre people should never be granted ANY authority over others. They go straight to authoritarian fascism and become tyrants. And history has proven time and again that tyrants never just “give” you back your freedoms. I will see you all tomorrow. I hope that you can make it Matt.

  5. At issue here is the first amendment. They suspended the first amendment in 1917 and made it a crime to report flu outbreak on army bases in Kansas and Ohio. America sent its sick soldiers to Europe and Africa on converted cruise ships. The espionage act of 1917 caused the Spanish Flu epidemic. Freedom of press is the enemy of tyranny. The first amendment is the virus tyrants fear

  6. Oh snap the fascism/tyranny hyperbole gang is here as usual. I don’t like masks but these bs statements are just silly to anyone who’s seen actual tyranny.

      • Some things will remain for me. However, actual tyranny is the elimination of dissent. If you complain on face place about your “leader” or their minion your family is jailed and you disappear…save a bunch of people you never met from that and maybe you’ll have perspective.

      • Justadude spews:

        “actual tyranny is the elimination of dissent.”

        Oh, gee, that is EXACTLY what is happening, and has been happening, for two years! ONE opinion, all others verboten. Tyranny of corporations, in particular, usually called fascism. Or is it Faucism?

        When the government and corporations work together to eliminate “misinformation,” that meets your own definition of tyranny.

        Modern fascism has learned that disappearing people from the public sphere is almost as effective and much, much better optics than making people literally disappear. I make no mistake, though, in recognizing the longer this goes on, the higher the likelihood of actual disappearances. Those folks will be called “terrorists,” including for spreading “misinformation” and “undermining ‘our’ (sic) institutions.” Oh, gee, that is actually happening; DHS issued such a “terrorist advisory” just last week!

      • That’s not what’s happening! You’re dissenting here and at his home. You don’t understand what you’re talking about.

    • Tyrany, like the Biden Administration declaring this week that anyone questioning the government narrative is a domestic terrorist? Yeah, anyone.

  7. I am not antivaxx or anti mask, I am anti faux science. Big Pharm is in control of medical, FDA, CDC and University Medical Schools. Dicolfenac accidentally killed all the vultures in India yet you never read about it. India has become the worlds largest bio weapons lab. Rabies, anthrax, and coming soon, the worst smallpox epidemic the world has ever seen. Billions will die and big Pharm will stand by powerless to stop Mother Nature

  8. Read the book of Esther if you want to see fascist government. Wealth vs human rights. George Washington was a fascist. The whiskey rebellion was big distiller vs small farmers. Government weds with corporation

  9. Mike Genitalia might be “retired,” but he’s clearly still enamored with unlimited government power and manipulation of the People.

    Coren is literally dictating orders to us. What do we normally call such an individual?

    He can rescind the outrageous “order” and enjoy his peace. Or, he can welcome trouble. His choice.

      • One man giving orders to 90,000 people: tyrant

        20 people irritating that one man at his home: logical consequences

      • They are called consequences. He clearly thinks his opinion is above the will.of the people or debate. Yeah, that is at the very least authoritarianidm.

      • One man who was appointed by elected officials giving orders to 90k people is a republic not tyranny. Subsequently showing up at his home to “irritate” him is criminal trespass at best.

        I’m sorry you don’t like the United States and the principles of a democratic republic, but those are the rules by which you play. Bitch and moan all you like I’m just saying you look like a whiny baby to me.

      • Justadude spewed:

        “One man who was appointed by elected officials giving orders to 90k people is a republic not tyranny…I’m sorry you don’t like the United States and the principles of a democratic republic, but those are the rules by which you play.”

        A “democratic republic”…like the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” (North Korea)

        I don’t play by my overlords’ “rules.” I play by the American concept of Consent of the Governed.

        “Subsequently showing up at his home to ‘irritate’ him is criminal trespass at best.”

        LOL. Unless he lives in a private, gated community…Public streets…Public sidewalks. Coren’s diktats intrude on MY private home and tens of thousands of other’s “private homes” and “private businesses.”

  10. I don’t think anyone from Mendocino Patriots praised Coren. That was the organizers of the restaurant meeting, Slam Dunk and Ukiah Valley Athletic Club.

  11. The gathering leadership praised him for coming to that gathering and listening to them at that time. Now, he’s willingly deaf. Or just narcissistic. There is NO science involved in this obstinance. More advanced countries like Denmark have dropped the mandates (along with most of America), but Coren thinks he’s “smarter” than them.

    • And more advanced county public health officers, ie every other county PHO in the state.

      Dr Coren has maintained anti-science and anti-public health (but pro-image and pro-messaging) policies and had some company.

      He now stands alone as the last pure authoritarian ideologue in this position.

  12. Life of all flash is in the blood. Leviticus 17:14
    The blood of tyrants is censorship and propaganda, or as Ezekiel 23:20 the reproductive organs of powerful armies. Donkey dicks and horse sperm! The most vulgar verse in the bible
    We are being sold a bill of goods by a Jim Jones leader with Koolaid
    Our immune systems are being systematically destroyed by the drug industry. Sterilize an operating room but not our environment. We cannot exist without germs just like bone mass is lost in zero gravity. Don’t let faux science treat you like idiots. Science and religion go the shit when profit is the motive

  13. Hey Matt, why give Mike Geniella a platform on your site? So he can spew his corporate media propaganda just like he did at the Press Democrat? If anyone wants to know what the main stream media thinks about an issue, or Mike Geniella, they can just read the PD, or listen to NPR. I enjoy reading Mendo Fever, as many of us do, because it offers a different perspective than the usual media outlets.

    “Now retired, Geniella finds the writing habit hard to shake” Translation: Dude needs attention.

    “the spokesman for Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office” Yeah no. Another strike for Mike.

    Send him over to Bruce at the local county tabloid, the AVA. Might find a better audience there.

    • Another prime example of obfuscation.

      “The Mendocino Patriots Are Not Showing the ‘Trust, Courage, and Respect’ They Once Praised…”

      Can someone show me a printed article where ‘they’ praised?

      As the title is in reference to an event organizer/business owner’s INDIVIDUAL statement made in a Ukiah Daily Journal article from Sept 4th 2021 written by Justine Frederiksen. Yet nowhere does it mention that the individual who made the statement as being a member, or even a spokesperson to some local ‘patriotic’ group. In fact the article mentions the event organizer encouraging certain individuals not to attend due to the possibility of being disruptive.

      (From the article)

      “I think it showed a lot of TRUST, COURAGE and RESPECT on his part,” said Strangio, describing Coren as staying for another half hour after his public comments to talk with members of the crowd and hear their suggestions.
      To help ensure the event was constructive and civil, Strangio said he had asked six people he knew planned to be disruptive not to attend, and asked Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall to be on hand.

    • Jose-

      Appreciate your readership. Mike’s deep knowledge of the county and career writing about it might not be valued to you, but it is by many. I am glad to host his thoughts as an opinion/editorial column.

      In a comment below you say Mike is injecting his bias. That’s true. This piece isn’t published under the guise of reporting, but a “column”, which in media tradition frees the writer from the constraints of objectivity.

      Related, I’m very committed to hosting any community member’s perspective on this platform, within certain parameters of course. If you wanted to submit a letter to the editor about this topic, or any, I would publish.

      I don’t publish pieces exclusively to publish a “different perspective”, thought I appreciate you see some of the content on MendoFever as so.

    • I say let Mr. Genitalia speak. It’s the American Way. But also let us tear him to pieces with facts and logic. I applaud Mr. LaFever for allowing the latter.

      If truly free, open discussion had been allowed, this “crisis” would have ended before the end of 2020. But the massive censorship by the “mainstream media” and “social media” prevented credible voices from being heard. And they’re still “outraged” that dissent is getting through, such as via Joe Rogan.

  14. Obviously Mike is injecting his own biases into this article. Not a sign of a good journalist. He adds nothing to Mendo Fever.

    • In some countries you can be jailed or worse just for saying something critical of the government. It’s sad and a little scary that some people equate mask mandates with tyranny. Americans have so much freedom. Is this really the hill to make a stand on? It seems irresponsible and a squandering of rights some people would die to have. This is more like petulant bullying over nothing.

      • it is tyranny. want to wear a mask?? gahhead!!!
        stay at home too. leave the rest of us alone.
        too bad we can’t post pictures,
        where’s the Gadsden flag when i need one???

      • The mask mandates are part of a wide spectrum of mandates – diktats – to the American People, flying viciously in the face of Consent of the Governed. Wear a mask, cancel your social life, close your business, submit to this useless test, repeatedly, take this self-evidently dangerous injections, again and again.

        The bully has been government, and Coren is one of the bullies.

  15. I showed up at parking lot with my sign and my songs. Once others showed up I sang five songs. Many loved them but the leaders said “shut up”. I guess protest songs don’t jive with confrontation. You think you can start a protest movement without a Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger? I’m not in your face, I’m in your ears. So I took my songs and came home.

  16. Without songs a protest becomes an annoying tantrum. Want to change the world? Try art! Changing others is like beating darkness with a stick, learn to become light. Polarizing attacks on people we disagree with? Sounds like Rush Limbaugh’s bag of tricks

  17. The right to refuse service does not evaporate when it offends me. I am not the center of the universe. The right to offend, that is the realm of prophets. Without offense peoplel never change

  18. They did not treat my sinus infection they’re did not treat my bronchitis. Covid is the only disease Adventist Health is concerned with.

  19. Douglas Wayne Coulter. Prophet of most high. Come test me with hard questions. Bring your bibles
    I escaped from two state mental hospitals if you want my resume. I was seen by psychiatrist at Guantanamo Bay. My delusions are grandiose, I despise youre mundane delusions..

  20. Tyranny is prohibition from criticism. Without the first amendment we have government nforcement of tyranny. Public involvement in government desicionus is the foundation of democracy. Propaganda is the disruption of truth.

  21. If the BOS, CEO and Dr. Coren would stop hiding in zoom meetings then public could go to Board Meeting and have their say during public comment. I do not condone going to someone’s house, that crosses the line. But I understand when people feel shut out they may do extreme things. Dr. Coren cannot show you a study that says if you wear a mask and are vaccinated you will not get COVID. Doesn’t exist!!! Time to live with COVID, normally.

    • Coren issues “orders” to us on how we are to conduct ourselves at our homes, at our family/friends’ homes, and in our own businesses. But he is, for some reason, entitled to peace and sanctity despite his control freakdom?

      The Line was crossed two years ago. WE didn’t do that.

      • I agree these mandates crossed the line. But all you’ve done is lowered yourself down to BLM’s level when you go to someone’s house. Yes his house is his sanctuary, isn’t yours? I agree with the fight but these tactics are juvenile.

  22. To the tune Alouetta
    Medication nasty medication
    Medication they have forced on me
    First they gave me Mellorill
    Then they tried Phuphenizine
    With Artan what a pain
    How about some Prolixin
    Maybe use some Elivil
    Stellazine Thorazine
    Medicine that makes me drool
    Makes my tongue go in and out
    Man alive I’ve got Tardive
    Serzone and Risperdal
    Anhedonia hears me call
    My livers gone I move on
    Seroquel puts me to sleep
    I don’t need to count the sheep
    I’m getting fat what’s wrong with that
    Douglas Wayne Coulter 2004

  23. 1917 Espionage Act and 1926 Buck vs Bell Eugenics Law. Both still in effect and unchallenged. Both clear cut tyrany laws. Buck vs Bell allows one Dr to order forced sterilization. Still in practice against Native American women. I have been to Guantanamo Bay. 5150 is 72 hour hold with a phone call or judge.

  24. Can you overcome evil with evil? Sure you can. But that’ll just beget more evil. Gods law says to overcome evil with good. Any ideas? I need to breathe…🙏🤗💕 Doug you live in the old folks home and you are obviously still alive ( thank you Jesus) so tell us, are your friends and neighbors dropping dead from Covid?

  25. So-Called’ Mendocino Patriots

    Mike Geniella’s ‘so called’ incisive voice

    Incisive: clear thinking

    Like 9/11, Covid is yet another ‘so called incisive’ national emergency that is not about to go away. In fact, as to developing threats our government sees little difference between the two events:

    Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks | The White House

    A Letter on the Continuation of the National Emergency Concerning the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic | The White House

    National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin – February 07, 2022 | Homeland Security

  26. I do not know anyone who died of Covid. Sun House Senior just got hit with many positive tests but few symptoms. We are all dying but if you test positive that is ruled cause of death. Adventist Health does not treat comorbidities, they send you home to die. I’m to stubborn to die. And god ain’t don’t thumping me.

  27. The propaganda use similar language. Evil negro music, commie reds, queers will destroy America. These are the boogie man tactics to I stile fear. Burn books and ban speech. I still cannot look at dominos and not think of commie threat. All propaganda I was taught in school. I never learned that from my parents. Reefer Madness if you remember demonized one of the most beneficial plants in history. Hemp oil was in the Holy Anointing Oil poured over Aaron’s head. Crowd control via fear.

  28. We forget Jim Jones was elected to many offices in Mendocino County. His church controlled the Hospital at Talmage. CPS gave him our unwanted children. Everthing Jim did was supported by government grants. Church and state cannot get in bed together and not produce bastards. 35,000 doses of Thorazine was discovered at Jonestown along with 900 bodies including those unwanted kids from our progressive county.
    How quickly we forget our mistakes

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