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Redbearded Burglar Sentenced to 25-Years to Life in Prison Pleading Guilty to Assault on a Sheriff’s Deputy


The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office:

Various Images of William Evers (aka

Defendant William Allan Evers, age 40, most recently a coastal transient, admitted Friday morning in the Mendocino County Superior Court that he assaulted a Sheriff’s deputy with a firearm in the Elk area of Mendocino County back in May 2021 while fleeing from a home burglary in that area.

The defendant also admitted as true sentencing allegations that he has suffered two prior felony convictions that brought him within the meaning and spirit of California’s voter-modified Three Strikes law.

The defendant was convicted of his second Strike — a felony violation of Penal Code section 422, Criminal Threats — in the Shasta County Superior Court in October 2014.

The defendant was convicted of his first Strike – a felony violation of Penal Code sections 459 and 460(a), Residential Burglary – in the Humboldt County Superior Court in 2007.

The defendant also admitted when asked by the judge that he was on state parole at the time of his crime spree and that he had failed to comply with the terms of his parole, particularly the term requiring the defendant to obey all laws.

As part of the negotiated disposition, the defendant stipulated to the only Three Strike sentence authorized by law in this case given the guilty plea and admissions – 25 years to life in state prison.

While also charged with multiple burglaries, those charges were dismissed with the understanding that the defendant will be ordered to pay restitution to the many victims out of his prison wages, if any, during his lengthy incarceration.

The conviction and admissions were referred to the Mendocino Adult Probation Department for a background investigation and sentencing report, as required by law. This report assists the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation during its intake procedures and prison facility assignment process.

The law enforcement agency that spearheaded the investigation of and developed the evidence underlying today’s conviction was the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office spearheaded the investigations of the many burglaries.

The attorney handling the case for DA Eyster is coastal Deputy District Attorney Eloise Kelsey.

Mendocino County Superior Court Superior Court Judge Keith Faulder accepted today’s guilty plea and admissions. Judge Faulder will also preside over the sentencing hearing and impose the life sentence on March 24, 2022 at 9 o’clock in the morning in Department A in the Ukiah courthouse.

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  1. I was shocked when I saw this headline. 25 to life? I think I’m only shocked because, well…. He didn’t kill anybody and I see murderers walk away with MUCH less. Maybe it’s because this person had a public defender? I thought (I was told by one) public defenders were real attorneys? Seems like those with public defenders get twice the punishment as those with “real” lawyers.

  2. California Criminal law is a total train wreck as someone can get 25-life in this situation and yet others working for gangs can steal millions in small bits and never go to jail. I am fine with Red-beard going to jail but don’t see the point of 25 years.

    • Yeah wow that seems really harsh! It doesn’t really seem to match the crime.

      @Doug! Where are you buddy? We could use a song about now….

  3. “Meaning and spirit of the 3 strikes law”

    What a big joke. Feels a lot more like vengeance than justice.

    Unfortunately they lock Mr Evers up, and throw away the key. He seems like a candidate for rehabilitation more so than life in prison.

    Plenty of repeat criminals, some of them with a record of violence longer and more frightening than Mr Evers, are released between ukiah and eureka daily. People caught selling meth and fentanyl see fewer consequences than this guy.

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t serve some prison time and pay restitution…but 25+ years is waaaaay too much here.

    • I hope that sentence was justifiable. Dog The Bounty Hunter AND Jesus Christ(Matthew 5:7) say “The mercy you show is the mercy you’ll get.”

      I would not wanna be a judge.

  4. Wow! And he didn’t even kill anyone. The fickle finger of justice went right up his butt. Well when they tell ya, “Strike two” and you decide to take another swing…..then you’re OUT!

  5. Folks, dozens of residential burglaries, each a strike felony
    shot at a deputy while a convicted felon.
    Dude’s sheet is pages long from this spree.

    25 to Life is no surprise.

    If people had been paying attention, MOST of the recent murder convictions have garnered sentences of 25 to life without possibility parole or multiple 25 to life sentences stacked up.

    Maybe you folks haven’t been paying much attention.

    Most of ya seem to not realize the level of intrusion a burglary actually is to a resident.

    I stand with the victims…Redbeard is done for a long time.

      • So, why don’t you go down to Plowshares, or next to Walmart, or down the tracks near Safeway and let everyone there know that they are welcome to come and go from your home as they please?

        Go ahead…test your childish bullshit.

  6. Something appears to be quite uneven in the DA’s office in Mendocino County. I live in Elk and know two people who were burglarized. One is legally blind. Evers does need to do hard time for crimes in my neck of the woods. I’d say five for the robberies, and at least ten for discharging a firearm in the presence of a police officer. Did he really just fire in the air? His words alone? On the other hand, Evers gets life in prison while La Trail White, who participated in a home invasion in Laytonville where a child was terrorized with assault weapons was set free without any sentence at all? The aftermath of this particular mis-sentencing is that White has recently and allegedly murdered a man in Oakland. Had White been sent to jail in Mendocino County or state prison, the Oakland man would still be alive. Additionally, let us not forget, that a woman in Albion was arrested and threatened with hard time for raising chickens by the District Attorney’s office.

    • 5yrs for >2 dozen armed burglaries?

      1 armed burglary is worth more than 5yrs on the books.


      The chicken thing….that woman was on probation for animal abuse….a pretty nasty case of it.

  7. Non-fiction sounds just like one of those thin blue line assholes. He’s probably a cop, thus obliged to defend his buddies and their system above all else.

    Nobody “shot at a deputy” as you say.

    Also plenty of convicted killers wandering free in our area, not serving 25 to life.

    Let’s see what kind of slap on the wrist Kevin Murray gets. Justice my ass

    • I gather that you feel threatened by anyone with a different expressed view than yours and have only the option of trying to denegrate and disregard with your made up assumptions, without looking at the facts.

      Grow up and grow a pair.

      Redbeard admitted in court to shooting at the deputy.

      Why are you an apologist for him?

      I’m not a cop OR a criminal apologist/sympathizer like yourself….as long as they’re white, eh?.

      Also, he was a twice convicted felon who violated parole and was armed during many many burglaries.
      Those are each a strike felonies.
      Being armed during commission of a burglary is classified as a violent crime.

      Sounds a lot like you wanna suck his d.

      You seem to misunderstand that law enforcement is an EVIDENCE based pursuit.
      If someone isn’t convicted for a major crime, it’s usually because the evidence is not available for analysis.

      Wake tf up

      • You’re definitely a pig or maybe just pig-related. Most pigs have bad reading comprehension. Either way, thanks for playing, fool. We’re all having fun with your dumb ass.

  8. Wish Redbeard never got caught. Seemed smart, those people weren’t even using those houses he entered. One day everybody will have a house, not just the Rich with multiple houses.

  9. Mila you are wrong. Most of the houses he entered were occupied homes in which the occupants were away for shopping etc. One man, came home to find Evers sleeping in a bed with a rifle on the floor. Put yourself in that person’s place.

    • Fking lame mila.

      Fking lame and childish and dead wrong.

      You have no idea the level of intrusion or invasion a resident experiences when their home is violated….while they’re home or not!

      Please remove thy head from thy ass.

  10. 🤔Yeah maybe we just don’t know the “whole” truth. We rarely ever do.

    ✝️There’s really only ONE righteous judge. I think y’all know who I’m talking about.

  11. Truthie,
    You present a perfect example of the PRESUMPTUOUSNESS of the weak, mob minded fools trolling the internet sphere.

    You wouldn’t know what proof of a thing actually is and will believe just about any trash talk available in order to ease the pain in your brain caused by actual thinking and parsing of facts.
    Enjoy your willful case of cranial rectosis and the turd circle jerk you inhabit.

  12. 🤔 You know what would be really nice now is for Matt Lafever to go get another interview with Red Beard and actually use his story to help our young people make better decisions. I wonder if red Beard would be willing to give an interview telling people exactly how he feels about his sentence of 25 years. That’s what should be publicized right now. It might turn somebody away from and deter someone from throwing their life away.

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