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Mendocino County— Now One of Only Three California Counties to Maintain the Indoor Masking Mandate


The State of California’s indoor masking mandate lapsed four days ago.

The Center for Disease Control said this last Wednesday as omicron-related cases have declined, guidance on masking will be updated in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, in Mendocino County, the county’s Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren has told residents indoor masking mandates will remain out of concern for the county’s hospital capacity being impacted.

Only three California counties have maintained the indoor masking mandate: Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and Mendocino Counties.

Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Coren told residents, “We will continue to assess the COVID-19 situation as it evolves and will reevaluate the need for continued universal masking orders on March 15, 2022, based on community transmission and burden to the local hospital system.”

Similar to Mendocino County’s reasoning Santa Clara County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody told reporters her reason behind maintaining the indoor masking mandates is informed by the high number of infections associated with omicron and local hospitals running out of ICU beds.

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Los Angeles County’s Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer recognized that her county was seeing a drop in test positivity rate, case numbers, and hospitalizations, but maintained the mandate concerned about omicron’s continued high transmission. She specified that Los Angeles County will keep the mandate until there have been two straight weeks at or below a moderate rate, defined as 50 new cases per 100,000 people. Of the three counties to maintain the indoor mask mandate, Los Angeles is the only one to specify a metric that when met would inform the rescinding of indoor masking.

Mendocino County’s COVID-19 dashboard provides the public at large with the latest accounting of hospitalization due to the virus, as well as those seeking COVID-19 treatment in local intensive care units.

Taking a closer look at that data since Dr. Coren cited hospitalization as the reason for maintaining indoor masking mandates, it is clear that hospitalizations from the recent omicron wave are on a downward trend. 

He announced his intentions to maintain the indoor masking mandate on February 11 in our interview with him. Dr. Coren’s initial concern of hospitalizations increasing was realized when three days later total hospitalizations had jumped 33.3%.

But, in the last five days, each Mendocino County COVID-19 Dashboard update has seen a decrease in COVID-19 hospitalization for a combined decrease of 61%.

DateHospitalized ICUTotal% Change
2/14/20221772433.3% ↑
2/15/20221652112.5% ↓
2/16/20221431719.1% ↓
2/18/2022841229.4% ↓

Dr. Coren did not identify a specific threshold that must be met before indoor masking mandates were rescinded, but he told us via email on Thursday, “I am definitely watching numbers. Will re-evaluate universal indoor masks by 3-15, as promised.”

Considering the timeline laid out by both CDC and Dr. Coren, and the local hospital numbers on a downward trend, Mendocino County could very well see the metrics laid out by Dr. Coren in the coming weeks.

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    • The last comment is bullshit! Mendocino County does not have more COVID than anyplace else in CA. The “officials” here are not smarter than everyone else. They are not elected but they continue to make all the rules. Anne Molgaard is an idiot and does NOT know anything about public health. She is merely a shill for Carnel Angelo!!!.

    • Are you joking? Do you wear a n95 mask like the CDC recommends? Do you change it regularly? Do you see gas pumps or money being wiped down as it’s being interchanged? Have you seen someone actually die? Die in Starbucks, die in Safeway? Die in the street? You do understand in a pandemic they would be dying in front of you weekly while out and about? Literally. Have any of you seen someone drop dead of Covid out in public? That’s a serious virus or pandemic or plague.

      • Exactly. For two long miserable years I have kept an eye out for evidence of a pandemic. Can’t find it. No increase in burials here in my community. I know of no one ill except for an occasional cold and flu. I hear and read about MANY of the injected dying or injured after the jab. No one I know is dead from the “Covid”. If the pandemic was real, we would know. All we have to go on is our gullible misplaced trust in an official narrative and chump medical professionals who continue to prove to us not to trust the science.

    • BS; Hospital being favored by former staffer Coren over our precious children masked up. Egregiously wrong. Call FEMA to put up a temp ICU as needed. Hosp said not all in ICU Covid related. Search for video of Coren IN hottub at Redwood Health Club without a mask. Thank god I cancelled cause I wouldn’t want to be in the same water!!!!

    • Huh? What pandemic? Oh wait, there is a pandemic OF THE INJECTED. Massive numbers of injuries and deaths throughout the US caused by the gene therapy experiment on trusting citizens. We are sick of these mask mandates. To continue this is to say Mendocino County public health is under the control if quacks. Do research. You are mightily fooled.


  1. Breaking News! April 1, 2056 Dr. Coren, Mendocino County Public Health Directer, reluctantly lifts mask mandate due to the fact that masks have not been available in stores for the past ten years.

  2. They will give up the masks and we will all wear plastic bags over our heads.
    A sheep dip pond and delousing shower will be installed in front of every store or office

  3. The county hospitals are run by one single religious cult and they have an agenda that differs from public will. Next science breakthrough is that Koolaid cures Covid

    • Exactly! Money! They get financial assistance from state and fed for covid and need to keep claiming it! Whoops I meant to keep claiming it as they are a business.

    • dear “patriot”
      maybe when it broke a country apart and destroyed it.
      stay at home in your safe room and keep your mask on.
      ps and in the words of garcetti just hold your breath …forever.

      mandates our frieken done.

    • “Erring on the side of caution” has ruined lives and destroyed many small businesses. Shutting down mom and pop while Walmart and Costco are kept open. Why were they “essential”? Grocery stores and pharmacies are. Why the double standard? Huge mega facilities crowded with shoppers. We were to believe that a church or an ice cream parlor was the lair of “Covid” infections? That was my first wake up. There has not been a pandemic. Just fear porn, a business model, cooked statistics, and a runaway psychosis that still permeates the uphill battle to return to some collective sanity. But the kicker regarding caution is why anyone would allow an experimental gene therapy “vaccine” to be injected into their body? Warp speed no less. The scorn is for those who pulled off the scam and continue to this day despite the collapse of the official narrative.

  4. Covid did not kill that many, few healthy people died. We are a nation of sick folks with low immune systems because we are afraid of germs and eat processed food with sugar in everything. Sugar creates a 400 billion per year medical industry. Sugar drinks kill 185,000 per year, it’s the real thing.
    Hiding under my desk at school was going to save me from atom bombs

  5. If we all agree that masks work as advertised, and the flu was basically eradicated last year because of mask wearing, could one then imply that 50,000 – 100,000 flu deaths each year could have mostly been avoidable for years and maybe decades???? Think of all the lives that could have been saved if we would have just masked up years before COVID! If the science is clear, why weren’t these measures put in place earlier to save lives caused by the seasonal flu?????? Why were we not told of this before COVID???? How could masking and it’s impact on respiratory diseases be such a new phenomenon??? Masks have been around for how long????? This is a massive failure on the part of all health organizations and health officials!!!!! How could anyone claim that the doctors “just didn’t know” before COVID????? How can this scenario even be reality!!!!!!

  6. I am prophet of most high and have a message to planet earth. I don’t zoom, and is don’t use the telephone. The garden was not original sin, it was original death.
    Dueturonmy 32 describes the Christian religion. Jesus said the Temple will be trod until the time of the Gentiles ends. That is now. Smallpox will return and kill half of earths population. Churches throw me out because I know the book better than their great scholars. Test me with hard questions
    Douglas Wayne Coulter
    170 Cleveland ln #209 Ukiah, Calif. 95482

  7. Religion is based on agenda. A god who requires aid.
    The true god has zero needs and is in absolut control of the universe.
    Paul the apostle sold a pagan god with guilt, shame, and rules.
    The law of The Lord is perfect. All gods laws are self enforcing. There is zero history to support the crucifixion. Christianity was created by Titus. Paul said take every thought captive, just like Chairman Mao.you cannot know god without imagination, unless you become as a little child
    I have been violently thrown out of churches for voicing these Heresys

    • 2Corinthians 10:5, Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that EXALTETH ITSELF AGAINST the knowledge of God, AND bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”

      It doesn’t bother me that the Bible says to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. But then Christ is my personal Savior so… That’s probably why.

      I’m not trying to evangelize you. I can tell you have already learned the Bible. I’m not sure exactly what you believe in. So as I was saying I’m not trying to evangelize you, I’m just trying to be loving. Because that’s what the Bible says to do. It’s not what I would naturally do in my flesh. So I see it as a really good thing.

      I wouldn’t mind listening to what you’re trying to say but here’s probably not the place to start a bible fellowship. Although I wouldn’t mind that either. I’m hungry for a good bible study. 🤗

      Shalom Doug

      Ps. I have lots of questions I would love to ask you. But not to debate or argue. Just to pick your brain about stuff and see if I can glean some perspective on some things. You never know right?


  8. Illness strengthens the immune system. Sterile inviornment weakens it. Go to outer space for a few months and you lose decades of bone mass. The law of The Lord is perfect, perfect law is self enforcing

  9. Agenda is always based on powrer, money is just synthetic power. Control of environment and markets is the goal of every billionaire. Control is a delusion. While power is the most dangerous addictive drug in the world

  10. The bible is like a Van Gogh painting, if you look too close it makes no sense. Read it like great litureture and see how linked together it becomes. It never claims to be holy, infallible, or “the word of god”. That is all religion. Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs. Jonah 2
    A mans own folly destroys his life but his heart rages against The Lord. Proverbs 19:3 until we have it out with god and settle our grudges we are like the spouse that screams, “I’m not angry!”
    Isiah 58, the full chapter tells us the only thing we need to hear from god. A simple contract and a science recipe.

  11. Every religion has an agenda. Most religions carry needy gods around. “You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel” or in Mendocino County, swallow Carmel Angelo

    • Dude, put your phone down and get a life. Your ranting is unhealthy. Your gonna make yourself sick checking this stream every 5 seconds to one up all the other trolls. If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t wear one. Let people make their own decisions. These comment streams, though sometimes entertaining are as bad as Facebook. Ya’ll need to be more productive in the community than this!?

  12. 🌸🦩Yes, I agree! The pandemics OVER now. It’s a beautiful day, the 🌞 sun is out. I’m heading out to play and visit! 🐚🐡🌀

  13. This guy is a “elected” leader of a country but our Mendo Medical Miracleworker knows more…”COVID will not suddenly disappear,” Johnson told Parliament on Monday. “So those who would wait for a total end to this war before lifting the remaining regulations would be restricting the liberties of the British people for a long time to come.”

    • The entire fraud is a perception created by the state media for criminals who control state public health agencies, here and around the world. All in lockstep as if on cue, synchronized from a central dictate. But the narrative is in collapse. “The Devil knowing his time is short shall have much wrath”.

  14. This is the best comment thread. I really like the viewpoints shared. Yes even those believers in science for profit. When the bill of rights is tossed into the crapper you now evil is afoot.

  15. Touching your face, eyes, mouth, nose spreads Covid. Remember all that early warning? The mask makes us touch our faces more. We touch money, the dirty germ spreader. The mask is a Maginot Line cost millions and the Nazi’s just went around it. Virus is an enemy we cannot see, an enemy that proves evolution. The human race only survives by adapting. Smallpox will return and cut human overpopulation because that is how nature works. Look up India Vultures, Dicolfenac to see how the pharmaceutical industry created the biggest bio weapons lab on earth by accident. Then kept it off the front page of media

  16. In 1942 America rounded up Japanese Americans and put them into POW camps. We stole their property and threw the Bill of Rights out the window. I have many friends who enjoyed the government accommodations during WW2 gomen asi. As we err on the side

  17. Take the masks off, live your life. If you feel better with your mask on, wear it. If you want a vaccination, get it. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s called choice, we don’t need Coren to choose for us. By the way, people like Coren, Garcetti, Newsom and most of these liberals making the rules don’t follow them, that should tell you all you need to know, they want control it’s not about a deadly virus. If you wanted to spread Covid, then let people come into our country untested, no mask, no verification of vaccine and put them on buses and planes to different parts of the country, like Sleepy Joe. I’ll bet Coren voted for him.

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