Monday, January 30, 2023

Gusty Winds and Widespread Freeze in Mendocino and Lake Counties— Hail in Humboldt and Del Norte

Satellite image of current conditions over California [All pictures and graphics in this article from the National Weather Service]

North Coast folks might think about battening down the hatches as a convergence of high winds, freezing temperatures, and potential hail bears down on the region through Monday.

The most immediate inclement weather predicted by the National Weather Service in Eureka, California is strong and gusty winds in the areas of Mendocino and Lake Counties expected this afternoon and evening. 

These northwest and west winds could gust up to 45 miles/hour on ridgetops and hit Mendocino County’s coastal headland with gusts upwards of 40 miles/hour. 

The NWS recommends residents secure loose objects around their homes, be aware of potentially falling tree branches, and remember that these sort of wind gusts can make driving difficult.

While Mendocino and Lake Counties are being buffeted by high winds this afternoon, models indicate that Humboldt and Del Norte could see small hail showers at the same time, which could expand to the Mendocino County coast 

The NWS said that this could result in hazardous driving conditions along Highway 101 and other roadways. If encountered, drivers should slow down by easing off the gas pedal, not slamming brakes which could result in losing control of your vehicle.

 NWS is predicting, “The first widespread freeze of the growing season is expected for the valleys of Mendocino and Lake Counties this weekend.”

The weather folks are predicting that there is a 60% chance that temperature in Mendocino and Lake Counties could dip below 32 degrees tonight. For Sunday and Monday morning, there is an 80% and 75% chance respectively that temperatures are predicted will fall below freezing.

Ukiah’s average low temperatures during March, according to the NWS, are 42F and this system is predicted to potentially set a new record for low temperatures in the area.

The NWS encourages residents to take precautions to protect sensitive pets and plants as the temperatures plummet.

With all that folks, stay safe and stay warm.


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