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The Case of Covelo’s Khadijah Britton Revisited by Former Law Enforcement Officer


In February of 2018, Negie Fallis is believed to have kidnapped Khadijah Britton from the home of someone she knew in the Covelo area in Mendocino County. As far as law enforcement knows, Khadijah was never seen again. She is believed to have been murdered.

On March 4 of this year, Trent James, a former officer with the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department and the Willits Police Department who worked on the case posted a video about the investigation into her death. He revealed a number of details about the case in the 47-minute video embedded above.

It should be noted that some of the information regarding the Khadijah Britton case James offered has not been corroborated by local law enforcement.

He said that on January 30, 2018 Khadijah reported a horrific assault on her by Negie. She said he had beaten her after she tried to leave the relationship. He punched, kicked and even used a hammer on her.

According to James’ detailed account, Khadijah later recanted her accusations. Eventually, James says, on the 7th or 8th of February Khadijah called Negie Tony Fallis from a home in the Covelo area. James says that witness accounts say Negie showed up there and kidnapped Khadijah.

James said he personally spoke to the girl that drove Negie and Khadijah away from there. The girl said that eventually she let Negie and Khadijah out of the vehicle (James provides video of the area where the girl says she let them out).  But she said that about a half-hour after she let them out Negie called her crying saying he screwed up. No credible witness, according to James, has ever seen Khadijah again.

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Negie Fallis, the lead suspect in the disappearance of Khadijah Britton [Photo from the Mendocino County Booking Log]

James goes on to give a number of details. He said that 40+ search warrants were served in the course of looking into the Khadijah case. He said that there was even what James called “a shallow grave” found at Negie’s mother’s home with a cell phone.

Note, these details have not been corroborated by active Mendocino County law enforcement.

James goes to Covelo and interviews Khadijah’s grandfather who blames jurisdiction issues on the failure of the system to convict Fallis of his granddaughter’s murder.

Fallis is currently in prison. (Trent says that he was the officer that located Fallis, a felon, with the firearms that led to the arrest that currently has Fallis behind bars.) But he says, Fallis is likely to be out this December. He asks for the community’s help in getting information that will lead to finding Khadijah’s body.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. This young woman deserves justice. “Justice.” A word that seldom applies to Covelo. Let us not forget, a Sheriff deputy was murdered there years ago, and nobody went to jail

  2. Mendocino county has always been bloody. Round Valley was built upon genocide mostly hosted by wealthy land owners. Innocent blood makes all of us bleed

  3. Khadijah’s family deserves closure and I pray that they get the answers to what happened.
    Negie will rot in hell for what he has done and in my opinion that won’t be soon enough.
    No one has come forward because they have no conscience or morals regarding what is right and what is wrong and the saddest part is that these people were close friends of Khadijah’s. She had such a promising future ahead of her and deserved to live a full and happy life and nobody has a right to take that away from her.
    Thank you James Trent for this detailed information and letting the public know what is the latest in the investigation.


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