Friday, August 12, 2022
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Deputies and Detectives Gathered in Covelo Conducting ‘Ongoing Investigation’

The trailer where the investigation is reportedly centered. Though difficult to make out, there are two Mendocino County Sheriff’s detectives, we are told, at the left end of the trailer. [Picture provided by a Covelo resident and edited for visual clarity]

Covelo locals are reporting that there are multiple Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives near the corner of Hopper Lane and Crawford Road. Much of the investigation seems to be centered on a trailer.

MCSO’s Captain Greg Van Patten confirmed an investigation is ongoing in the area but “can’t share any details at this time.”

We will follow up with law enforcement for further details.

UPDATE 1:31 p.m.: A reader sent us this image and told us MCSO personnel have repositioned to the Covelo Sheriff’s Substation.

MCSO vehicles now at the Covelo Sheriff’s substation


  1. Well that is my place of residence and they found nothing but empty trailer for what ever there investigation is they didn’t find it here great cops and we are not bad people we just too kind let people have a chance and they messed up sorry for the ones at fault hope they resolve this matter soon or get there evadens they need to put these out of control people behind bars no one should be left out of this matter these people are trying to take over our land and commit terrible acts against are children and are wemon and I’ll stand with the law ever time for justice must be served we are not involved with this hate crime but we can put a stop too it all by the law thank you for understanding my point.

  2. On this matter they never found anything they came a second time with search and rescue and still didn’t find anything my property tax on reservation land and no tribal cops was even here but nobody dug through the trash to investigate what they were looking for so after they left I thought I may as well pick up Garbage are the trailer and I find some clothing and a bottle with what could be blood I tell tribal to have investigater come pick it up but know buddy has been here yet if we have people in this field of work you have to actually look for evidence and get your hands dirting were gloves but don’t just walk away act like you did something when someone else can really be for solving this case I’m gonna have to say what a waste of tax payers money and said cause they truly don’t care about the Native American s of round valley they pretend to be involved in an investigation because there cops and anything to put there department on the news without the facts or evidence and there way of conducting a full investigation was rather embarrassing to that many people walking around poking the ground with sticks away from the alljed persons home was all for show said really hopes to be a very very strange that not one person even put there hands in the trash to find what they were to be looking for.Do the job right if your seeking justice or just putting on a big show then you should try be bike cops out there in the park giving tickets to public dog walkers and there dogs pooping in parks course then I understand not wanting to get your hands dirty .pittiful really but I’m here with ⚖️.

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