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Coast Resident Concerned COVID-19 Has Taken Priority Over Other Illness, Including Mental Health— An Open Letter to PHO


The following is an open letter written to Dr. Andrew Coren, Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer. For full disclosure, Judy Valado is the author of this letter and a contributor to MendoFever. This letter is written as a resident of Mendocino County.

Remember opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect that of MendoFever nor have we checked the letters for accuracy.


Dr. Coren,

I listened to the Covid-19 update yesterday, February 25, 2022, and I’m happy to see our numbers going down. However, there is a number not mentioned throughout this pandemic and I’m hoping you can shed some light on it for me.

As a Mendocino County resident, I understand the challenges of Covid but have to wonder and ask about the balance of other concerns such as those listed below.

My questions are:

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  1. How many folks with illnesses other than Covid have fell through the cracks because of lack of beds/staff during this pandemic?
  2. How many deaths (other than Covid) have resulted from people not being able to be admitted to Mendocino County hospitals because of lack of beds/staff?
  3. How many people are sent home with illnesses because of lack of beds/staff and later died?
  4. How many are sent home from the ER because there are no beds available in other counties?
  5. How many suicides have we had in Mendocino County since the pandemic started?

Seems to me we are talking a lot about Covid and not mentioning those affected by lack of treatment for other illnesses because of the numbers of Covid patients/lack of staff.

—Judy Valadao

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  1. I haven’t seen the lack of “beds”throughout this pandemic. Maybe at times that has been true. I have personally seen an unwillingness to treat other medical issues because of Covid itself. And vaccination status. And then when I did finally test positive for Covid just recently and wanted a breathing treatment and/ or an inhaler refill, I was literally turned away for both of them. Im hearing this from others as well.

    And I personally have postponed my own medical care needs due to not feeling like I could address my personal health during this crisis, because of this crisis.

  2. @Judy Valadao- Again, when will you get us info on the last 3 Covid deaths? Has your ability to access that info changed? Or are they all vaccinated? Im still hoping to know. Thank you …

  3. I too am wondering about all other deaths. It seems that in the last two years nobody died from anything other then covid. Cancer suicide drug over doses and so on just vanished. I mean maybe wearing masks and getting vaccinated is the answer to all of this. We would never see a death and sooner or later covid will go away. But as for our government leaders they get to sit in hot tubs (Mr.Coren our pho) go to football games eat at fancy restaurants and not wear a mask. Hmm it’s time wake up and realize it’s not about health it’s about power and money.

    • Kathy, What I have noticed is that vaccines only somewhat benefit the injected person. And to different degrees at that. And furthermore those who are vaccinated are more likely to SPREAD Covid, in my opinion, due to the vaccine dulling the symptoms and being told that if you’re vaccinated you are safe.

      Maybe the vaccine lessened the impact on hospitals because symptoms were less severe from the virus. Maybe a lot of hospitalizations were from the side effects of the vaccine itself.

      The truth is out. People just need to analyze the facts. Instead of letting someone else tell them what to think.

  4. Judy,
    as much as i have pushed your buttons…thank you for standing up and pointing out the consequences of this unnecessary martial law.

  5. When the hospitals refuses to treat someone because they refused to take a vaccine that doesn’t work, we have a HUGE PROBLEM WITH SOCIETY. Why do we allow this to happen? Have they ever refused someone because of being exposed to some toxic substance, gunshot, stabbing, or anything that would require immediate attention and refused because they didn’t get the vaccine? I know for a fact that people are being refused transplants, and taken off the list. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS? It’s disgusting to say the least…

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