Sunday, February 5, 2023

One Hundred and Twenty Deaths in Nineteen Months— Mendocino County Loses Another Resident to COVID-19


The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:


A Mendocino County resident recently passed away with COVID-19. Our thoughts are with their family and friends.

Death #120: 61 year-old man from the North County area; unvaccinated with comorbidities.

Public Health asks all Mendocino County residents to consider the best ways to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19. When in doubt, consult with and follow all CDC and CDPH guidance. Vaccination, masking, and social distancing remain the best tools for combating COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated people should strongly consider getting a COVID-19 booster to improve immunity. Boosters are available for everyone age 12 and older. If you have questions about boosters or vaccines in general, speak with your doctor, or call Public Health at 707-472-2759. To find the nearest vaccine clinic in your area, please visit the Public Health website at:



      • not interested in guesses, you sad excuse of humanity.
        give me facts. but then again you never seem to be able muster those you just interject your satanic entropy

        my apologies, as much as it pains me…you are in my prayers.

    • Probably doesn’t. Sniffles, colds, and flu are what “Covid” actually is. Those and throw in old age. And the vaxxed injured and dead. Plus add on a couple of papayas. The PCR test is a fire hose spewing out false positives. In sum, we the people have been had. The false narrative includes referring to the jab as a vaccine. It’s not. The perps admit it’s gene therapy. A big difference.

  1. If you go to Adventist with medical emergency and test positive they refuse to treat that medical emergency. They only treat Covid. If you die from medical problem it helps their number game

  2. Covid was designed to eliminate baby boomers. You cannot attack social security so go after those that use it. Eugenics and euthanasia were the rage in Americas science 1920s until Hitler took them too far. Eugenics was true science in American school books, elementary school to university. White supremacist science that we shared with Hitler and funded.

  3. How about germaphobia and sanitation. If you are not exposed to germs for two years the immune system atrophys. Just like astronauts lose bone mass in zero gravity. Science is all about questions, profit is all about delusion

  4. “COVID will not suddenly disappear,” Johnson told Parliament on Monday. “So those who would wait for a total end to this war before lifting the remaining regulations would be restricting the liberties of the British people for a long time to come.”
    Ok! Enough already.

  5. How many deaths in 19 months? 120? Wow. Quite the epidemic. I bet most are elderly folk with comorbidities. Will public health in this county please cease with the “Covid” ruse.

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