Thursday, November 30, 2023

HBO Late-Night Host Uses Mendocino Gas Prices as the Butt of the Joke


HBO’s late-night talk-show Real Time with Bill Maher is watched by millions each week. This week, Maher’s audience heard his thoughts on America’s rising gas prices which naturally resulted in referencing the now-infamous Mendocino County gas station Schlafer’s Autobody and Repair after its prices for a gallon of gas were found to be the most expensive in the United States earlier this week.

Thirty seconds into this weekend’s monologue entitled “Pain in the Gas”, Maher dropped his zinger about the Mendocino Coast gas station: “There’s a gas station in Mendocino County, here in California, charging $8.45 for a gallon of gasoline. For that money, they should check your oil and your prostate.”

Viewers might note that Maher stuttered when saying “Mendocino” and made the choice to specify the county was part of California.

As an audience of Angelenos laughed at the thought of Schlafer’s prices, Mendocino County residents might take comfort in knowing Los Angeles residents on average are paying $5.82 per gallon, while Mendocino residents are over $.30 cheaper per gallon at $5.51.

The story of Schlafer’s gas prices has become emblematic of national anxiety associated with rising gas prices, with the national average being the most expensive in United States history.

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  1. These are the prices most of the world has been paying for years. The reason the rest of the world rides bicycles and scooters or public transportation systems that make ours look third world.

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