Sunday, February 5, 2023

Truck Crashes Beside Russian River Along Highway 101— Searchers Comb Crash Site— Driver’s Whereabouts Unknown

A first responder navigates the steep embankment to investigate the crashed vehicle [All photos by Peter Armstrong]

This afternoon California Highway Patrol, Hopland Fire, and Cloverdale responded to reports of a vehicle spotted hundreds of feet down an embankment abutting the southbound lane of Highway 101 near Frog Woman Rock.

Hopland Fire, Rescue Solutions, and the California Highway Patrol discuss the logistics of the search

The vehicle, appearing to be a white truck, came to rest tangled in the foliage along the Russian River. Skid marks were visible on the pavement above the area where the truck came to rest.

Swift-water rescue personnel search for signs of the driver

California Highway Patrol’s Public Information Officer Olegario Marin told us after the vehicle was located, authorities commenced a search out of concern the occupant might have been ejected during the crash.

The engine was cold and it was unclear how long the vehicle had been next to the river, Officer Marin told us.

Searchers comb the steep hillside the vehicle descended

Hopland Fire Chief Mitch Franklin said swift water rescue personnel were deployed to search the Russian River for any sign of the occupant but did not locate anything related to the incident.

CHP’s Officer Marin told us follow-up investigations are ongoing to determine what became of the vehicle’s occupant.

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  1. This may be disposel of a vehicle. Stolen or overdue payments. I have seen this often in junk yard history. There would be blood if a person was inside during that plunge.

  2. Wow a lot of speculation or inside info. I didn’t see anything here that showed blood inside vehicle or not, or skid marks on the road or not.

  3. Based on the aforementioned testimony and vehicle description there is hardly a doubt and I am surprised no one else sees this. ALIEN ABDUCTION hello!

  4. I was kidnaped by aliens once but my songs drove them crazy.
    The anal prob was just like what the VA hospital did
    Rollin Rollin Rollin
    Who’s that in my colon
    All my pride was stolen
    The aliens tossed me out at an old cowboy set in Nevada, I had to hitch hike home

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