Monday, December 5, 2022

[UPDATE 8:52 p.m.: Vehicle Found, Driver Arrested]Police Pursuing Black Corvette on Highway 101 Speeding Into the Ukiah Valley


Scanner traffic indicates there is an ongoing police pursuit in Northern Mendocino County involving a black Lamborgini hitting speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

Initial reports indicated the vehicle was heading south down Highway 101 near the Creekside Cabins north of Willits and CHP chose to disengage in the pursuit out of safety concerns.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reported reacquired the vehicle North of Willits but also disengaged from the pursuit as it hit high speeds.

The vehicle is reportedly still southbound speeding through the Willits Bypass and Ukiah units have been requested to respond. If the vehicle heads north, responding officers have said they will set up a spike strip near the Ridgewood Grade Summit.

As of 5:26 p.m. the vehicle was reportedly still speeding southbound along Highway 101 south of the Golden Rule trailer park making its way into the Ukiah Valley.

UPDATE 5:32 p.m.: The Black Lamborgini was reportedly sighted continuing southbound on Highway 101 near the intersection with Highway 20 east north of the Lake Mendocino exit.

UPDATE 5:34 p.m.: Officers are reporting the vehicle is now going eastbound on Highway 20. Commuters, if you see a black Lamborgini, get out of its way.

UPDATE 5:37 p.m.: CHP Lake County units are being dispatched to Highway 20 as the vehicle makes its way to the county line.

UPDATE 5:41 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates this vehicle is most likely a black corvette, not a Lamborgini, and there seems to be another vehicle following the pursuit described as an SUV.

The last update indicated the vehicles were now near the Buffalo Ranch speeding eastbound passing on the right shoulder.

UPDATE 5:59 p.m.: The Corvette reportedly did not have any plates on it. The last place it was reported being seen was in Nice well into Lake County.

UPDATE 6:31 p.m.: Law enforcement has once again located the black Corvette west on SR-20 passing the Buffalo Ranch. The driver is supposedly a black male adult who is the sole occupant. The vehicle is supposedly driving 120 miles per hour.

Spikes have been set up near the intersection of County Road 244 and Highway 20.

UPDATE 6:39 p.m.: The black Corvette apparently missed the spike strips and is now on Highway 101 last seen going south near the Perkins Street exit.

Ukiah Police Department seems to be staged at all the exits to keep the vehicle going into the city.

The stop reportedly started in the “North Sector” earlier this afternoon when the vehicle failed to yield after law enforcement attempted to stop the vehicle for having no license plates.

UPDATE 6:48 p.m.: CHP has canceled the pursuit until further notice and are issuing a BOLO to nearby agencies. There are reports that the black Corvette might have turned onto SR-253 heading west towards Boonville.

UPDATE 8:50 p.m.: The black Corvette has been located and one person has been detained. Law enforcement briefly had the driver at gunpoint before arresting him. The location where the vehicle and driver were found was unclear.

Please remember that this story is unfolding. Information is being reported as we gather it. However, some of the information coming from witnesses and initial official reports could be wrong. We will do our best to get the facts but, in the case that something is inaccurate, we will update with correct information as soon as we can.



  1. It would be a real bummer if they wrapped that corvette around a tree without their seat belts on. My Mom and daughter missed the pursuit by minutes on the 20.

  2. I went to pick up my son at school in Ukiah around 3:45ish. There was a black matte sports car in the slow lane that pulled into the Wingstop (is that what the restaurant is called across from In n’ Out). No plates. Couldn’t tell if it was a vette or a Euro car.

    Must’ve been out for a joyride.

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