Monday, December 5, 2022

Two Mendocino County Men Succumb to COVID-19—Total of 119 Residents Have Now Died from the Virus


The following is a press release from Mendocino County Public Health:


Public Notice: Two Mendocino County residents recently passed away with COVID-19. Our thoughts are with their families and friends. 

Death #118: 91 year-old man from the North Coast area; vaccinated with comorbidities. 

Death #119: 65 year-old man from the North County area; vaccinated and boosted with comorbidities. 

Public Health asks all Mendocino County residents to consider the best ways to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19. When in doubt, consult with and follow all CDC  and CDPH guidance. Vaccination for everyone ages 5 and older, masking, and social distancing remain the best tools for combating COVID-19.  

Fully vaccinated people should strongly consider getting a COVID-19 booster to improve immunity. Boosters are available for everyone age 12 and older. If you have questions about boosters or vaccines in general, speak with your doctor, or call Public Health at 707-472-2759.  To find the nearest vaccine clinic in your area, please visit the Public Health website at:



  1. Condolences to the families. Their deaths are heartbreaking regardless of the cause or their age. And what’s even more sad is that these people were good Sheeple and they went and got their vaccinations. Shame on the vaccine for not saving them. Shame on the booster as well. Unless the families tell me that Covid killed them I will never believe it was the cause of their death. Maybe they had it but I doubt it was the cause. It probably just didn’t help any.

  2. I went to Adventist Health to have my comorbidities treated. I did not have Covid symptoms, I had bronchitis and a sinus ear infection for months. They tested me for Covid and said I was positive. They refused to treat my bronchitis or sinus infection. They gave me chest X-ray and monoclonal drip and sent me home to die of my comorbities. No follow up, no meals, when I called they left me on hold. I went to VA ER today and got medicine for lungs and ears. Covid was designed to get rid of baby boomers because you cannot go after Social Security so go after those using it. Tested on Feb1

  3. Notice how they stated both was vaccinated with booster and they died, then continue to say go get vaccinated and/or booster shot to protect yourself and loved ones. I don’t think the vaccine is protecting anyone. The vaccine seems to be making illness worse.

    • My heart& lung specialist raised an eyebrow and had a moment of silence when I sat before him having survived Covid! with no help from Adventist health. They did write me an inhaler refill. I had been out of my daily inhaler for 1 week during Covid. And the Drs. Office knew I had Covid but REFUSED to refill my inhaler because I missed a prior appointment. What happened to the DO NO HARM oath?

      I caught Covid from a VACCINATED/boosted family member! And they got the same amount of sick as I did. It’s not the UNvaccinated spreading Covid. We get sick and we know it so we isolate. The vaccinated whos symptoms don’t show as much don’t realize its Covid they have so they don’t get tested and
      they don’t isolate. They are the ones spreading Covid. Not unvaccinated people. And now we all have more immunity than the vaccine can provide to you. The vaccine does NOT make you immune. The vaccine does NOT stop the spread of Covid.

      Anyone care to explain to me why I’m still here & typing this comment?

  4. Don’t gather round people just tune into zoom
    Make sure you wear masks when you enter a room
    And kill every germ that may threaten our doom
    If your health to you is worth saving
    Isolation and depression as we all die alone
    And my Depends they need a-changing
    Come mothers and fathers keep your kids out of school
    Close down every place that’s not government tools
    And pay corporations to break all the rules
    Mom and pop wait for some stimulation
    But Walmart is open Black Fridays at hand
    While my Depends still need a-changing
    The line it is drawn Big Pharm hold the task
    To kick Mother Nature in her natural ass
    If you claim climate change go to the back of the class
    Did history get thrown out the window
    Every great leap of science leaves damage that lasts
    But my Depends still need a-changing

  5. Brand new tune
    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
    About one lovely ship
    That ran into an iceberg
    Upon its maiden trip
    Lifeboats were very lacking
    They did not feel the need
    To clog the deck with ugly boats
    Try swimming yes indeed
    Swimming yes indeed
    Science can make many rich
    When conflicts are resolved
    Rid the oceans icebergs
    Our problems are all solved
    Problems are all solved
    With CO2
    And logging crews
    Some millionaires running rife
    While movie stars
    Sell Ponzie sceams
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  6. If anyone wants to contact me and debate/compare notes
    Douglas Coulter
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    Snail mail is great
    I don’t do farcebook anymore. Farming for likes from many faux friends.

  7. This news feed is boring now. So much news happening out there you never hear about it here. Where’d all the interesting commenters go they were so entertaining they all got bored and left too I guess. That’s why I came here to read the comments Then Matt got in bed with the cops. MG Adios la bye bye Bummer. Now you have one commenter.

  8. This is my only social media. AVA blocks most of my comments. I do get read on Memo Of The Air. Marco likes my twisted mind.

  9. Money wants to put me down, talkin bout degeneration
    Cause I’ve been too long around
    Talkin bout degeneration
    I can’t stand heat I can’t stand cold
    Talkin bout degeneration
    I did not die I just got old
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    They wish we all just fade away
    Social security needs to pay
    My feet and hands have lost sensation
    I’m the baby boom generation
    Talkin bout degeneration
    Talkin bout degeneration
    Covid was made to put us way
    Benefits they no longer pay
    Comorbities not in estimation
    We just want to kill your generation
    Talkin bout degeneration
    Talkin bout degeneration

  10. So in less than a year we’ve gone from “the vaccine has 98% efficacy with 100% protection and you will not spread it to others” to “okay you can still get it but you won’t have to get hospitalized” to “well at least you won’t die” to “well if you die at least you won’t go to Hell like those damned dirty anti-vaxxers.” Keep buying that snake oil folks Pfizer just had it’s biggest year ever! And here I sit still telling you to wake up and smell the big con. Same as I have from the start. As soon as they tried to tell me that 2000 year old science of the greatness of natural immunity was no longer true, I knew this whole thing is a sham. I’m not saying the Wuhan flu isn’t for real. I’m saying Dr. Death Faucci is an evil con man.

  11. Covid isolation protocol is the Zyklon B of America’s Finial Solution
    The future is simply the past dressed in drag
    Insanity is the preschool of the prophets
    Dogma is delusion in a tuxedo
    Propaganda and censorship are the donkey dicks and horse sperm of Ezekiel 23:20
    Psychiatrists bottle feed a generation of narcissists
    I dread the virtues of a narcissist
    The empath self harms the narcissist harms others.

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